Love Whiskey? Here Are 8 American Whiskeys To Splurge On

American whiskey over $100

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American whiskey over $100
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Special Sips

It’s easy to find great whiskey without breaking the bank, but sometimes life calls for a special occasion. When times of true celebration are upon us, it can feel good to reward ourselves with the good stuff.

And there’s nothing like a toast to do just that. The next time you’ve got something to celebrate, treat yourself to a bottle of one of these terrific American whiskeys, each priced over $100 per bottle

Garrison Brothers Balmorhea
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

1. Garrison Brothers Distillery Balmorhea Bourbon Whiskey

$180 from Garrison Brothers

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Named after the iconic Texas swimming hole, Balmorhea is one of the shiniest gems in the Garrison Bros’ already shiny pile of gems. Its smooth, bold flavor profile is the result of meticulous aging in American oak barrels. I can personally attest that this is one of the best whiskeys I’ve ever tasted.

Wyoming Whiskey Single Barrel

2. Wyoming Whiskey Single Barrel

$103 from Caskers

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Wyoming’s first legal distillery isn’t one to forget about. Wyoming Whiskey is committed to making great whiskey that protects and gives back to its home state, with whiskey made from start to finish in Wyoming’s extreme climates. The flavor profiles are deep and complex; while you can score most of their superb whiskeys from the National Parks Collection for under $100, consider celebrating with a bottle of Single Barrel and savor the experience.

Cascade Moon 15 Year Old Barrel Proof
Uptown Spirits

3. Cascade Moon 15 Year Old Barrel Proof

$160 from Wooden Cork

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Patient aging is at the center of Cascade’s whiskeys, and the 15-year has won a ton of people’s hearts. Layered with oak, caramel, and baking spices, you’re going to want to enjoy this guy by a campfire.

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Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

4. Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

$125 from Caskers

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The classic Kentucky bourbon is named after one of the pioneers of the American whiskey industry, Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr. You’ll usually see this for around $120, and for a bourbon of this complexity, it almost seems like it should cost more. Charred oak barrels and caramel-laced flavors make this a perfect showcase for what small-batch Kentucky bourbons are all about.

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Reservoir Distillery Maison De Cuivre Bourbon Whiskey
Reservoir Distillery
Pinhook Vertical Series Bourbon War 8 Year

6. Pinhook Vertical Series Bourbon War 8 Year

$100 from LoveScotch

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Bourbon War 8 Year is a standout release from the acclaimed Vertical Series, showcasing the evolution of Pinhook's distinctive flavor profile. Aged for eight years in charred oak barrels, this is smooth, approachable, and full of warming flavors.

High West Bourye
High West Whiskey

7. High West Bourye

$300 from Wooden Cork

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High West’s blend of straight bourbon and rye whiskies is unconventional, but that makes sense considering the distillery is in Park City, Utah. This is sweet and spicy, full of cinnamon, and has the perfect lingering finish. Sometimes it’s nice to have a solid bourbon at the top of a snowy mountain, too.

Wild Turkey Master's Keep Cornerstone Rye Batch #1

8. Wild Turkey Master's Keep Cornerstone Rye Batch #1

$411 from Caskers

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There’s treating yourself, and then there’s treating yourself. The truth is, sometimes a $100 bottle of whiskey won’t cut it. Sometimes you need to bust out the big guns — that’s what Wild Turkey’s Unforgotten is for. Apparently Matthew McConaughey is the creative director? Not sure if that sells you on it or makes you want it less, but this is a celebration-worthy beverage, and one that most people who have tasted it rave about. If you’re looking to splurge on something complex and seriously deep in flavor, treat yourself.