The Most Expensive Neighborhood in Every State

Fitler Square, Philadelphia


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Fitler Square, Philadelphia

The Priciest Places to Live

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that what’s considered “cheap” or “expensive” is all relative — especially in real estate, in which what’s expensive in one state might be considered cheap somewhere else. Using a report by Construction Coverage based on figures from the Zillow Home Value Index, Cheapism came up with a list of the most expensive neighborhoods in each state and typical home values there. From elite multimillion-dollar waterfront properties to historic homes that visitors can tour, here are the neighborhoods occupied by the homeowners with the biggest budgets.

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Alabama: Country Club, Mobile

Alabama: Country Club, Mobile

Median Home Value: $454,400

This neighborhood isn’t just called Country Club — it is a country club, a private, member-owned one organized in 1899 and known as one of the finest in the Gulf Coast region. In addition to home values within club land lingering just under a half-million, members enjoy access to amenities such as golf, tennis, and fitness. 

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Hillside East, Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska: Hillside East, Anchorage

Median Home Value: $671,171

With a population of nearly 8,000, highly rated schools, and high-valued homes, the Rabbit Creek neighborhood in Anchorage is one of the best places to live in Alaska.

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Pinnacle Peak, Scottsdale

Arizona: Pinnacle Peak, Scottsdale

Median Home Value: $823,400

Riddled with upscale resorts that include golf courses and spas, Pinnacle Peak offers not only high-valued homes but is a hub for outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing.

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The Heights, Little Rock

Arkansas: The Heights, Little Rock

Median Home Value: $539,800

The Heights is an upscale neighborhood with a trendy vibe. Most of its high-value homes are on bluffs overlooking the Arkansas River.

Old Palo Alto

California: Old Palo Alto, Palo Alto

Median Home Value: $5.2 million

Regarded commonly as one of the best places to live in California, Old Palo Alto exudes a sparse suburban aura. It’s by far the most expensive neighborhood on the West Coast. 

Colorado: Grant, Boulder

Colorado: Grant, Boulder

Median Home Value: $1.7 million

Boulder is home to many luxurious neighborhoods, but Grant is the priciest of them all. Residents enjoy access to numerous upscale restaurants and shopping centers.

Silvermine, Wilton

Connecticut: Silvermine, Wilton

Median Home Value: $744,400

Legend has it that there were once silver mines here. Despite no one ever finding silver in the area, it’s still the most expensive neighborhood in the state. 

Westover Hills, Delaware

Delaware: Forty Acres, Wilmington

Median Home Value: $272,600

Offering residents a dense suburban feel, the Forty Acres neighborhood has plenty of nearby bars, restaurants, parks, and coffee shops.

Berkeley, Washington

District of Columbia: Berkeley, Washington

Median Home Value: $1.7 million

The Berkeley neighborhood is surrounded by parkland on three sides and is close to an official residence of the mayor of Washington, D.C.

Port Royal, Naples

Florida: Port Royal, Naples

Median Home Value: $8.04 million

With a median home value of more than $8 million, the Port Royal neighborhood is not just the most expensive neighborhood in Florida — it’s the most expensive on the list. Homes here hug the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and offer breathtaking views. 

Sea Island, Georgia

Georgia: Tuxedo Park, Atlanta

Median Home Value: $2.1 million

National Register of Historic Places-listed Tuxedo Park is the most prestigious neighborhood in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. Former mayor of Atlanta Robert Maddox’s house, Woodhaven, was built in the area in 1911 and remained there until 1963, replaced by the Georgia governor’s mansion. 

Kuliouou-Kalani Iki, Honolulu

Hawaii: Kuliouou-Kalani Iki, Honolulu

Median Home Value: $1.4 million

Idyllic views help make Kuliouou-Kalani Iki the most expensive neighborhood in the state. Residents are within walking distance of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

Highlands, Boise

Idaho: Highlands, Boise

Median Home Value: $544,900

The Highlands neighborhood is an oasis with something for everyone — nearby schools, an expansive golf course, and access to outdoor activities.

West De Paul, Chicago

Illinois: West De Paul, Chicago

Median Home Value: $671,600

Densely urban West De Paul doesn’t just have the most expensive homes in all of Illinois; it’s also more densely populated than 96% of neighborhoods in the country, according to Neighborhood Scout.

Geist, Indianapolis

Indiana: Geist, Indianapolis

Median Home Value: $359,700

Prices in the Geist neighborhood, named after the Geist Reservoir in northeastern Indianapolis, get a boost from the area’s waterfront amenities. 

Salisbury Oaks, Des Moines

Iowa: Salisbury Oaks, Des Moines

Median Home Value: $342,000

With nearly 4,000 residents, the Salisbury Oaks neighborhood has an urban-meets-suburban vibe. Many retirees live in the area.

