Dead Piggy Bank. Bankruptcy and business closure. Economic crisis, pandemic quarantine measures. Unprofitable business, lack of customers and high risks. Subsidizing and lending by the state.

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Money can be stressful, but nothing quite matches the all-encompassing anxiety you get when there's no money to be had. "More money, more problems" was clearly coined by a wealthy capitalist who wanted to keep the little guy down, because it doesn't hold true when you're living paycheck to paycheck with kids to feed, elderly parents to care for, and collectors calling you at all times of the day. The best way to stay sane in that soul-crushing, down-and-out cycle is by adopting a healthy sense of humor and cackling at relatable Tweets like these because sometimes you just have to laugh or else you'll go absolutely crazy. 


That is one stylish lookin' cowgirl Barbie. Too bad these new dolls are like $50 each ... That's a lot to relive your childhood. 


The borrowing always goes up the chain of siblings, right? Even if the oldest is also the brokest, no one will ever ask their younger sibling for cash.


In the timeless words of Inigo Montoya: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."


One weird trick to make all fast food smell amazing: be too broke to afford it. (Chances are your favorite fast food is a ripoff anyway, let's be real.)


Everyone goes through a bad breakup, but they always bounce back. Inadvertently buying terrible food with your last $5 is something we face over and over again.


A little retail therapy from a fast fashion behemoth like Shein might feel great in the moment, but it's not exactly the most ethical way to spend your final $20.


It's true cause we're too damn broke to pay the $1 per month for more storage. We'll live with that "account storage is full" message until we die, tyvm.


Cherish every moment that your bank account or wallet isn't empty, even if it's just for a day.


Anyone else have nightmares about rent increases or is that just us? It's going to go up no matter what, so might as well brush up on your negotiation skills



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