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The Most Expensive Neighborhood in Every State

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Park City, Utah

Cracking the ZIP Code

Every city has good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods, but some ZIP codes are so exclusive that "good" feels paltry as a description — meaning that in many states, you'd get laughed out of a real estate office if you asked about buying a house there for $1 million. Using data from, we drafted a list of the most expensive neighborhood in every state based on the median home list price. From ritzy enclaves in already posh districts to private islands with six-figure membership dues, here's where the big-money buyers get their mail.

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Mountain Brook, Birmingham, Alabama

Alabama: Mountain Brook, Birmingham

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 35223
Median Home List Price: $611,612
The Birmingham suburb of Mountain Brook is not only consistently one of the wealthiest towns in Alabama, but in the entire South. The average income there is more than $165,000 compared with less than $40,000 for the state overall. Mountain Brook is known for mansion estates that bear a closer resemblance to what you'd find in Beverly Hills than in Birmingham.

Hillside East, Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska: Hillside East, Anchorage

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 99516
Median Home List Price: $537,129
Although half of Alaska's population lives in Anchorage, which is about the size of Delaware, it's still essentially a big small town. Well-heeled newcomers have flocked to posh neighborhoods such as Hillside East since Anchorage's founding in 1915. Among the draws are its natural beauty, clean air and water, unlimited outdoor activities, and bustling, but tight-knit community.

Paradise Valley, Arizona

Arizona: Paradise Valley

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 85253
Median Home List Price: $2,263,540
Tucked between Scottsdale and Phoenix, Paradise Valley averages 294 days of sunshine a year. It's home to a half-dozen restaurants and a whopping nine resorts — 10 if you count a Ritz-Carlton coming soon. So there are three golf clubs as well as three medical centers, 11 schools, and 15 houses of worship, all in a 16.5-square-mile desert town that's home to fewer than 13,000 people.

Asbell, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Arkansas: Asbell, Fayetteville

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 72703
Median Home List Price: $417,265
Ritzy Asbell is in Fayetteville, the third-largest city in the state, known for vibrant offerings of shopping, nightlife, art, live music, community theater, sports, a world-class public library, and a massive menu of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and water recreation.

Beverly Hills, California

California: Beverly Hills

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 90210
Median Home List Price: $6,062,925
There's much hype about the unaffordable Bay Area tech hubs of San Jose and San Francisco, but the most famous ZIP code in America is still the priciest in the Golden State: Beverly Hills, known worldwide for Rodeo Drive and other high-end shopping strips, for Bugattis and Porsches rolling down its streets, and its scroll of resident A-listers. But it's also a strong community bursting with workshops, art festivals, and theater groups.

Snowmass, Colorado

Colorado: Snowmass

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 81654
Median Home List Price: $3,355,488
The enclave of Snowmass is not cheap, but if you have the means to move there, you could live there your whole life and never quite take it all in. As its name implies, it's a skiers paradise, but the outdoor offerings extend beyond the slopes. Its immediate surroundings are a picture-postcard Western landscape dominated by soaring mountains, boundless forests, and crisp blue skies. The big-bucks tourist magnet is also teeming with shopping, dining, festivals, and events.

Greenwich, Connecticut

Connecticut: Greenwich

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 06831
Median Home List Price: $2,625,154
Ranked consistently as one of the wealthiest locales in America, Greenwich is known mostly for its massive, sprawling mansions. Some of the town's wealth can be traced to generational New England old money, but a high concentration of hedge fund managers and other Wall Street aristocrats either summer here or claim permanent residence in one of the historic double-digit room estates. With an average household income creeping toward $400,000, it's one of the dozen wealthiest towns in America.

Westover Hills, Delaware

Delaware: Westover Hills

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 19807
Median Home List Price: $890,829
There were 68 millionaires living in Delaware by 1929, and many of them flocked to a 600-acre tract once belonging to William du Pont known as Westover Hills. It's still the most prestigious neighborhood in the state and famous for its mansions, which were designed and built with Georgian, Colonial Revival, and Tudor Revival architecture.

Georgetown, District of Columbia

District of Columbia: Georgetown

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 20007
Median Home List Price: $1,246,663
The median household income in the posh, 10,447-population Georgetown neighborhood is nearly $156,000 a year. It's known for the elite university that bears its name, its catalog of D.C. power broker residents, its exclusive restaurants, and high-end shopping. If you only have $400,000, don't worry, you might be able to score an 800-square-foot, one-bedroom condo on the fringes of the neighborhood.