Corinth Hills, Prairie Village

Kansas: Corinth Hills, Prairie Village

Median Home Value: $448,700

Corinth Hills was part of frontier history and has historic trails for residents to explore. 

Chevy Chase-Ashland Park, Lexington

Kentucky: Chevy Chase-Ashland Park, Lexington

Median Home Value: $509,100

Historic Ashland Park is an early 20th century neighborhood in Lexington on the National Register of Historic Places.Its architectural styles include American Craftsman, Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, and American Foursquare. The commercial district of Chevy Chase is next door.

Audubon, New Orleans

Louisiana: Audubon, New Orleans

Median Home Value: $830,000

The Audubon neighborhood offers bike and jogging trails, a sprawling park, and a golf course, as well as the Audubon Zoo, the kind of special attraction few others can claim.

Peaks Island, Portland

Maine: Peaks Island, Portland

Median Home Value: $459,500

The Peaks Island neighborhood is so elite that it can be accessed only by ferry. Although the quaint neighborhood has the most expensive homes in the state, that’s not all it’s known for — it’s a popular spot for kayaking, biking, and swimming.

Westgate, Bethesda

Maryland: Westgate, Bethesda

Media Home Value: $1.1 million

Westgate is an urban neighborhood with a slew of luxurious homes in a mix of architectural styles.

Fisher Hill, Brookline

Massachusetts: Fisher Hill, Brookline

Median Home Value: $2.3 million

Fisher Hill is one of the more secluded neighborhoods in the area, along with having some of the most luxurious homes.

Grand Beach, New Buffalo

Michigan: Grand Beach, New Buffalo

Median Home Value: $533,400

Grand Beach is on Lake Michigan near the Michigan-Indiana border. The neighborhood is elite but quaint, with a population of less than 300.

Country Club, Edina

Minnesota: Country Club, Edina

Median Home Value: $1.1 million

Just minutes from downtown Minneapolis, the Country Club neighborhood in Edina is a premier private neighborhood in an upscale area. 

Sherwood-Audubon Area, Jackson

Mississippi: Sherwood-Audubon Area, Jackson

Median Home Value: $288,200

In comparison with most other states, Mississippi’s most expensive neighborhood isn’t actually all that expensive — especially when you consider that the median home value in Florida is more than $8 million. 

Armour Fields, Kansas City

Missouri: Armour Fields, Kansas City

Median Home Value: $544,900

Armour Fields is one of the most opulent areas in the state, and includes around 2,500 residents.

Cooper Park, Bozeman

Montana: Cooper Park, Bozeman

Median Home Value: $529,400

Sprawling across 75 acres, Cooper Park is on the National Register of Historic Places, with lavish homes built in architectural styles including Bungalow/Craftsman, Queen Anne, and Colonial Revival.

Family Acres, Lincoln

Nebraska: Family Acres, Lincoln

Median Home Value: $294,200

Family Acres is one of the more affordable neighborhoods on this list, and has a large population: around 4,600 residents.

Southwest, Reno

Nevada: Southwest, Reno

Median Home Value: $476,000

Known for being a beautiful, well-maintained place to live, Southwest has many opulent homes averaging nearly a half-million dollars in value.

North End, Manchester

New Hampshire: North End, Manchester

Median Home Value: $313,700

Bordered to the north and west by the Merrimack River, North End has come a long way since being used as a regimental camp in the Civil War. It includes the only Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home in New England that is open to the public.

North Beach, Long Beach

New Jersey: North Beach, Long Beach

Median Home Value: $1.2 million

Beach towns are not exclusive to states such as Florida and California. Plenty of residents are willing to pay for access to an 18-mile stretch of coast by living in North Beach.

San Acacio, Santa Fe

New Mexico: San Acacio, Santa Fe

Median Home Value: $778,000

Maybe the only thing that needs to be said about San Acacio is a mention of its most famous neighbor: fashion designer Tom Ford, who grew up in Santa Fe and had another property not far away in Galisteo that he listed for sale in 2019 at $48 million.

SoHo, New York

New York: SoHo, New York

Median Home Value: $2.9 million

Chic, trendy, upscale  — plenty of words come to mind when thinking of SoHo, the most expensive neighborhood on the East Coast. The neighborhood is a coveted shopping destination known for its alluring cobblestone streets and touches of cast iron.

Eastover, Charlotte

North Carolina: Eastover, Charlotte

Median Home Value: $1.2 million

Known for being the first suburb in Charlotte to build houses with driveways, Eastover has since built a reputation for being the most expensive in the state. 

