Our 8 Favorite Chipotle Secret Menu Hacks

Our 8 Favorite Chipotle Secret Menu Hacks

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Burrito Hackin'

As one of the fastest growing chains in America, Chipotle has made a name for itself serving healthier ingredients than your average fast-food joint. Every cheap fast-food chain is swirling in “secret” menu rumors, and the casual Mexican-style eatery is no exception. These eight Chipotle secret menu items are all easy, hackable ways to upgrade your lunch. 

Please, assemble these things yourself. Don’t ask a Chipotle employee to do it for you. 

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chipotle burrito
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1. The 3-Pointer

This is semi-complicated. Chipotle's pricing works on a points system, and if you’re able to lock down a burrito for only three points — proteins and guac are each two points, while ingredients like rice and beans are each one point — it will only run you about $7 (versus the usual $8-$10), depending on your particular Chipotle location. For an easy way to save a few bucks on a burrito, just go for three points with your fillings. The thing will still be huge.

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chipotle burrito
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chipotle quesadilla
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3. Dragon Sauce

I have no idea who landed themselves the naming rights for this particular Chipotle hack, but the internet has agreed to call this Dragon Sauce. 

  • Combine sour cream and hot salsa.

  • Pro tip: If you order a quesadilla, the box has three separate salsa compartments, which makes this process a lot easier.

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4. Quesarito

Though it’s not easy, it’s theoretically possible to mimic the infamous Taco Bell quesadilla-burrito combo.

  • Get a burrito.

  • Order a quesadilla, plain and unsliced. 

  • Wrap the burrito in the quesadilla — this will be a challenge because Chipotle’s quesadilla isn’t the same shape as the burrito. You’ll really have to ask yourself if this one is worth the hassle.

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cilantro by (None)

5. Cilantro

This is an easy one. Chipotle has plenty of cilantro on deck — after all, the chain use pounds of it in salsas, rice, and guac — so just ask for some extra when you’re ordering. It’s free!

Chipotle bowl

6. Mix and Match

You might already know that you can go half-and-half when it comes to proteins, but did you know that you can do the same with other toppings? Whether it’s two types of beans or two types of rice, go nuts. Another bonus? You can get extra toppings like cheese and salsa for no charge. Maybe another scoop of rice is in order.

chipotle tacos
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7. Double Decker Taco

  • Order a soft shell taco.

  • Get a second taco with just cheese.

  • Stack your taco on top of the cheese taco, making sure the melted cheese stays between the two tortillas.

Rimma_Bondarenko / istockphoto

8. Elote Dip

  • Get sides of queso, roasted chili-corn salsa, and sour cream.

  • Mix a bit of sour cream and queso together with the corn salsa — it won’t be perfect, but it’s a nice way to mimic elote dip.