Fisher Island, Florida

Florida: Fisher Island

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 33109
Median Home List Price: $3,592,981
Fisher Island isn't so much a town as it is a private, members-only island reserved for the 1%. You have to pay $250,000 in membership dues just to gain access to the real estate — then it's just $22,256 per year. It's not unusual to find $10 million to $50 million homes there, even though fewer than one in five residents live there full time. The island is a magnet for so-called tax refugees, a name given to the San Francisco and New York elite who flock to the Miami-area enclave to shelter their mountains of cash.

Sea Island, Georgia

Georgia: Sea Island

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 31561
Median Home List Price: $2,786,717
The 30th G8 Summit was held at Sea Island, but the privately owned getaway isn't just a resort. The premier strip of the Golden Isles of Georgia, Sea Island has long been the playground of elite power brokers. The island's anchor is the exclusive Sea Island Beach Club and neighboring Cloister Hotel, which are frequented by resident club members who live in the sprawling seaside mansions peppering the island.

Kilauea, Hawaii

Hawaii: Kilauea

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 96754
Median Home List Price: $2,285,904
Kilauea is a small, exclusive community on the northern coast of the island of Kauai. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spent nearly $150 million between 2014-17 to buy large swaths of pristine land on Kauai's North Shore to keep it exclusive, a controversial land grab on one of the most picture-perfect places on Earth.

Ketchum, Idaho

Idaho: Ketchum

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 83340
Median Home List Price: $1,488,696
All the way back in 2002, The Washington Post reported on what was already a 25-year trend of the ultra-rich pricing long-term residents out of the Sun Valley ski resort city of Ketchum. Even the upper-middle class couldn't keep up with the influx of celebrities — Clint Eastwood, Demi Moore, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Willis were familiar faces by the turn of the 21st century — and titans of industry who lived there part-time. Fast-forward nearly two decades, and it's the richest ZIP code in Idaho.

Kenilworth, Illinois

Illinois: Kenilworth

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 60043
Median Home List Price: $1,517,467
The small and wealthy North Shore suburb of Kenilworth has been the richest ZIP code in Illinois for several years running; the median home sale price there breached seven figures in 2016, though the whole North Shore is filled with communities that are among the richest in the state.

Zionsville, Indiana

Indiana: Zionsville

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 46077
Median Home List Price: $560,520
Although Hamilton County is generally more upscale, neighboring Boone County is home to Zionsville, the richest town in Indiana and the most expensive ZIP code in the state. Although its sub-six-figure median household income doesn't compete with ultra-exclusive enclaves such as Beverly Hills, California, or Greenwich, Connecticut, it is home to a young, highly educated population with an unemployment rate several times lower than the state's average.

Cedar Rapids' Northwest, Iowa

Iowa: Cedar Rapids' Northwest

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 52411
Median Home List Price: $450,469
The northwest section of Cedar Rapids is home to several tony neighborhoods. The ZIP code's hottest sections include Edgewood Road/Southwood Drive and Covington, but the most exclusive of them all is Linn Junction/New Buffalo, which hits a sweet spot of people with Danish ancestry who pay a median $244,276 for their real estate — pricier than about 90% of the rest of Iowa.

Leawood, Kansas

Kansas: Leawood

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 66211
Median Home List Price: $1,078,967
The wealthy suburb of Leawood is the No. 75 richest city in America, with average household income floating right around a quarter-million dollars a year, and even modest, three-bedroom homes selling easily for seven figures.

Goshen, Kentucky

Kentucky: Goshen

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 40026
Median Home List Price: $545,298
Many of America's richest ZIP codes lie in highly coveted urban centers; Goshen is a city of fewer than 1,000 people. The seventh city in Oldham County, Goshen is renowned for its equestrian culture and is home to several prominent horse farms and ranches. Well-heeled horse owners buy large homes with sprawling spreads there to accommodate their prized animals.

Lakeview, New Orleans, Louisiana

Louisiana: Lakeview, New Orleans

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 70124
Median Home List Price: $511,027
The New Orleans neighborhood of Lakeview takes the cake in Louisiana, though in 2005 it was on the brink of destruction. It gets its name from its immediate proximity to Lake Pontchartrain, Hurricane Katrina nearly wiped it off the map. It was rebuilt to its original grandeur, however, and the affluent neighborhood now boasts the title of most expensive in all of Louisiana.

