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Now you can have your Stouffer's lasagna and drink it too, at least if the phrase "lasagna bloody mary" doesn't make you queasy. 

For some reason, the famous frozen lasagna brand has decided to branch out into the world of cocktails with a bloody mary mix that tastes like its lasagna. According to Thrillist, the company wanted to help fans of the brand enjoy the same lasagna taste without having to turn on the oven, a problem that I bet very few people have actually complained about. 

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The herb-filled, tomato-based mix is flavored like the iconic lasagna, and the company even suggests garnishing your drink with various forms of mozzarella cheese, pepperoncini peppers, and cherry tomatoes. But as a former bloody mary competition judge, I've had a number of Italian-inspired bloodies, complete with herbs like basil and oregano. They all suffered from the same problem: They tasted like cold spaghetti sauce. Do you fancy drinking Ragu straight from the jar? Even a hefty pour of vodka can't save that. 

That said, there is one huge reason to actually try it: It's free. And not only that, if you happen to score a free bottle of the alcohol-free mix, you'll also get a coupon for a Stouffer's frozen lasagna, too. You can pour yourself a drink, bake the lasagna, and compare them. Worst case scenario, you cut a chunk of lasagna and plop it on top of your drink as a silly, but tasty, garnish. 

To score your free bloody mix and coupon, head to the Stouffer's website on Nov. 14 when they'll be available starting at noon EST. Presumably they'll go fast, as these crazy marketing concoctions are wont to do, but if you score one, you'll get a 1-liter bottle to enjoy with your closest friends and family for Christmas day brunch. Or, you know, not.

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