Trader Joe's Superfans Reveal Their Must-Have Products

Trader Joe's


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Trader Joe's

Best Buys

If there's such thing as a Trader Joe's expert, you'll find them on Reddit, where more than 154,000 members discuss the ins and outs of the German-owned grocery store chain. Some of the retailer's most devout online followers shared their "go-to" buys with a Trader Joe's newcomer, listing the store's best items — from frozen foods to wine. If you've ever felt overwhelmed by Trader Joe's constantly rotating stock, read on to find out what to buy on your next visit.

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Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Chicken
Trader Joe's

Orange Chicken

Trader Joe's orange chicken has been a beloved product since its debut in 2004, earning the title of "overall favorite" product multiple years in a row. And superfans are still singing its praises, with multiple Redditors calling it a must-have product.

Trader Joe's Hatch Chili Mac & Cheese
Trader Joe's

Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese

If you have a hankering for comfort food, consider Trader Joe's Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese. One superfan claims it's the best frozen mac you can find, writing that it's a "must" buy.

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Trader Joe's Blueberry Lemonade Sparkling Water
Trader Joe's

Sparkling Water

Trader Joe's variety of sparkling waters is another fan favorite on Reddit. Available in both cans and bottles, the retailer offers a variety of sparkling spring waters, from unflavored to blueberry lemonade.

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Garlic Naan Indian Flatbread

Garlic Naan

Whether you eat it by itself or alongside a delicious curry, superfans mentioned Trader Joe's garlic naan multiple times. Pair it with one of the retailer's frozen Indian dinners — also well-regarded — for a meal that'll be ready in minutes.

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Doing my skincare routine
Garlic cloves on a wooden board

Frozen Garlic Cubes

Add frozen garlic cubes to the long list of time-saving Trader Joe's essentials. "For me, these were a 'best thing since sliced bread' magic moment. I didn't know how much I wanted them in my life until I had them,"  a Redditor wrote. "You just pop a cube or two of garlic straight from freezer into your pan when cooking, and, bam, easy garlic."

Trader Joe's Wine Section
Trader Joe's Wine Section by Unknown (CC BY)

Moon X Red Wine

If you're looking to branch out from Trader Joe's Two Buck Chuck, multiple Redditors suggest Moon X's red wine blend, with one superfan calling it a "crowd pleaser."

Trader Joe's Mushroom & Company Umami Seasoning Blend
Trader Joe's

Mushroom Umami Seasoning

You don't need to turn to MSG to elevate a meal's flavors. Instead, reach for a bottle of mushroom-based umami powder, which one Redditor says makes everything smell and taste "of heaven."

Trader Joe's Mini Croissants
Trader Joe's


Trader Joe's frozen croissants are a hit with superfans, especially when it comes to the almond and chocolate croissants. One Redditor said that they were "as good as any bakery." (The mini croissants also received some love!)

Trader Joe's Apple Cider Hand Soap
Trader Joe's

Hand Soap

Beyond their flaky croissants and tasty wines, Trader Joe's also sells a smattering of household essentials. The hand soap, Redditors say, is especially praiseworthy, with the store's grapefruit scent receiving particular attention. "That is the first soap ever that I buy specifically because of its scent," one comment reads.