DIY Kit Homes We'd Build Right Now

A Row of Tiny Heirloom eXpanses on the Bottom Left in the Mountains At Night, a Huge Starry Sky

Tiny Heirloom

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A Row of Tiny Heirloom eXpanses on the Bottom Left in the Mountains At Night, a Huge Starry Sky
Tiny Heirloom

Does It Come With Free Shipping?

Did you know you can buy a new house online? For as little as $500 you can buy the plans for a DIY kit home that you can finish to your own specs. If you've got more to spend, you can buy a kit with all the materials included for less than $25,000. From inexpensive prefab homes to groovy granny flats, and inspiring backyard studios, we found affordable home kits that have us daydreaming of greener pastures and new addresses.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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Interior of 84 Lumber Tiny Living Countryside Kit House, Completed with Lots of Living Accouterments
84 Lumber
Front Exterior of EZ Log Structures Temagami Bunkie, Unpainted Wood
EZ Log Structures

EZ Log Structures Temagami Bunkie

$20,271 from EZ Log Structures

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Temagami is in Ontario's rugged northern wilderness region, and we can totally see this little like-named cabin perched beside a woodland Canadian lake — or in a suburban backyard. Either way, this cute cabin is compact: just 107 square feet of usable space on the ground floor plus a multilevel, cantilevered sleeping loft above. There's no kitchenette or bathroom included in these plans. Still, we're intrigued by the interlocking-wood-board construction of these European-built kits — kind of like Legos for big kids.

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Front Exterior of Texas Arched Cabins 24-by-40-Feet Wide Arched Cabin in the Process of Being Built, Large Elevated Porch in the Foreground
Texas Arched Cabins

Arched Cabins 24 ft. x 40 ft. Kit Cabin

$18,800 from Texas Arched Cabins

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We're not sure which of Arched Cabins' funky structures we love best: This 960-square-foot model, which has a loft and can be designed with up to four bedrooms and three bathrooms, or the 8-foot-square cabin, which would make just about the coolest treehouse ever. This Texas-based company sells a range of kit cabins that can be customized and delivered to your door for setup, including tiny houses that can be mounted on trailers.

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Front Exterior of Allwood Avalon, Unpainted Wood
Allwood Outlet

Allwood Avalon

$38,990 from Allwood Outlet

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When it comes to ordering a kit home, Allwood pretty much dominates the market, in part because it offers so many different structures. This cabin combines rustic Nordic spruce cladding with a simple midcentury-style elevation that would look at home in the woods or by the shore. The 540-square-foot open floor plan has one dedicated bedroom plus a sleeping loft that can accommodate two people. Some may balk at the placement of the bathroom, which can be accessed only from a separate external door, but at least you step out onto the covered front porch.

Front Exterior of Mighty Small Homes The Tiny, Painted Light Green with Wooden and White Accents, Wooden Two-Step Patio in the Foreground
Mighty Small Homes

Mighty Small Homes Tiny Home

$25,213 from Mighty Small Homes

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Kentucky-based Mighty Small Homes is well known for its range of kit houses, including this trailer-mounted tiny home. It's a snug 192 square feet with room and can be customized with a loft space, skylights, and an add-on garage (which at 400 square feet would be bigger than the kit house itself). The DIY kit starts at $25,213, but it’ll likely cost some $75,639 to build. And if you'd rather let a builder assemble it, the cost starts at $126,065. (Though the bare kit price is lower!)

Front Exterior of NOMAD Cube, Many Windows, Wooden Front Area with a Bright Yellow Door with a Concrete Front Porch
NOMAD Micro Homes


$64,800 from NOMAD Micro Homes

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This Canadian-built structure offers 182 square feet of space, including kitchen and bathroom, and the modular design can be linked with other Cubes to create large living spaces. They can be ordered with optional solar, water, and sewage systems for off-the-grid living anywhere a 20-foot shipping container can be sent, according to the company. Anyone got some Caribbean beachfront property they wanna lend us?

Front Exterior of Mighty Small Homes Modern, Blue Paint with White Accents, Concrete Patio with Walkway
Mighty Small Homes

Mighty Small Homes Modern

$26,885 from Mighty Small Homes

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At 256 square feet, the smallest version of the Modern is indeed mighty small, but you can opt for floor plans of up to 1,200 square feet if you need something more than a simple studio with a half-bath. Unlike some prefab home builders, Mighty Small also offers upgrades such as metal roofs, an insulated garage, and interior hardwood flooring. Once your order is ready, it'll arrive at your site on a flatbed truck, and you've got two hours to unload, according to the fine print. Hire a contractor to put it together for you or do it yourself; just keep an eye on the clock.

Interior of Tiny Heirloom eXpanse, Left Side Is Black Cabinets, Right Side is a Wooden Wall
Tiny Heirloom

Tiny Heirloom eXpanse

$75,900 from Tiny Heirloom

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This sleek 200-square-foot box is designed by a Portland, Oregon, company that specializes in tiny homes, and it's the only Tiny Heirloom model not designed to be towed about. Instead, the stay-put eXpanse is designed for homeowners who've been dreaming of operating a short-term rental or who crave a separate studio space where they can work and create. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the main living space — which is big enough for a queen-size bed — with natural light, and the tucked-away kitchenette comes with a small sink and under-cabinet fridge.

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