I Found More Insane Things: The OfferUp 8

many locks for sale

Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

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many locks for sale
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

e-Dumpster Diving

It’s my favorite day of the week! I’ve got another edition of the OfferUp 8 for you, a series where I share some of the most insane things I’ve seen for sale on OfferUp, an online marketplace which stretches into the depths of people’s possessions. 

Here’s what I found this week.

darth vader statue
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

Your Own Personal Darth Vader


That’s all it says. Just “Darth Vader.” My first instinct was that this was a person in a costume, but unless it’s a small child, that doesn’t make sense (I’m looking at the dog for scale). 

I think this is just a big Darth Vader statue. I cannot think of a single normal place for this to be in somebody’s home. Get away from my $150.

calculator toy
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

A … Calculator?


It says this is a “math toy” which sounds like a very clever way to trick a child into playing with a calculator. I like the vibe though; it’s giving (did I use that right?) 90s-Nickelodeon era.

scary horror plush toy
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism
alien baby decoration
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

This Horrifying Alien Baby


For only 50 bucks, this incredibly scary beast can be yours. I personally need to be at least one entire U.S. state away from that thing to get a good sleep at night, but to each their own.

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many locks for sale
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

Just So Many Locks


This dude just robbed a lock store, right? How does he have so many locks to sell? I assume these are $20 per lock, because otherwise this is the steal of the century. 

Both for you and for him.

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signed hellraiser mask
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

This Signed ‘Hellraiser’ Mask


This thing is SIGNED, baby. I spy the name “Doug” in the corner, so unless it’s some other Doug, it appears to have been signed by Doug Bradley who played Pinhead in the “Hellraiser” movies. Betcha didn’t know that was his name.

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fender guitar for sale
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

A Fender, Probably


Yeah, this looks like a guitar. But what about, you know, the front? Maybe let’s try another photo choice. One that shows the thing you’re selling.

yamaha recorder
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

This “Clute”


I have done a lot of Googling, and as far as I’m aware, there is no variation of a flute called a “clute.” I’m quite sure this is a recorder.

None of that is the point, however. The point is that you shouldn’t buy things on the internet that have been in somebody’s mouth and then put that thing in your mouth as well.

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