Isla Carabana Sol, Panama
Source: Private Islands Inc.

25 Private Islands You Might Actually Be Able to Afford

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Isla Carabana Sol, Panama
Source: Private Islands Inc.

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Owning a private island has practically become a commonplace status symbol among the world's richest citizens (Think Richard Branson's Necker Island and Johnny Depp's Little Hall's Pond Cay.) But as it turns out, you don't necessarily have to be a billionaire to afford your own private island escape. There are a few websites that list islands for sale such as Private Islands Inc. and Vladi Private Islands, and if you search the sites carefully, you just may find a few listings well below the $1 million mark.

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Bonefish Cay, Bahamas
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Bonefish Cay | Bahamas

Location: Andros, Caribbean
Asking price: $795,000
Turquoise waters as far as the eye can see, cool ocean breezes, and views of other small islands on the distant horizon — these are just some of the notable highlights of Bonefish Cay. Added perk: miles of waters to go bonefishing (thus the name). A previous owner developed pathways around the island that still exist today. There's also a concrete pad to build a home on and two active wells.

Sunset Caye, Belize
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Sunset Caye | Belize

Location: 7 miles off the coast of Placencia Peninsula
Asking price: $775,000
A 1.6-acre private island, Sunset Caye is mostly flat with and includes an abundance of trees such as palms, pine and mangroves along its eastern coast. There's also sandy beach areas and a small cabin. One other important note: The island also includes a deep-water area (just in case you plan to arrive on your yacht and need somewhere to dock.) Sunset Caye is about 20 minutes by boat from the fishing village of Riversdale.

Half Island, Canada
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Half Island | Canada

Location: Nova Scotia
Asking price: $59,023
Located in an area known for its natural beauty, as well as its fishing and wildlife, Half Island is less than 1 mile from the mainland, which means that getting to this 6-acre private retreat should be fairly easy. The island itself includes an Airstream camper shell that's included in the purchase price "as is." As for what to do while visiting your exclusive retreat, popular activities here include boating, canoeing, sailing, and fishing. And don't miss exploring Inhabitants Bay and its many coves.

Hen Island, Canada
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Hen Island | Canada

Location: Ontario
Asking price: $25,700
This 7-acre island in the middle of Lake Erie offers yet another approach to owning your own island retreat. For $25,700 you can become part of a 25-member club, each of whom owns a share of Hen Island. Island amenities include a dining hall, lodge and bunkhouse. The club also offers a private ferry to the island, just in case you don't have your own boat.

La Cornelia Island, Nicaragua
Source: Private Islands Inc.

La Cornelia Island | Nicaragua

Location: Lake Nicaragua
Asking price: $90,000
Part of Las Isletas de Granada, this 1-acre island features palm and mango trees and has already been connected to electricity. The land however is undeveloped. But for a mere $90,000, you should have money left over to build a home right?

Leader Island, Canada
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Leader Island | Canada

Location: Nova Scotia
Asking price: $124,858
Apparently there are plenty of private islands to go around in Nova Scotia. This undeveloped 11-acre gem features its own cove and is just one-quarter mile away from the mainland. The purchase price also includes an easement for the parking of two vehicles on the mainland and a mainland dock easement near the parking.

Rock Island, Connecticut
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Rock Island | United States

Location: Lake Williams, Connecticut
Asking price: $159,900
A totally off-the-grid retreat just three hours from Manhattan, Rock Island comes with a 20-foot Godfrey Sweetwater pontoon boat. There's also a 280-square-foot cottage featuring a wrap-around deck. The purchase price includes two solar hot-water panels that are ready to install. (The cottage already includes two panels on the roof that run a well pump and bathroom lights). Additional notable highlights include charming, mossy pathways on half of the island, a storage shed for water toys, and a private swimming area.

Mannions Island, Ireland
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Mannions Island | Ireland

Location:  Dunmanus Bay, West Cork
Asking price: $167,336
If tropical temperatures are not a requirement of your private island, this 4-acre retreat in Ireland provides a budget friendly option. Located on picturesque Dunmanus Bay in West Cork, the island is within 200 meters of the land and just a few minutes from Durrus Village. But be prepared to do some work if you buy this island as there is no existing house or any other type of structure. The island is for sale as is.

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Deadman Caye, Belize
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Deadman Caye | Belize

Location: Turneffe Atoll
Asking price: $199,000
Don't let the name of this 0.941-acre island scare you. Deadman Caye is a lovely retreat one hour from Belize City surrounded by clear Caribbean waters. The island is walking distance to a reef, which breaks right in front of the property and offers top-notch snorkeling. Deadman Caye is also surrounded by flats for bonefishing.

