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If you’re a die-hard Trader Joe’s fan, you’ll be thrilled to know that the grocery chain’s annual Mystery Bags are back on the shelves for the season (along with plenty of other holiday items). These fan favorites haven’t been available since before the pandemic, and Trader Joe's superfans are excited.

What Are the Trader Joe's Mystery Bags?

For three bucks, you can grab a three-pack of reusable shopping bags with a plethora of designs. Some of them are decorated with familiar Trader Joe’s patterns, and many are dedicated to different U.S. states. The who-knows-what-you're-gonna-get excitement is palpable.

When Were They Introduced?

It’s unclear when Mystery Bags first entered the scene, but this is the first time they’ve returned since Lockdown 2020. That said, Trader Joe’s is apparently one of the first grocery stores to use reusable bags, starting back in 1977 with a tree-saving campaign. So, good on Joe.


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trader joes reusable bagsPhoto credit: Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

Here’s What I Got

Obviously, I had to grab one and see what all the fuss is about. I gotta tell you, from the minute I tore open the package, I began to understand the hype. It’s like opening a new pack of baseball cards or something. Lots of anticipation.

I got three state-themed bags: New York, Texas, and Connecticut. I am from and have lived in none of those places, so this wasn’t exactly the best case scenario, but no matter. These bags are six gallons each. I’ll wield them at my next trip to Trader Joe’s regardless.

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