Best Finds at Costco
Jonathan Weiss/shutterstock
Best Finds at Costco
Jonathan Weiss/shutterstock

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Shopping at Costco isn't a seasonal affair or a sale-based excursion: It's a regular search for low-priced, high-quality staples. Buying in bulk leaves little margin for error. Pick up canned food that isn't to your taste, or some paper products that aren't quite up to snuff, and you're stuck with them for weeks to months. That's why it's important for a trip to Costco to include a solid foundation of items you can supplement with low-stakes purchases. We looked at each of Costco's online categories to see which items are most popular based on number of reviews, overall rating, and, of course, price. The following are what you need to pick up now, but also central to any great Costco list.

Prices and availability are subject to change. Some items available for members only and in-store-only items have been excluded.
Serenity by Tempur-Pedic Foam Mattress Topper
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serenity by tempur-pedic foam mattress topper

Price: Starting at $120 | Buy it
Want the cool comfort of a foam mattress but don't want to ditch your current mattress quite yet? With even a queen topper going for $160, reviewers note that it's "better than a $4,000 mattress," though it does tend to hold onto body heat.

Thomasville Luxury Shag Rugs
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thomasville luxury shag rugs

Price: Starting at $160 | Buy it
Costco has surprisingly decent deals on floor coverings, with this 5- by 7.5-foot rug selling for less than $160. Reviewers called it soft, luxurious, and shed-proof; a few had qualms with the amount of effort it takes to vacuum it.

Kirkland Signature Maple Syrup
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kirkland organic maple syrup

Price: $13 for 33.8 ounces | Buy it 
At just 39 cents an ounce, this has been a bargain for some time. This isn't caramel-colored corn syrup: It's Grade A amber syrup in a 1-liter flip-top jug, with a similar volume being sold by competitors for more than 60 cents an ounce.

4 Black AMC Movie Etickets
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4 black amc movie etickets

Price: $43 | Buy it 
While the four-pack of yellow tickets for $40 is also a deal, they aren't valid in New York, New Jersey, or California. Shoppers love both because they reduce ticket prices to roughly $9.50 in the black-ticket markets and $7.50 in yellow-ticket cities.

Nautica Fleece Pants
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nautica fleece pants

Price: $13 for two pairs | Buy it 
It's a simple two-pack of pajama pants, but more than 600 reviewers rave, noting that they've gone back for more on multiple occasions. Why? Because they're loose fitting, comfortable, and about $6.50 a pair.

Samsung 55 K UHD LED LCD TV
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samsung 55-inch 4k lcd tv

Price: $430 | Buy it 
Costco usually reserves its better TV deals for members; this is one of the rare instances when a name-brand, current-generation model slips through the cracks. Buyers have loved the picture, though the smart features may seem a little clunky if you're used to a set-top box such as the Chromecast or Roku.

Puma No-Show Socks
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puma no-show socks

Price: $12 for eight pairs | Buy it 
These well-ventilated, moisture controlling socks are beloved by hundreds of reviewers who have bought them for years. They're still a good fit, though long-timers think they slip more than they once did — and, yes, there's a version for men.

Kirkland Signature 540-Thread-Count Six-Piece Sheet Set
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kirkland signature 540-thread-count six-piece sheet set

Price: Starting at $69 | Buy it 
You're looking at the price for a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and four pillowcases. That's right: The starter pack isn't a twin, but a queen. More than 1,200 reviewers weighed in on these sheets, with nearly 1,000 finding them comfortable for the price. Detractors saying quality has gone down over the years are in the distinct minority.

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Price: $14 for 67 ounces | Buy it 
"Oh, you'll never finish that container in time." Is that a challenge? Because folks who love Nutella will not only take you up on that dare, but usually know all the hacks that keep Nutella from drying out before finishing the jar. At 21 cents per ounce, it's a better buy than a supermarket's biggest offering.

Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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kirkland organic extra virgin olive oil

Price: $17 for 2 liters | Buy it 
A deal of 6 liters of pure olive oil for $40 are hard to pass up, but so is first cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil at 25 cents an ounce.

Kirkland Organic Peanut Butter
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kirkland organic peanut butter

Price: $12 for 56 ounces | Buy it 
Shoppers are so into the flavor, price, and health factors of this peanut butter (it's organic, with no palm oil, hydrogenated oil, or sugar) that when they think it's being taken away they'll go online to "whine" because "You have spoiled me with your awesome product."

Minced Garlic
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minced garlic

Price: $5.50 for 48 ounces | Buy it 
Minced garlic not only has a long shelf life, but comes in handy for myriad recipes. At a scant 12 cents per ounce, it's also half the price of its supermarket equivalent.

Kirkland Signature Paper Towels, 12 rolls
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kirkland paper towels

Price: $19 for 12 rolls | Buy it 
At 160 sheets per roll and 2 cents per square foot, these paper towels are absolute bedrock for Costco and its bulk-buying culture. Not only are they cost-effective, but they offer more for the money than even the name brands beside them on the warehouse floor.

Kirkland Bath Tissue
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kirkland bath tissue

Price: $19 for 30 rolls | Buy it 
At just a penny per square foot, this is Costco outselling itself. A 36-roll pack of "ultra soft" tissue paper is also available for $27, but folks stock up on this because it's less than $20, making it very difficult to run out of paper in crucial moments.