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El Nido Peninsula, Philippines
Source: Private Islands Inc.

El Nido Peninsula | Philippines

Location: Bacuit Bay
Asking price: $199,000
Technically not a full-fledged island, this peninsula listed on Private Islands is still worth considering. Just under two hours from the Philippine capital of Manila (the journey involves a one-hour flight and a 30- to 45-minute boat transfer from the airport). El Nido Peninsula is in a prime spot within Bacuit Bay, an area that's an award-winning tourist destination known for dramatic limestone formations and white beaches. The property features an elevated portion of land that provides outstanding views. There's also a white sandy beach. Added bonus: During various times of the year pods of dolphins play near the property.

Natural Inlet Island, Canada
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Natural Inlet Island | Canada

Location: Georgian Bay, Ontario
Asking price: $208,096
A nearly 2-acre island featuring mature white pines and a rocky shoreline, this purchase also comes with a four-bedroom cottage that includes a gravity fed water system, large living room with quartz stone fireplace and a spacious kitchen. There are an additional two cabins on the island, a wood shed, and a dock shed. Located at the mouth of Collins Inlet, the island is in a region known for its fishing and scenery.

Motu Matatahi, French Polynesia
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Motu Matatahi | French Polynesia

Location: Rangiroa, Tuamotu-Archipelago
Asking price: $261,761
Two words: French Polynesia. The mere name conjures images of impossibly pristine waters and white sand beaches. And for less than $300,000 you could own a private slice of paradise here. This nearly 2-acre islet is surrounded by a lagoon of crystalline waters ranging in color from turquoise to blue. If that's not reason enough to snatch up this island, Motu Matatahi is also just one hour by boat from the nearest airport and a mere 10 minutes from the region's famous Blue Lagoon, a natural pool formed by a string of islets and coral reefs that draws tourists from around the world.

Stono Island, South Carolina
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Stono Island | United States

Location: Stono River, South Carolina
Asking price: $297,000
Technically two private islands conjoined via a boardwalk, this purchase includes a small cabin with a wood burning stove and a screen porch ideal for sitting and taking in the sunset. Stono Island also features a deep-water dock and just minutes from a boat landing, making it relatively easy to do supply runs. Fishing, bird watching, and kayaking are just some of the activities that might fill your day here.

Standerson Island, Michigan
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Standerson Island | United States

Location: Michigan
Asking price: $325,000
This 27-acre island is practically a steal for $325,000 (small houses in California cost far more). Located in northern Michigan near Drummond Island, Standerson Island's prime location includes being just across from Harbor Island National Wildlife Refuge and near the famed North Channel in Lake Huron. Kayaking the islands and fishing are just a couple of ways to pass the time here.

Fairy Island, Wisconsin
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Fairy Island | United States

Location: Kettle Moraine Valley region, Wisconsin
Asking price: $350,000
A wooded, 1-acre island on a 120-acre spring-fed lake in southern Wisconsin, Fairy Island comes with a 40-foot long pier that includes an expanded patio area. There's also a two-bedroom island cottage that was recently remodeled and refurnished. Highlights include new slate flooring, a window-filled sun porch, wood stove and low-maintenance vinyl siding. Fairy Island is just 90 miles northwest of Chicago.

Wild Cane Key, Panama
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Wild Cane Key | Panama

Location: Off the coast of Bastimento
Asking price: $360,000
An exotic 3.4-acre retreat located in Panama's famous Bocas del Toro archipelago (a region known for its lush vegetation and fauna found only in this part of the world), Wild Cane Key features picturesque beach front, plenty of coconut palms to provide shade, and is surrounded by crystal clear water that's filled with coral reefs. There are several locations on the island to build a home or cottage. One caveat however — the island is best accessed by helicopter, so keep that in mind when mulling a purchase. If you don't happen to own a helicopter or don't want to deal with flying in, the island can be accessed by boat, but only during calm seas.

Motu Pakirikiri, French Polynesia
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Motu Pakirikiri | French Polynesia

Location:  Manihi Atoll, Tuamotu-Archipelago
Asking price: $373,010
Who knew French Polynesia could be so affordable? The 3.6-acre island of Motu Pakirikiri is bordered by a turquoise lagoon and the South Pacific Ocean. Let's just pause and daydream about that for a moment, shall we? When not swimming in the lagoon, perhaps consider a little fishing. The waters are said to be teeming with a variety of fish including tuna, marlin, ray, and more. Added bonus, the island is relatively close to Tahiti's international airport. There is no home on the island however, so you'll have to be prepared to build your own.

