If You Like These 10 Easter Candies ... Well, You Might Just Be the Only One Who Does

worst easter candies cover

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worst easter candies cover
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Don't Disappoint Us, Easter Bunny!

Everyone flocks to the candy aisle when Easter comes near in search of those delicious egg-shaped Reese's (seriously, why are they so superior in egg form?) and their favorite unique jelly beans. But sometimes that bumrush to the candy aisle includes shoving past some less desirable options. We're talking about the ones that kids will turn on the Easter Bunny for if they find them in their baskets. Candystore.com conducted a survey to find out which varieties those are, and we've rounded them up below. 

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Cadbury Creme Egg

1. Cadbury Creme Eggs

This is the part where you grab your pitchfork or nod your head emphatically saying, "YUP!" Cadbury Creme Eggs are to Easter what candy corn is to Halloween — a polarizing candy that sparks serious debate. While these double goo-layered eggs do have a cult-like following, there are more haters than believers, and these little guys have therefore been dubbed disgusting.


2. Bunny Corn

We know we said candy corn is Halloween's hot-take, but the bunny version of the (barely) edible chalk, err, candy, has made its way to the candy aisle around Easter. Just because it's available doesn't mean it's in demand, though. The consensus here is "no thanks."

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marshmallow peeps of every color
marshmallow peeps of every color by John Brian Silverio (CC BY-NC-ND)

3. Peeps

If you are over the age of 10 and you like these technicolor blobs of sugar, you are part of a small group of insane people. Pick your poison: chicks or bunnies. Fruit punch or Dr. Pepper flavor (yes, really). No matter the choice, you're going to wind up with one of the grossest Easter candies around.

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4. Marshmallow Eggs

Marshmallow just doesn't have a good track record when it comes to Easter candy. Even stuffed inside of egg-shaped chocolate, it's still not a hit. 


5. Solid Chocolate Bunnies

This is where things get particular, folks. The key word to note here is "solid." A dense slab of chocolate formed into the shape of a bunny that breaks your teeth off when you bite into it is an unpleasant experience that we would rather avoid entirely. Give us the hollow bunnies, please.


6. Chocolate Crosses

This is the same concept as the solid bunny. It's a hard hunk of chocolate that is anything but appetizing. Plus, we're going to go out on a limb and say that gluttonously biting into a chocolate cross in the name of Easter is just a little bit weird. 


7. Bubble Gum Eggs

These are glorified gumballs, except they are egg-shaped instead of perfectly round. The reality of gumballs is that they're a textural nightmare. They start as a hard candy and you have to chew your way into the tolerable consistency of the gum. Most people would rather start with a softer stick of gum that doesn't exhaust their jaw. 

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white chocolate sour patch bunny

8. Sour Patch White Chocolate Bunny

We don't know what part of this is most astonishing: the composition of the candy or the fact that it's not higher on the list of most disgusting Easter candies. Who in their right mind wants to bite into a solid hunk of white chocolate, speckled with sour bits? Downright disgusting. 

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9. Oreo Eggs

Oreos are milk's favorite cookie and a fan-favorite among plenty of human beings, too. But that doesn't mean they translate effectively to every edible iteration. A chocolate egg stuffed with a paste-like filling that's supposed to emulate the creme filling of the Oreo with bits of cookie inside tastes as unappealing as it sounds. No one asked for this. Take it back. Please.

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10. Generic Jelly Beans

When it comes to jelly beans, there are so many fun flavors to try, why rock with the generic guys? Grab something better like Jelly Belly or Starburst. We implore you, in the name of the Easter Bunny.


The Best Easter Candies

Not all Easter candies are gross! Otherwise, it wouldn't be one of the best-selling holidays for candy. Here are the varieties that come out on the yummy side of things:

  1. Cadbury Mini Eggs
  2. Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs
  3. Jelly Beans (Gourmet/Naturally-Flavored)
  4. Robins Eggs From Whoppers
  5. Mallow Top Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
  6. Chocolate Bunnies (Hollow)
  7. Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Eggs
  8. Kinder Joy Eggs Candy
  9. Hershey's Fun-Sized Candy Bars With Easter Wrappers
  10. Skittles-Filled Easter Eggs