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Opulent Castles You Can Buy for the Price of a Manhattan Condo

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Condo for a King


Every person’s home is their castle, but if you have the cash, you can actually play king or queen for the rest of your life. Across the world, castles are listed for sale just like regular real estate. To give context to the piles of cash it would take to own your own palace from the past, Cheapism paired each castle with a condo in Manhattan that’s currently listed for a comparable price. All conversions to dollars from foreign currency stated in listings were made with Google’s currency calculator. All conversions from square meters to square feet were made with Google’s area calculator. 

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Foligno Castle, Italy
Prestige Property Group

Foligno Castle, Italy | $435,000

For less than half-a-million bucks, you can settle down in an 11-century Italian castle that looks like it was plucked from a Disney fairytale. You will be guarded by a triangular perimeter wall complete with three towers, one of which includes the pentagonal bell tower from the deconsecrated church of Saint Benedict — 15th-century frescoes and all. It sits on a hill atop Tempietto del Clitunno, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

One Bedroom in Hamilton Heights

One Bedroom in Hamilton Heights | $449,000

For less than $1,000 more, you could cozy up inside of 600 square feet at 303 West 149th Street in Manhattan. The one-bedroom in unit 5B is going for $449,000. Located in Upper Manhattan just across the Harlem River from Yankee Stadium, you’ll pay about $748 per square foot. 

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Second Empire Castle, France
Christie's International Real Estate

Second Empire Castle, France | $1.93 Million

As the name implies, this castle was built under the Second French Empire. The design was inspired by plans for a hunting lodge built by Louis XV’s architect. The palatial interior spans 5,920 square feet and includes magnificent features like a solid wood grand staircase that was carved entirely by hand. Its 20 rooms include eight bedrooms and the castle sits on a sprawling property that spans nearly 10 acres. 

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A Condo Made of Glass

A Condo Made of Glass | $1.94 Million

A hair under $2 million is real money — even in Manhattan — just not quite enough for more than one bedroom or four-digit square footage. This, however, is no ordinary 973 square feet, no ordinary condo, and no ordinary one-bedroom. Perched on the river across from FDR Drive, way downtown across the water from Brooklyn, it’s located in the first all-glass residential tower in Seaport Manhattan. 

Schaloen Castle, Netherlands
Christie's International Real Estate

Schaloen Castle, Netherlands | $4.77 Million

Situated between two other castles, Schaloen Castle sits on nearly 108,000 square feet of land. Perfectly restored to its original grandeur inside, it was initially built as a defensive fortress around the year 1200 for a family called van Hulsberg. Not much else is known about its origins, but it was rebuilt in 1656 and then completely refurbished in 1985. Oh, and you won’t need ADT. It comes with a moat. 

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Towering Views in Central Park West

Towering Views in Central Park West | $4.795 Million

If gothic island castles aren’t your thing, about the same amount of cash will buy you a little more than 2,000 square feet high above Central Park on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The enviable views in this penthouse condo capture both the park itself and the skyline in the background — and those views are visible from all three bedrooms.

Summer Castle in Spain
Villas & Fincas Country Properties, S.L

Summer Castle, Spain | $5.98 Million

Fully restored and situated in Spain’s sprawling Ronda countryside, Summer Castle dates to the 16th century. Its main house has 10 bedrooms and nine bathrooms, and the castle is secure and private — it sits on 1.3 million square feet of land. Rest assured, however, that its amenities include everything you’ll need to get by for a few more centuries. 

Walls of Windows on the Hudson

Walls of Windows on the Hudson | $6.03 Million

For just a little less than you’d pay for Knockdrin Castle, you can be the king of 10 Riverside Boulevard, a shimmering residential tower that looks unlike any other in New York. The shimmering is from the glass that dominates the building’s exterior. From the inside, the effect of all that glass is a fishbowl feeling that’s only possible in a high-up condo with floor-to-ceiling windows.

