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Miller Lite

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The phrase keg stand may conjure up images of a frat party of drunk bros holding an upside-down pal's legs straight up while he chugs beer directly out of the keg. Well, Miller Lite's new Christmastime contraption isn't quite like that. The beer maker's new dual-purpose Christmas tree keg stand not only serves as a way to hold your tree up, it also allows you to pour draft beer into your favorite frosted mug from underneath your tree.

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The boozy invention is a functioning beer keg enclosed in a large box (designed to look like a gift wrapped in Miller Lite wrapping paper, of course) with a tree stand extending out of the top. It is designed to hold a 5-foot tree on top of the box and bolster a quarter-barrel keg and ice bucket down below. There's also a hole at the top of the box where the keg's spout is accessible.

The limited-quantity $50 Christmas tree keg stand is available for purchase starting Nov. 10 while supplies last at — and don't forget your beernaments.

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