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Born out of a DIY operation in Little Saigon, Orange County, 7 Leaves Cafe exploded in Southern California before continuing to stretch towards Texas and Georgia. Specializing primarily in tea, coffee, boba, and macarons, the Vietnamese-influenced cafe has already developed a cult following. 

How do you hack your way to some off-menu flavors? Here are all of the 7 Leaves secret menu items you need to know about.

Strawberry Sunset

Order a drink that’s 50/50 strawberry hibiscus tea and Sunset Passion. Some employees may know this one by name.

Black and Tan

You may know of Black and Tan from the common beverage — half pale ale, half dark stout. I once ordered this beverage by name in Ireland. The results were not what I expected. Here’s a tip that I learned that day: Never order this beverage in Ireland. “Black and Tan” is named for the uniforms of the British officers who … well, look it up.

On the 7 Leaves Cafe menu, it’s half black tea and half jasmine milk tea.

Tea Rex

  • Order a Japanese matcha.

  • Request that mung bean be blended in.

  • Add some custard pudding if you want to sweeten it up.


  • Start with a house coffee.

  • Add mung bean milk tea.

  • Add whipped Sea Cream (sea salt whipped cream).


This one’s just half Thai tea, half house coffee. 

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Order half taro milk tea and half mung bean milk tea. 

Love Cream

I really, really, really, really don’t like this name.

  • Order a jasmine milk tea.

  • Add caramel.

  • Top with whipped Sea Cream.


Order a beverage that’s half Sea Cream jasmine tea and half mung bean milk tea. Throw in some grass jelly or boba to add texture.

Dirty Black

Ask for half Sea Cream black coffee and half Japanese matcha tea.

Caramel Macchiato

I love that in the midst of all these crazy names, there’s also just a caramel macchiato.

  • Order a house coffee.

  • Add espresso, caramel, and half-and-half.

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