Miller High Life's 'Dive Bar' Flavored Ice Cream. (Miller High Life)

Miller High Life

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Capturing the feel of a place or thing in a flavor or scent is a tricky business — take rose-flavored candy, for example. But beer-maker Miller thinks you'll taste "dive bar" in the ice cream treat it has developed with a maker of alcohol-infused ice cream to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ice-cream bar. But why would someone want to experience sticky floors, dim lighting, and the stench of stale beer in a dessert?

Miller believes the flavors it's combined with its High Life beer — including peanut swirl, caramel, and a "hint of tobacco smoke flavor" (cough!) — with the help of New York-based Tipsy Scoop make the dive bar novelty worth a try. Then of course there's the alcohol content: 5% alcohol by volume, or just a smidge below what most mainstream beer has, aided by a sprinkle of carbonated candy. Top it off with a dark chocolate coating and the creation is "reminiscent of that unforgettable dive bar scent." Umm, OK.

Still intrigued? Ice-cream and dive bar lovers 21 years or older can pick up a six-pack of the ice-cream bars online for $36, shipped nationwide. Individual bars can be purchased for $6 at Tipsy Scoop's three stores in New York, Brooklyn, and on Long Island.

If you give these treats a try, let us know what you thought of them in the comments.

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