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Walmart Grocery by Mike Mozart (CC BY)

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Maybe you shop at Walmart all the time (or, if you're a fan of Target, hardly at all), but did you ever realize there are items you can buy at Walmart and nowhere else? While Target has gotten lots of buzz for limited-edition collections from big-name designers in the past (or even spot-on designer knock-offs,  Walmart also has some exclusives — and not just clothing — you should check out if you haven't already. 

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There are more than a few in-house brands at Walmart worth checking out. Walmart made a play for the cheap-chic furniture and home goods space with MoDRN. Offering modern (get it?) but minimalist pieces in on-trend colors, the collection is priced low enough that it's a little easier to take a risk on a bubble-print pillow. 

After Scoop NYC closed in 2016, the chain's collections of high-end (and usually pricey) fashion seemed to be gone for good — until Walmart launched an exclusive Scoop clothing line. The clothes are fun and trendy — and importantly, every piece is under $100.

And Walmart also has some exclusive coffee. Boyer's has been roasting coffee in Colorado since 1965, and now the brand is offering a line of organic, specialty coffee blending two single-origin beans called Mash-Up exclusively at Walmart. Organic coffee, trendy clothes, and cheap furniture — it may even be enough to make dedicated Target shoppers consider a trip. 

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