Restaurants That People Refuse To Eat At, And Why


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To Visit Some Places Once Is Enough For A Lifetime.

Countless chain restaurants have seemingly managed to defy rhyme and reason considering how they've managed to stay in business. Though it may have something to do with troubling waves of customers who don't know any better than not to eat entirely inedible servings of grub. 

Of course, to be fair, many of us have our fast-food guilty pleasures. Those places we'll put up with the bouts of stomach pains just because we can't resist the temptation of grease-soaked burgers that may or may not have been properly cooked (including one spot with the terribly inviting golden arches). 

Maybe you'll find yourself nodding in agreement over people's various least favorite restaurants, or this AskReddit-inspired piece will leave you properly perturbed. 


Out We Go, Indeed.

Well, in all fairness, this was Florida. 


A Temple To Mediocrity. Ouch.

Okay, but what about the dinner/drink specials? Definitely more of a novelty, and certainly the kind of outing that you can pay the price for in other ways besides the vaguely agreeable dinner bill. 


You've Got To Be Careful With Their Mac And Cheese.

Panera Bread certainly had its time in the sun. There was a period of time when it wouldn't be considered to be playing with fire if you dined out at Panera Bread. Now, however, you've really got to tread lightly with whatever Panera is dishing out. 

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The Whole "Eat Fresh" Thing Is Only A Bit Off The Mark.

Hopefully you live in an area where Subway isn't your only option for a quickly-served sub sandwich


This Is The Stuff Of Horror Movies.

Seriously, what is going on with KFC? This is a night terror of a dining experience. 


Oh, This Is An Opinion That'll Be Contested.

But what about the breadsticks


Those Golden Arches Aren't Everyone's Jam.

There are people that swear by the value of a great McDonald's breakfast every now and again. But then there are people that are ready to fire off all kinds of inspired insults that have been specifically engineered to roast McDonald's to oblivion. 


Not The Charge On The Coffee Refill Though.

This is just bad for business. 


Oh, Oh No They Did Not.

The real question then is how long until some of those toppings devolve into a radioactive state? 


Some Folks Are Loyal For Those Shakes Though.

When a restaurant is rocking a failing grade post-health inspection on their window it's just time to keep it moving.