Greer Island, Maine
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Greer Island | United States

Location: Penobscot Bay, Maine
Asking price: $395,000
This 5-acre island offers views of the open bay to one side and a protected cove on the other side. There are also meadows to explore and stands of spruce and balsam, as well as wild strawberries and roses. If all of that isn't lovely enough, this picture-postcard Maine getaway is connected to Vinalhaven Island by a sandbar during low tides. A small existing building on the island could be restored to provide studio or guest space and zoning allows for the construction of a 600-square-foot structure as well.

Naomi Island, New York
Source: Vladi Private Islands

Naomi Island | United States

Location: Hudson River, New York
Asking price: $99,000
A wooded island with some clear areas, this retreat is located halfway between New York City and Albany. It can be reached easily by boat from the mainland, which is about 150 feet away. While there are some existing camp facilities on the island, they would need to be replaced.

Salonpää, Finland
Source: Vladi Private Islands

Salonpää | Finland

Location: Northern Konnevesi Lake
Asking price: 99,600 euro (About $111,731)
A country that consistently receives high marks for its quality of living, Finland might not be a bad place to own a private retreat. Salonpää is located a lake about 62 miles from the city of Jyvaskyla. There's already a cottage on the island that features a large terrace, living room, sleeping alcove and a sauna, all of which doesn't sound half bad right? There's also a woodshed and an old smoke sauna. The shores around the island are partly sandy.

Golding Cay, Bahamas
Source: Vladi Private Islands

Golding Cay | Bahamas

Location: North of Royal Island
Asking price: $700,000
Dubbed the best-priced private island in the Bahamas, Golding Cay is just 10 minutes by boat from the picturesque fishing village of Spanish Wells. This means you'll have easy access for supply runs, and maintenance needs, not to mention the ability to dine out in Spanish Wells when you grow bored of solitary island life. Golding Cay is also located in close proximity to North Eleuthera International Airport. There are pretty beaches on your private getaway and some coconut trees to boot. The waters surrounding the Golding Cay offer great diving reefs.

Motu Fara, French Polynesia
Source: Vladi Private Islands

Motu Fara | French Polynesia

Location: Rangiroa Atoll
Asking price: $499,000
For those who can't afford an entire private island, then how about half of one? About 2 acres of land is for sale on Motu Fara, which makes up approximately half the island. The island is located in Rangiroa Atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago. Motu Fara is only two minutes by boat from a village and is lushly planted with coconut palm trees. And as any good French Polynesian island should be, it is surrounded by soft white beaches and turquoise waters. Enough said, right?

Hat Caye, Belize
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Hat Caye | Belize

Location: Southwest of Long Caye
Asking price: $399,000
This 0.7-acre island is notably located within the calm waters of Lighthouse Reef Atoll, a place that is significant because it is one of only four atolls in the Western Hemisphere that is home to two United Nations World Heritage Sites — the Great Blue Hole and also Half Moon Caye National Park. The atoll is also known for its scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, sport fishing and bird watching, among many other activities. Hat Caye comes with a few fisherman shacks that include a kitchen and sleeping areas. There's also a pier with a 6- to 7-foot draft.

Isla Carabana Sol, Panama
Source: Private Islands Inc.

Isla Carabana Sol | Panama

Location: Dolphin Bay near Bocas Del Toro
Asking price: $403,00
A mere one-third acre, this island may not be expansive, but it still provides a notable tropical getaway. Located in Dolphin Bay, Isla Carabana Sol includes a two-story house with covered verandas and two self-contained apartments. There's also a raised deck with a new hot tub and barbecue grill. The island's landscaping includes plumeria, gardenias, young coconut trees, pineapple plants, a papaya tree, and an avocado tree. And did we mention the tiki hut, small sand beach and private swimming lagoon with clear water behind the house? You'll be sharing the Isla Carabana Sol with green parrots and howler monkeys.

Crehan Island, Great Britain
Source: Vladi Private Islands

Crehan Island | Great Britain

Location: Northern Ireland
Asking price: 85,000 to 90,000 GBP (about $106,318)
Have you daydreamed about owning an idyllic getaway in Ireland? This could be your chance. Crehan Island is a 6-acre retreat that's described as a nature lover's paradise, particularly for bird watchers. The island features mature oaks, scotch pine, and beech trees. The purchase price includes a wooden cabin that can be used for storage or camping. There's also a solid, private wooden jetty that can accommodate smaller boats or a larger motor cruiser. The island is not far from both Derryad and Geaglum Quays. The busy market town of Lisnaskea, (where there are schools, churches, a medical clinic, and a variety of shops and pubs) is within a 15-minute drive.