Kennebunkport, Maine

Maine: Kennebunkport

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 04046
Median Home List Price: $727,765
The tranquil coastal community of Kennebunkport is famous as the leisure time home of President George H.W. Bush and his son and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. It's wealthy and exclusive, even by the standards of old-money New England, but it's also understated and quaint. Known for lobster, yachts, and coastal charm, property values stay high, in part, because Kennebunkport breaks the shoretown mold with four-season appeal.

Potomac, Maryland

Maryland: Potomac

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 20854
Median Home List Price: $1,346,967
From well-connected political insiders to high-powered lawyers and lobbyists, Maryland has long been the place much of the D.C. ruling class chooses for a primary residence. With a 30-minute commute to the capital, Potomac is one of the most coveted ZIP codes for Washington's top power brokers, and with an average household income of more than $240,000, it's also one of the 50 richest communities in America.

Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts

Massachusetts: Beacon Hill, Boston

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 02108
Median Home List Price: $3,382,008
Boston traces its roots to the Revolution, and so does ritzy Beacon Hill. The neighborhood's status as the most exclusive district in Beantown is cemented by its $2,000-per-square-foot historic homes, like the kind owned by former Secretary of State John Kerry and other elites.

Birmingham, Michigan

Michigan: Birmingham

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 48009
Median Home List Price: $923,630
About 20,000 people live in the affluent suburb of Birmingham, where the median household income is close to $115,000. Located on the north side of metropolitan Detroit, Birmingham's highly regarded Cape Cod and craftsman-style houses are known to sell as soon as they hit the market.

Wayzata, Minnesota

Minnesota: Wayzata

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 55391
Median Home List Price: $1,185,877
Only two of America's 200 richest communities are in Minnesota. One of them is Wayzata, a sprawling area spread out around Lower Lake — it's the No. 11 richest ZIP code in the entire Midwest. A destination for the Midwestern elite since the Civil War, lakefront homes in Wayzata can fetch prices approaching $10 million.

Madison, Mississippi

Mississippi: Madison

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 39110
Median Home List Price: $397,004
Because of Mississippi's low cost of living, affluent white-collar workers can move to places such as Madison and buy massive, sprawling mansion estates for prices that would scarcely get them a few bedrooms in the nicest neighborhoods in places such as New York and San Francisco. The city isn't just affordable for those with deep pockets in the Deep South, but it's also beautiful — the town is perched on the scenic Barnett Reservoir.

Ladue, Missouri

Missouri: Ladue

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 63124
Median Home List Price: $1,202,740
Ladue is just west of St. Louis, and it's the wealthiest city of any size in all of Missouri. Many of St. Louis' wealthy and connected power brokers live in Ladue — baseball great Stan Musial lived there — and the town is also home to the 123-year-old St. Louis Country Club.

Cameron, Montana

Montana: Cameron

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 59720
Median Home List Price: $1,028,946
The town of Cameron's wealth can be traced to the rancher barons who made their fortunes there in the 1800s. Just an hour from Yellowstone National Park, Cameron is swimming in scenic beauty, with Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, the largest national forest in the state, bordering it to the west and east.

Elkhorn, Nebraska

Nebraska: Elkhorn

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 68022
Median Home List Price: $447,656
Elkhorn is a wealthy neighborhood on the western edge of Omaha, which is home to the so-called "Fab Five" Fortune 500 companies that call the city home: Mutual of Omaha, ConAgra Foods, Peter Kiewit Sons', Union Pacific, and, most famously, Berkshire Hathaway. Warren Buffett doesn't live in Elkhorn, but several other corporate bigwigs do.

Glenbrook, Nevada

Nevada: Glenbrook

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 89413
Median Home List Price: $4,159,008
A flood of wealthy retirees from California has made the Glenbrook area along Lake Tahoe's east shore one of the wealthiest regions in the state. That dynamic has muscled out even fairly affluent starter families, although the area has always been well-to-do, thanks to its spread of luxury lakefront properties. The ZIP code has an average family income topping $260,000.

Rye, New Hampshire

New Hampshire: Rye

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 03870
Median Home List Price: $838,873
Just an hour from Boston, Rye is filled with classic New England seaside cottages and mansions — as well as classic New England old money. It boasts the longest stretch of beach in the state and more than half of the town is made up of uninhabitable marshes and wetlands, adding to its exclusivity and remote beauty.

