I Tried 5 Grocery Store Bagels and Nearly All Were Better Than Thomas'

bagel taste test

Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

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bagel taste test
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

Bagel Bests

We all know that bagels are probably better off fresh-baked from your local shop, but not everybody has access to a gift that wonderful. Some of us have to get grocery store bagels, and it's only reasonable that we should know which ones are worth our money.

To find out, I hit some local supermarkets and grabbed every brand I could find. Here are five popular bagels you can find in grocery stores, ranked.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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Whole Foods Plain Bagels
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

Best: Whole Foods Plain Bagels

$6.49 at Whole Foods

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These came fresh out of the Whole Foods bakery, so this probably shouldn't be a surprise. While Whole Foods bagels don't have the depth of flavor or perfect chew that an East Coast bagel might get you, they are leagues better than the others I tried. It really wasn't even close – these are toothsome, eggy, and delightful.

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Dave’s Killer Bread Plain Awesome Bagels
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

2. Dave’s Killer Bread Plain Awesome Bagels

$6.48 at Walmart

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It seems that Dave's is trying to convince us these bagels are somehow healthier than others. They've got some good protein I guess, but it's hard to get a straight answer out of the packaging as to why you should pay $6 for a bag of bagels. 

Maybe they're healthy, maybe they're not. They have a lot more flavor than other brands, despite a slightly more crumbly texture. But look, they're pre-sliced, and I sincerely appreciate that.

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One Mighty Mill Mighty Stone-Milled Classic Plain Bagels
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3. One Mighty Mill Mighty Stone-Milled Classic Plain Bagels

Available on Instacart

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Love the bite, love the chew. Don't love the strong flavors of wheat you're left with at the end, but if you dress this up nice enough as a sandwich or cream cheese, you might be able to avoid it. The real issue is that I paid over $7 for a four-pack. Yeesh.

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Thomas’ Plain Bagels
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4. Thomas’ Plain Bagels

$4.18 at Walmart

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Is there any brand more easy to find? Thomas' has shelf-space everywhere, and for good reason: This has to appeal to the masses in a way most things don't. It's squishy and just about devoid of any flavor, but Thomas' bagels toast up nicely and will always get the job done. 

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Trader Joe’s Plain Bagels
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

5. Trader Joe’s Plain Bagels

$2.69 at Trader Joe's

Available In-Store

Truly, these taste like nothing. If Thomas' is "just about" devoid of flavor, these are legitimately devoid. You really never expect a clunker like this from Trader Joe's, but the bread aisle has never been where TJ shines. Pay the extra two bucks for Thomas.

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