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If you’re a wine snob and you’ve got a Costco membership, then you may have to plan a trip to the warehouse this week. The retailer is selling a bottle of Juve and Camps cava (brute nature, 2017) for just $12, according to a recent TikTok.

Lucia Palm, certified sommelier and wine educator, says in the video that she “almost died of excitement” when she saw the bottle of Spanish sparkling wine.

“This cava is less than $15 and it’s made the same way champagne is made (traditional method). This wine has been poured at royal banquets in Madrid!” Palm writes of the affordable wine.

Produced using the méthode champenoise, cava is essentially a more affordable champagne that comes from Spain’s Penedès wine region in Catalonia. Using multiple grape varieties, winemakers mix sugar, yeast, and wine in bottles, allowing for the secondary fermentation that gives the drink its bubbles.

Wineries categorize cavas based on their sugar content, from extra dry (brute nature) to very sweet (dulce), though most fall into the former category.

In the comments section of her video, Palm writes that Juve and Camps is “considered one of the greatest producers of cava,” noting that it’s a “very dry” wine. (Fans of sweet wine should try a moscato instead).

The bottle of cava normally goes for around $18, according to the aggregator Wine Searcher, though it’s not unusual to see it sell for more.

Costco’s competitive price point shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the wholesaler is known for its selection of high-quality, cheap wines. When it comes to the best cheap wines, even the retailer’s Kirkland-brand offerings — namely the Kirkland Signature Prosecco Rosé and Kirkland Signature Brut Champagne — come highly recommended.

If you do want to snag a bottle of Juve and Camps for $12, you should act quickly. In the video, the wine’s price tag ends in .97, indicating that it’s on sale. It’s also worth noting that not all Costco locations have the same selection (some don’t even carry alcohol), so it’s a good idea to call ahead first.

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