woman with shopping cart at Costco
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12 Costco Products You Can't Return

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woman with shopping cart at Costco
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No Take Backs

Costco has been known to accept returns of almost any item, no receipt required, because of their "Risk-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee" policy. The exceptions typically apply to alcohol and, in some cases, prescription medications, which are typically prohibited to be returned by law, or fast-wearing items that have a limited warranty. But the hoarding sprees inspired by the pandemic have caused Costco to re-evaluate. Here is what you can no longer return. (Not a Costco member? You can apply here.)

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Costco Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

That's right, if you or your paranoid in-law have been hoarding toilet paper from Costco, don't even consider returning it. On the bright side, you may never have to wrestle those bulky packages home again. And you could always TP a neighbor's house if the cabin fever is getting to you.

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Costco Paper Towels

Paper Towels

Fortunately for those with a paper towel fortress in their basements, this commodity will never really expire, but we can't comment on the structural integrity of the fortress. We suppose they could always try selling a few packs on eBay.

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Basmati, brown, jasmine, or sushi, Costco will decidedly not accept any sack of rice, big or small, being returned. Maybe the continued shutdown will generate some interesting rice-related culinary innovations, though.

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costco water bottles


We all have those images of grocery store shelves devoid of water and other living essentials. Hopefully this policy from Costco will prevent further hoarding of necessities that we all need. Or, you could always buy a Brita pitcher.

Costco Sanitizing Wipes

Sanitizing Wipes

The demand for sanitizing wipes skyrocketed with the pandemic, leaving supply in the dust. We're hoping that the folks who stocked up on these wipes were mailing them out to friends and family, because we all need a care package in these turbulent times.

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liquid soap


Soap hoarders are just watching their money go down the drain, because Costco won't redeem this item anytime soon. But what better time to enjoy a soothing bubble bath?

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Costco grocery cart

Are there workarounds?

It looks like Costco is standing strong for the time being on these non-refundable items, so while you could try making a scene with the manager, or try to explain how much toilet paper you have in your basement, it might be better to try to get rid of it by other means.

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After 90 days, Costco will not take electronics back, but that gives the buyer just enough time to wait for the new-and-improved version to come out. That's a pretty good deal if you are trying to assess what size TV to get, or what sound system works best in your home.

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Alcohol and Tobacco

Costco would if Costco could, but in most places, it is illegal to return alcohol and tobacco where it was purchased. Now, if the buyer is looking to travel, they may be able to return those stogies after crossing a few state lines.

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