Madison-Unicorn Park, Fargo

North Dakota: Madison-Unicorn Park, Fargo

Median Home Value: $954,100

Madison-Unicorn Park is densely populated, with an urban vibe, but it’s easy to believe that some people just want to live in a unicorn park.

Malvern, Shaker Heights

Ohio: Malvern, Shaker Heights

Median Home Value: $468,300

Malvern is predominantly residential and peaceful, nestled among plenty of trees.

Heritage Hills, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma: Heritage Hills, Oklahoma City

Median Home Value: $574,600

Heritage Hills teems with historic homes and mansions — not only the most expensive homes, but some of the biggest.

Blue Heron, Lake Oswego

Oregon: Blue Heron, Lake Oswego

Median Home Value: $1 million

Though the 850-population Blue Heron has a landlocked southern half, it’s the northern parts jutting into Lake Oswego that likely makes it the most appealing to buyers. 

Fitler Square, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania: Fitler Square, Philadelphia

Median Home Value: $771,700

Family-friendly and elegant Fitler Square has stately brick townhouses and a charming park known for its Victorian-era water fountain and bronze turtle sculptures.

Bellevue Avenue and Estates, Newport

Rhode Island: Bellevue Avenue and Estates, Newport

Median Home Value: $667,900

Historic Bellevue Avenue and Estates is nearly entirely residential, and includes several Gilded Age mansions, several of which are open to the public as museums. In 1976, the neighborhood was declared a National Historic Landmark.

Charlestowne, Charleston

South Carolina: Charlestowne, Charleston

Median Home Value: $1.7 million

The name of this neighborhood pays homage to the town's roots. From 1670 to 1783, Charleston was known as “Charles Town,” then “Charlestown.” The current name was adopted after the American Revolution.

All Saints, Sioux Falls

South Dakota: All Saints, Sioux Falls

Median Home Value: $169,000

All Saints is a National Register Historic District with the most expensive homes in South Dakota — which are still cheaper than almost every other area on this list.

Green Hills, Nashville

Tennessee: Green Hills, Nashville

Median Home Value: $841,800

Affluent, suburban Green Hills residents enjoy access to tons of upscale shops — and to the 90-seat Bluebird Cafe listening room, legendary for launching the careers of artists such as Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, and Kenny Chesney.

Barton Creek, Austin

Texas: Barton Creek, Austin

Median Home Value: $1.1 million

While the more urban neighbors of Barton Creek may be working to “keep Austin weird,” this neighborhood with a popular Greenbelt outdoor destination also feels the pull of a 4,000-acre luxury Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa.

Upper Deer Valley, Park City

Utah: Upper Deer Valley, Park City

Median Home Value: $2 million

Perched at 8,000 feet, Upper Deer Valley will have you feeling like you’re living among an oasis in the Alps; residents are actually just a short shuttle ride away from the hustle and bustle of Park City.


Vermont: Swanton

Median Home Value: $173,100

Located in the northwest corner of the Green Mountain State, the Swanton neighborhood is part of a quaint village — and the third-cheapest most-expensive neighborhood in the country.

Lyon Village, Arlington

Virginia: Lyon Village, Arlington

Median Home Value: $1.4 million

Lyon Village is a serene 191 acres described to Mansion Global by a real estate agent as “Norman Rockwell on a generous budget” despite being next to Arlington County government functions such as  courthouse and police complex.

Market-Downtown, Kirkland

Washington: Market-Downtown, Kirkland

Median Home Value: $2.1 million

There are waterside homes, upscale boutiques, a famed weekly farmers market, and hiking trails in Market-Downtown, a neighborhood on Lake Washington and Marina Park where Seattle’s within easy view.

South Hills, Charleston

West Virginia: South Hills, Charleston

Median Home Value: $165,800

Mostly occupied by residential real estate, South Hills is the state’s most expensive neighborhood, yet squeaks by South Dakota’s All Saints in Sioux Falls for being the cheapest in the country.

Black Hawk, Madison

Wisconsin: Black Hawk, Madison

Median Home Value: $629,000

Perhaps the fastest way to give a sense of Black Hawk: Residents have fast access to three golf courses — two of them are within the neighborhood itself.

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Wilson, Wyoming

Wyoming: Wilson

Most Expensive ZIP Code: 83014
Typical Home Value: $2.2 million

Jackson Hole gets all the attention in Wyoming, but the state’s elite seem to favor nearby Wilson. Home to about 1,300 people, Wilson has long been revered as the getaway of choice for locals. Hiking, biking, skiing, scenic drives, dining, and stunning natural beauty make Wilson a secret worth keeping for Wyoming’s monied class. Construction Coverage didn’t have data for Wyoming, but real estate sources such as Zillow had plenty to say.