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Dutch Bros Coffee seems like a fascinating place. I've never been, but I can see that the fandom is real — and after only a cursory glance at the menu, I was stunned. Ranging from smoothies and breves (lattes) to Rebels (energy drinks) and Frosts (milkshakes), the Dutch Bros menu seems like the Wild West.

Believe it or not, the secret menu is even more extensive. The Dutch Bros secret menu works like a flavor package, where in most cases, you can choose the beverage style, size, and preparation (hot, iced, blended, or toasted). Dutch Bros' flavored syrups like banana and chocolate can be added to breves and lemonades alike, while syrups like raspberry and white chocolate can be added to Rebels and Frosts. 

This place is nuts, and the best part? The employees actually know how to make a lot of these. I present to you: 40 specialty Dutch Bros secret menu items.

grasshopper mochaPhoto credit: Susan L. / Yelp

1. Grasshopper Mocha

Ask for this and your barista will blend you a Dutch Freeze with crème de menthe and chocolate syrup.

2. The Fleck

This is a breve with white chocolate, coconut, and hazelnut syrup.

3. Irie

There are strong island vibes here, with banana and coconut syrup.

4. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Recreate our nation's best cereal with chocolate, cinnamon, and black sugar syrup.

5. Majestic Forest

A blend of blackberry, kiwi, and blue raspberry syrup.

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6. Flap Jack

A Dutch Freeze with salted caramel, white chocolate, and vanilla syrup.

7. Double Rainbro

A Rebel with the combo of strawberry, peach, and coconut syrup.

8. Christmas Morning

An Oregon Chai with white chocolate and half-and-half instead of 2%.

9. Thanksgiving Morning

This is just a Christmas Morning, but with a little bit of pumpkin spice.

10. The Vader

A blue Rebel with dark chocolate, double mint, and three shots of espresso. This is a more aggressive drink than I can fathom.

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trifecta freezePhoto credit: Richard A. / Yelp

11. Trifecta

A combo of white chocolate, dark chocolate, and caramel. 

12. Snickerdoodle

A breve with white chocolate sauce, chocolate macadamia nut syrup, and cinnamon syrup.

13. Creamsicle

A Frost made of orange and white chocolate.

14. White Zombie

A vanilla breve with white chocolate.

15. Kings of Leon

A Rebel with kiwi, orange, and lime syrup. 

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gummy bear lemonadePhoto credit: Maya M. / Yelp

16. Gummy Bear Lemonade

A lemonade made with the head-scratching combination of kiwi, lime, and white chocolate syrups.

17. Dirty Caterpillar

A green apple and caramel smoothie. 

18. French Toast

Brown sugar, white chocolate, and cinnamon. Not sure how the white chocolate fits in.

19. Bubble Gum

"Bubble Gum" is a combo of strawberry, vanilla, and banana syrup.

20. German Chocolate

Coconut, dark chocolate, and caramel. Sounds like a Girl Scouts Samoa to me.

21. Dinosaur Egg Rebel

A Rebel with blue raspberry, and, naturally, some of what Dutch Bros calls "unicorn blood." Not familiar with that one? Weird. It's a mixture of strawberry, almond, and white chocolate syrup. 

22. Laser Cat Rebel

A Rebel with raspberry and coconut syrup.

23. Sour Patch Rebel

For some tartness, go with a Rebel made from green apple and pomegranate syrup.

24. Afterglow Rebel

Curious about the purple drink at Dutch Bros? The purple Dutch drink is an Afterglow, made with passionfruit syrup and topped with berry Soft Top (whipped cream).

25. Ocean Water Rebel

Raspberry, lime, and coconut syrup are the backbone for this Rebel.

the nutty irishmanPhoto credit: Christian M. / Yelp

26. The Nutty Irishman

A standard breve with Irish cream and hazelnut syrups.

27. Kicker Cold Brew

A nitro cold brew with a healthy dollop of Irish cream.

28. White Russian 

A Kicker with white chocolate syrup added into the mix.

29. Picture Perfect 

Ordering something "Picture Perfect" will get you caramel and dark chocolate drizzled on top of whipped cream.

30. Raspberry Vanilla Chai

A vanilla chai with a little bit of raspberry syrup.

electric berry green teaPhoto credit: Daniel K. / Yelp

31. Electric Berry Green Tea

An iced green tea with blue raspberry and lime syrup.

32. Marmalade Paris Tea

A mixture of orange, ruby red grapefruit, and strawberry tea.

33. Pink Flamingo

The combo of white chocolate, strawberry, and peach apparently goes well in one of Dutch Bros' Frosts.

34. Ninja Turtle

A crème de menthe and white chocolate mocha.

35. Ba-Nay-Na

A dark chocolate and banana mocha.

caramel nogPhoto credit: Katherine A. / Yelp

36. Caramel Nog

A caramel Americano with eggnog instead of cream.

37. Islander

Chocolate, macadamia nut, vanilla, and coconut all end up in the same cup here. 

38. Dirty White Girl

A Rebel with blackberry, almond, and white chocolate syrup. I'd never be able to look my barista in the eye ordering this by name.

39. Golden Eagle

A coffee-forward drink made from espresso, caramel, milk, vanilla syrup, caramel drizzle, and whipped cream.

40. Molten Lava

Order any drink with Molten Lava and you'll receive an addition of cinnamon and dark chocolate.

Even More Popular Drinks

What form should your custom coffee drinks from Dutch Bros take? Here are some popular internet favorites.

  • Cotton Candy Frost
  • Trifecta Freeze
  • Golden Eagle Breve
  • Pink Flamingo Frost
  • Blue Raspberry Coconut
  • Snickerdoodle Breve

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