Alpine, New Jersey

New Jersey: Alpine

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 07620
Median Home List Price: $4,167,988
One of the 20 richest ZIP codes in America, Alpine has long been known as a magnet for celebrities who crave both privacy and proximity to New York. Taxes are low because there are literally no local services — not even mail delivery. Among the big-name residents who call Alpine home are Trump administration adviser Kellyanne Conway and entertainment icons Russell Simmons, Lil' Kim, and Chris Rock.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

New Mexico: Santa Fe

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 87506
Median Home List Price: $1,041,957
One of the most uniquely American cities in the country, Santa Fe blends Southwestern, Mexican, and indigenous cultures into a melting pot ranked frequently among the best places to visit and live. The historic and artsy city is home to thriving art and music scenes, an admired food culture, and frequent festivals, all of which could be considered the best in the Southwest. The ZIP code just north of Santa Fe is the most expensive in the state.

TriBeCa, New York City, New York

New York: TriBeCa, New York City

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 10013
Median Home List Price: $4,736,779
The Triangle Below Canal (TriBeCa) is Manhattan's wealthiest neighborhood, where the average annual income is $879,000. Some of the pricier penthouses sell for $30 million. Once known for manufacturing and industry, it's become a magnet for New York's super-wealthy who want to live a more low-key high-end lifestyle than their counterparts in traditionally ritzy areas such as Park Avenue.

Myers Park/Eastover, Charlotte, North Carolina

North Carolina: Myers Park/Eastover, Charlotte

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 28207
Median Home List Price: $1,260,133
The Myers Park/Eastover neighborhoods (not to be confused with the town of Eastover, North Carolina, three hours to the east) have been the wealthiest in the city of Charlotte for several years running. Property values around Freedom Park have been boosted largely by an influx of multigenerational outsiders, drawing successful millennial professionals and retirees with hefty nest eggs.

Bismarck, North Dakota

North Dakota: Bismarck

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 58503
Median Home List Price: $346,664
Bismarck doesn't even make the top 10 in terms of North Dakota's wealthiest cities, thanks largely to the ebbing of the state's massive oil boom. The ZIP code in the city's northwest region, however, boasts the priciest homes anywhere in North Dakota, even though housing prices have stabilized from a peak several years ago.

Indian Hill, Ohio

Ohio: Indian Hill

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 45243
Median Home List Price: $743,893
Indian Hill isn't only the richest city in the Cincinnati region, or even only all of Ohio — it's the wealthiest place in the Midwest and one of the richest in the entire country. With an average household income of $338,267, only 10 places in all of America can say their residents do better for themselves.

Arcadia, Oklahoma

Oklahoma: Arcadia

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 73007
Median Home List Price: $683,152
Every Route 66 aficionado knows to stop at the Oklahoma town of Arcadia for the legendary Pops diner, known for its massive neon soda bottle. What many don't know, however, is that it's one of the wealthiest areas in the entire state. Also centrally located on America's most historically famous highway just minutes from Oklahoma City, neighboring Edmond is an oasis of affluence, as well.

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Oregon: Lake Oswego

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 97034
Median Home List Price: $1,134,196
The Northwest's elite have been flocking to beautiful and scenic Lake Oswego for years, and today, it is the most expensive ZIP code in the state. Just 10 minutes outside Portland, the city of 37,000 is actually designated a suburb. The stunningly beautiful lake after which the town is named features shores that are dotted with new custom-built homes, modern estates, and hilltop mansions.

Villanova, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania: Villanova

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 19085
Median Home List Price: $1,370,992
When people hear "Villanova," it's likely they think of college basketball. The university that bears the township's name, after all, is a D-1 Big East name brand and one of Philly's "Big Five" rivalry schools. Stray off campus, however, and you'll find massive estates and sprawling mansions, some dating back to the wealthy industrialists who put the Villanova area on the map.

Block Island, Rhode Island

Rhode Island: Block Island

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 02807
Median Home List Price: $1,162,988
Referred to by Forbes as "one of the most charming time warps on the Eastern Seaboard," Block Island is tiny and accessible only by ferry or plane. Complete with a hilltop Victorian hotel, a lighthouse, and winding country roads, it's surroundings are quintessential New England scenery. Wealthy New Yorkers and Bostonians have vacationed there for generations.