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Saint Honoré Les Bains Chateau, France
James Edition

Saint Honoré Les Bains Chateau, France | $664,004

This 15-bedroom, 11-bathroom castle from 1885 spans 6,459 square feet and sits on 12,304 square feet of land. That land is just 700 feet from the thermal springs that are famous in the Saint Honoré les Bains region. 28 rooms lie within this old, stone fortress, and the immaculate grounds include old and massive cedar trees. 

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A Studio Near Wall Street

A Studio Near Wall Street | $665,000

If all that space seems like too much upkeep, consider spending $996 more and downsizing to under 600 square feet. The slightly higher price tag of $665,000 will buy you 576 square feet in a tidy studio at 225 Rector Place, which is located Downtown in the Financial District. Beautiful views of the Freedom Tower are all part of the package. 

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Gwynedd Castle, Wales

Gwynedd Castle, Wales | $1.09 Million

If you walk into this castle only to feel like you’re in a country home once inside, you’re not crazy. Gwynedd Castle is a highly appraised and critically acclaimed country home dating back to 1833 that was castellated in heavy stone. The massive six-acre property offers soaring views of the lush and green surrounding countryside.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows in Midtown

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows in Midtown | $1.09 Million

Dipping your toes into seven-figure real estate will get you a 688-square-foot studio in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, just steps away from landmarks like Herald Square and the Empire State Building. It’s small, but it’s a corner condo with a massive window high in the sky. Like Gwynedd Castle, the views are the real draw. 

Chateau De Wijer Par Stevoort, Belgium
VK Vastgoed

Chateau De Wijer Par Stevoort, Belgium | $2.3 Million

The Castle of Wijer is surrounded by fully stocked fish ponds that are visible from every window. Its 5,382 square feet are surprisingly cozy and its ancient aesthetics belie its modernized features and amenities. The current owner fully renovated it and brought it up to date in 1995 without chipping away at its classic Belgian majesty.  

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A Terraced Penthouse in Midtown East

A Terraced Penthouse in Midtown East | $2.3 Million

The same $2.3 million is good for a stunning penthouse condo located a stone’s throw away from the East River across the water from Roosevelt Island. The 1,270-square-foot residence is high in the sky, and boundless skyline views are built into the hefty price tag. The primo amenity, however, is the main terrace, which wraps around to entrances into both the living space and the master bedroom. 

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Castle Above Sóller, Spain
First Mallorca

Castle Above Sóller, Spain | $3.52 Million

On the northwest coast of Mallorca, among the Balearic Islands of Spain, stands a castle perched on a mountain above the ancient town of Sóller. The entire scene looks like an oil painting from the time of Antiquity, but it’s real — and you can own it for a little more than three-and-a-half million bucks.

Up High Downtown NY Apartment

Up High Downtown | $3.51 Million

Back Downtown by the southernmost tip of Manhattan is 77 Greenwich Street, where this two-bedroom 2.5-bathroom condo is spread out across 1,487 square feet of luxury living space. It lures well-heeled buyers with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer endless views of both the skyline and the water — all for about $10,000 less than the castle in Sóller.

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Historical Castle in Lisbon, Portugal
Portugal Property

Historical Castle in Lisbon, Portugal | $7.27 Million

One of the most culturally and historically significant estates in Portugal, this castle’s long lineage of consequential owners dates back to the first Marquis of Foz. World-class art and building materials are the hallmarks of the palace, which consists of several architecturally important buildings situated on an estate that appears to stretch to the horizon.

Loft in Flatiron District NY
Prime Manhattan Residential

A Loft to Die for in Flatiron | $7.25 Million

For about the same price as the castle in Lisbon, you can get the keys to an urban palace in one of Manhattan’s trendiest and most exclusive neighborhoods — the Flatiron District. Stellar craftsmanship is evident throughout all 4,000 square feet in this three-bedroom architectural masterpiece, which boasts features like 12-foot solid oak, exposed brick, 12-foot ceilings, and a massive private outdoor patio.