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I'm always willing to try a ridiculous recipe from TikTok, so when ramen lasagna caught my eye, I was sold. 

Unlike the hell that was making the Michelin star-worthy mac and cheese ChatGPT recommended, this seemed so simple that a child could do it. So, I recruited my 11-year-old. She might as well get used to making ramen, after all. It is one of the core collegiate food groups.

How Do You Make Ramen Lasagna?

This was an easy recipe, though TikTok has about 20 different versions floating around, so we just took one and did our best. After we'd pulled out a baking pan and the ingredients, we began assembling. When the tomato sauce did not puddle just so, it became a "problem" for my kid, but she struggled along amidst complaints that it looked "gross" and "ugly." I thought it looked like most of what I cooked, so I was fine with it. In short, layer pasta sauce, ricotta cheese, cheese, and ramen — then bake. Simple. 

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Ramen lasagnaPhoto credit: Cheapism

How Do You Cook Ramen Lasagna?

I popped the "ugly" ramen lasagna in the oven for 40 minutes at 350 degrees, and before I did I added some water to the bottom of the pan, a trick I had seen in one of the many ramen lasagna TikToks. 

If I had thought of it before we started, I might have told my kid to use parchment paper or a non-stick spray. If you've ever tried to get cooked-on pasta sauce out of a pan, you know. 

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Ramen lasagna on a platePhoto credit: Cheapism

Does Ramen Lasagna Taste Good?

While I'd seen various end results for ramen lasagna, I realized too late that my kid, offended by the "ugly" lasagna we were making, was pretty tight-fisted with the pasta sauce and cheese. The result was that the finished ramen lasagna wasn't exactly ooey, gooey deliciousness. 

I also think we should have added some seasonings, since without the seasoning packet (most TikToks didn't use it, but not all), it didn't taste like much. That being said, the noodle cooked, and it was OK. Do I need to make it again? Since I didn't make it the first time, I'm glad to let my kid go wild with ramen

But maybe next time she can tackle Asian peanut noodles. Now that I know she can make dinner, I have requests. 

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