Chipotle Employees Hated This Viral Hack So Now You Can't Order a Taco

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A Chipotle hack has gone viral on TikTok, but the burrito chain's employees hated dealing with customers trying to game the ordering system so much that the company has removed the ability to order single tacos online or in the app.

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The hack was pretty simple, at least for customers: Order a single taco on Chipotle's website or app, and select as many free toppings like rice, beans, and salsa as you want, but order them on the side. Dump all of the sides into a bowl — or add a burrito-sized tortilla to your order if you'd like to wrap it yourself — and voila! It's almost as much food you'd get in a $10 burrito but for the price of single taco, according to many TikTokkers.

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But just because something is possible and easy to order doesn't mean you should be doing it, at least according to many Chipotle employees who took to Reddit to air their grievances about the trend. "I hate the person who came up and posted the single taco into a burrito hack on TikTok," says u/kerrybanh in a r/Chipotle thread that's garnered over 300 comments, mostly in agreement.

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The hack worked because some TikTokkers appeared to be getting side portions meant for three tacos instead of the single taco they ordered, and many employees say that they would give out smaller, more appropriate portions on the side when someone tried to game the ordering system this way. 

Other Redditors pointed out that this hack put undue work on employees, especially when so many locations are understaffed. "I don't understand how anyone does this in good conscience," says u/Therolyk. "I barely feel comfortable asking for a side of sour cream to dip my chips in because the restaurant has a line and I don't want to take up more of their time."

Many Chipotle employees called on the company's leadership to do something to make the hack impossible, and corporate delivered. As of September 8th, tacos are no longer an option when you order online via Chipotle's website or app. In an email with store managers, the company says it's "temporarily deactivating the option for guests to order one taco," and many Chipotle employees on Reddit are downright giddy. 

For everyone that typically only orders one or two tacos, don't worry, because you can still walk into any Chipotle and order them from employees in person. Just don't ask them to give you a bunch of free sides. 

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