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There are generally more TikTok trends happening at once than any human person can keep track of, so it’s possible that “girl dinner” has slipped underneath your radar. 

The concept is, essentially, a personal snack plate featuring a hodgepodge of low-effort bites. Though most people have probably eaten their own version of girl dinner before, Popeyes decided to get in on the alleged trend with its own girl dinner menu section. And just like the concept of girl dinner itself, there's nothing new going on at all.

What Is Girl Dinner? 

A girl dinner plate can consist of cheese and crackers, olives, charcuterie, peach slices, cherry tomatoes — basically anything that doesn't require turning on the stove. “Trend” is a generous term for this thing. After TikTok user @liviemaher posted a video calling a pseudo-charcuterie board “girl dinner,” it spread like wildfire. Hordes of TikTokers have joined in, sharing videos of their own snack plates. 

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What Comes In Popeyes' Girl Dinner?

I’m not sure if this is genius or idiocy on Pop’s part, but this thing isn’t really an actual meal you can order. What the fine people at Popeyes have done is created a new menu section listing some side dishes, available as a la carte options.

How is that different from a regular Popeyes side dish menu? Beats me! The two menus are exactly the same, each offering six things: Cajun fries, mashed potatoes, red beans and rice, coleslaw, biscuits, and mac and cheese. Same price and everything. 

Still can’t tell if it’s brilliant or stupid. Enjoy your girl dinners, y’all.

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