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There's no buzzkill quite like the buzzing of bees, flies, mosquitos, and the like zipping past your face and tickling your eardrums. Whether you're sick of swatting flies in your kitchen or you're over being dive-bombed by bugs outdoors, the solution to those insolent insects might already be something you've got on hand. 

A TikToker's viral video demonstrates how he uses the penetrating oil WD-40 to keep bugs away from his home.

Using WD-40 for Bugs

TikTok user @jmg8tor says to keep bugs and spiders away, all you have to do is spray WD-40 around your windows (on the outside). Similarly, you can spray beneath your soffits and porch to prevent bees and wasps from making nests. That's really all there is to it. 

The video doesn't elaborate on how often you should spray your windows and soffit. Still, we'd imagine that the lubricant probably wears off after a few days — especially if it rains. 

How Much Does WD-40 Cost?

In the long run, an 11-ounce bottle of WD-40 costs less than $8, so this hack is definitely a cheaper route than paying a company to spray your home and yard to prevent bugs. It's at least worth giving a try to see if it works, especially if you already have a bottle on hand. 

Other Creative Ways to Use WD-40

This viral video appears to be @jmg8tor's latest foray into ways to use the aerosol lubricant. The TikToker has a handful of other videos using WD-40 in creative ways, which explains why one commenter said, "I'm convinced WD-40 runs through his veins." Here are a few highlights:

  • Use it to clean your windshield and the body of your vehicle.
  • Spray it on your shovel before moving dirt or snow so the substances don't cake onto the shovel head.
  • Use it to keep pigeons away.
  • Spray it on leather boots to waterproof them.
  • Need to remove stickers? Did your toddler decorate your walls with crayons? Got gum stuck to your carpet? Spray some WD-40 and watch the magic happen.

And here's one more interesting WD-40 fact to take to your next party of sprayable-liquid enthusiasts. It was invented as a way to lubricate nuclear missiles. 

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