Kirkland Stretch-Tite Plastic Wrap
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kirkland stretch-tite plastic wrap

Price: $11 for two 760-square-foot rolls | Buy it 
If you can keep the price of your staple offerings below 1 cent per square foot, you're going to keep people coming back. That price, plus Costco's trademark slide cutter, has made this the household wrap of choice for Costco converts.

Connaisseur Coffee Filters
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connaisseur coffee filters

Price: $4 for 700 | Buy it 
At less than a penny a filter, you're buying enough 8- to 12-cup basket filters to get through a brew a day for nearly two years. For $4, that's a sound investment.

Kirkland Signature Medium Roast House Coffee
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kirkland signature medium roast house coffee

Price: $12 for 2 pounds | Buy it 
The Starbucks-roasted house blend, espresso roast, and decaf all sell for this $6-a-pound price. That's still far more than the dark roast for less than $4 a pound, but still less than its Costa Rican, Rwandan or Guatemalan coffees.

Parmigiano Reggiano
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parmigiano reggiano

Price: $900 for 72 pounds | Buy it 
How much of an asset is Costco's Parmigiano Reggiano, which is imported from Italy, comes with the Consortium Parmigiano Reggiano's stamp, and is aged for two years? So much so that it'll only sell wheels of it to non-members. At $12.50 a pound, it's a steal; members can get it pre-shredded for all of $16 per pound.

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Kleenex Ultra-Soft Facial Tissue
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kleenex ultra-soft facial tissue

Price: $18 for 12 packs | Buy it 
At 2 cents per sheet, this is outdone only by cent-a-sheet long boxes — also a Costco deal, though with 2-ply sheets instead of the 3-ply found here.

Acetum Blaze Balsamic Glaze
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acetum blaze balsamic glaze

Price: $20 for 25.8 ounces | Buy it 
Another of Costco's Italian imports, this balsamic vinegar is beloved by reviewers who put it on everything from pork chops to caprese salad. It's difficult enough to get Costco customers to review any food item — never mind a cooking oil or glaze — so it speaks volumes that dozens are effusive in their praise of this particular product.

 McCormick Taco Seasoning
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mccormick taco seasoning

Price: $5 for 24 ounces | Buy it 
When people tell you there's a huge markup on spices, believe it. That taco seasoning you pick up one ounce packet at a time costs at least $1. In bulk, this name-brand seasoning goes for just 21 cents per ounce.

Arcan 3-Ton Service Jack
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arcan 3-ton service jack

Price: $100 | Buy it 
Would you trust a $100 Costco jack to lift your car, truck, or shed? Well, hundreds of reviewers have done it and come away happy. This aluminum and steel jack is only about 60 pounds and easy to maneuver, but reviewers note that it can lift a Ford F-150 with ease.

Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Motor Oil 10W-30
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mobil 1 full synthetic motor oil 10w-30

Price: $38 for 6 quarts | Buy it 
Buyers and reviewers love not only the quality of this motor oil, but the fact that it costs less than it does at a Mobil station. Hundreds of Costco customers recommend this oil to keep high-mileage cars going.

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Shedrain Golf Umbrella 2-Pack
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shedrain golf umbrella 2-pack

Price: $30 | Buy it
These 62-inch umbrellas have a coating for sun protection and a vented canopy to fight off the wind. Reviewers wish they came in more colors, but love that they cover two people easily.

Easyon Gutter Guards
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easyon gutter guards

Price: $200 | Buy it 
You get 100 feet of this 5-inch-wide micromesh gutter guard for your money, which comes in handy if you're mucking leaves and needles regularly out of gutters. Around 4,300 customers weighed in on these, nearly all giving four stars or more for ease of installation and function. They may not the best bet for areas where ice will build up along the mesh, though.

Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair
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tommy bahama backpack beach chair

Price: $37 | Buy it 
Even in the waning days of winter, Costco is thinking about all seasons. Reviewers raved about this chair's portability and backpack straps, but the rustproof aluminum, insulated pouch, cellphone pocket, towel bar, and five-position recline make a decent pitch on their own.

Samsung 5.8-Cubic Foot Electric Slide-In Range
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samsung 5.8-cubic foot electric slide-in range

Price: $1,290 | Buy it 
Costco restricts most of its appliance sales to members, but this range is for everyone, and comes with a five-burner cooktop, dual convection oven, and storage drawer — as well as a two-year warranty. In some areas, Costco will also deliver it, do basic installation, and haul away the old appliance.

Roald Dahl Book Collection
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roald dahl book collection

Price: $31 | Buy it 
Costco generally keeps scores of popular new releases around its book section, but this is in a category of its own — a 15-book illustrated set that includes "The BFG," "Matilda," "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "Fantastic Mr. Fox," "James and the Giant Peach," and several other children's classics that will be easy to hand down to other generations.

Cangshan S1 Four-Piece German Steel Steak Knife Set
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cangshan s1 four-piece german steel steak knife set

Price: $40 | Buy it 
Are these forged German steel beauties really worth $10 per knife? Don't take our word for it: Reviewers like their heft, their straight edge, their ability to cut through a 3-inch ribeye without much effort, and the fact that this price is still far less than at other retailers.

Type S Lithium Jump Starter And Power Bank
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type s lithium jump starter and power bank

Price: $55 | Buy it 
You don't need to carry around a mini generator or flag down other drivers to jumpstart a car. This power bank holds up to 8,000 megahertz of power and has 350 amps of peak current to start most cars, trucks, boats, and motorcycles. It comes equipped with an LED flashlight and strobe for emergency situations and is plenty handy even when there's no emergency: It has USB ports for electronic devices.