Sullivan's Island, South Carolina

South Carolina: Sullivan's Island

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 29482
Median Home List Price: $2,281,404
Nearly one in three households in Sullivan's Island report more than $200,000 in annual income. The richest ZIP code in South Carolina, the choice beachside town is where Charleston's movers and shakers buy their second homes — and virtually none on the island cost less than seven figures. In 2015, the enclave's 980 taxpayers reported $345 million in total income.

Hill City, South Dakota

South Dakota: Hill City

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 57745
Median Home List Price: $421,625
The rugged and wild Black Hills region of South Dakota is home to one of the wealthiest areas in the state: Hill City. An outdoor paradise, the region beckons adventurers from around the world, but there's also fine dining, wineries, breweries, shopping, art galleries, festivals, and more. As an added magnet for millionaires, South Dakota has no estate tax and no income tax.

Franklin, Tennessee

Tennessee: Franklin

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 37069
Median Home List Price: $893,418
Williamson County ranks consistently among the richest counties in America, and the town of Franklin is the heart of it all. Half the population is college educated and major corporations such as United Healthcare, Nissan, and Community Health Systems all have offices there. The median income is close to $105,000.

University Park, Texas

Texas: University Park

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 75205
Median Home List Price: $1,623,790
The Dallas-Fort Worth region is home to plenty of rich people — and they seem to be getting richer. The average household income in University Park jumped nearly 10% between 2015-16 to more than $286,000 from around $260,500. It's one of the 20 richest communities in America; neighboring Highland Park is even wealthier, even if its homes don't cost quite as much.

Park City, Utah

Utah: Park City

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 84060
Median Home List Price: $1,989,696
In 2017, Park City became the No. 2 wealthiest small urban area in the country. The median household income there, which is more than $91,470, is $27,000 higher than it is in relatively affluent Salt Lake City and 42% higher than Utah as a whole.

Charlotte, Vermont

Vermont: Charlotte

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 05445
Median Home List Price: $721,728
Charlotte not only boasts the most expensive median home listings in Vermont, but it's also home to the highest earners: The median household income in town is more than $117,000. The Champlain Valley town is surrounded by lush, rolling, green landscape and has history dating back to the 18th century.

McLean, Virginia

Virginia: McLean

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 22101
Median Home List Price: $1,609,905
McLean is, like Potomac, Maryland, a popular place to live for the powerful and well-connected elites of Washington, D.C. Also like Potomac, it's also one of the 50 wealthiest towns in America. Home to the headquarters of the CIA, McLean has an average household income approaching $284,000.

Bellevue, Washington

Washington: Bellevue

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 98004
Median Home List Price: $2,608,882
Bellevue is one of the wealthiest cities in Washington in general and contains several wealthy ZIP codes. While 98004 boasts at least two billionaire residents, right next door is 98039, which has earned bragging rights even more impressive: Two contenders for the title of richest person in the world — Amazon's Jeff Bezos and Microsoft's Bill Gates — live there.

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

West Virginia: White Sulphur Springs

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 24986
Median Home List Price: $701,507
Roaring rivers, fog-topped forest mountains, and winding country roads make Greenbriar Valley one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and the city of White Sulphur Springs is the jewel in the crown. It attracts the richest of the rich in Appalachia for its stunning landscape, privacy, and impressive list of dining, arts, farms, gardens, and nightlife. The real draw, however, is the Greenbriar Luxury Retreat and the huge selection of premier golf courses.

Elm Grove, Wisconsin

Wisconsin: Elm Grove

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 53122
Median Home List Price: $584,018
Out of the 49 Milwaukee metro suburban ZIP codes, the one that belongs to Elm Grove is the wealthiest. The median household income in the 53122 is nearly $112,000 a year — and about 30 percent of the village's 2,300 households earn more than $200,000. The wealthy are drawn to the quiet suburb because of its good schools, proximity to key business districts, and large lots with big trees.

Wilson, Wyoming

Wyoming: Wilson

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 83014
Median Home List Price: $893,418
Jackson Hole gets all the attention, but Wyoming's elite seem to favor nearby Wilson. Home to about 1,300 people, it's long been revered as the getaway of choice for locals. Hiking, biking, skiing, scenic drives, dining, and stunning natural beauty make it a secret worth keeping for Wyoming's monied class.