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'Suggested Price' Indeed

Memorial Day typically means big business for car dealers, but this year is shaping up to be quite different. Experts are forecasting "bleak" sales during the holiday weekend as dealers pull back on discounts and would-be customers shy away from high prices. And it's no wonder — shortages touched off during the pandemic mean new cars are selling for an average of 9.9% above sticker, according to an analysis by iSeeCars. For some popular models, the news is actually much, much worse. Here are the cars that have fetched the biggest premiums, including one going for a painful 26.7% more than the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

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Mercedes-Benz GLA
Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC
Lexus RX 350L
Lexus of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A

Lexus RX 350L: 18.6% More

Average sticker price: $49,629

Buyers are also throwing an average $9,242 more than the sticker price of this practical but refined Lexus crossover. 

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MINI Countryman

MINI Countryman: 18.9% More

Average sticker price: $33,504

No surprise here, says Karl Brauer, executive analyst with iSeeCars. “The Countryman is MINI’s best-selling model, and the surge in gas prices has likely boosted the fuel-efficient vehicle’s popularity," he notes. Buyers are paying an average of $6,325 above sticker price.

Ford Mustang
Ford Motor Company

Ford Mustang: 19.1% More

Average sticker price: $36,424

This iconic American sports car always draws enthusiastic buyers, and they're paying an average of $6,941 more than sticker right now. “The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 special edition is Ford’s most powerful production car ever, and the popularity of the high-performance trim contributes to the model’s price increase," Brauer says. 

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Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette: 19.3% More

Average sticker price: $78,849

Mustang buyers, it could be worse: Corvette fans are paying an average of $15,218 more than MSRP to drive away in this legendary Chevy. “Demand for the mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette has exceeded supply since its launch for the 2020 model year, and its high demand contributes to the vehicle consistently selling over MSRP,” Brauer says.  

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Mercedes-Benz GLB
Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC

Mercedes-Benz GLB: 19.8% More

Average sticker price: $40,264

Another luxury SUV, this close cousin of the also-popular GLA is selling for about $7,992 more than its sticker price of around $40,000.

Genesis GV70
Genesis of Hyundai Motor America

Genesis GV70: 20% More

Average sticker price: $43,155

This new luxury compact SUV, the first from Hyundai's luxury brand Genesis, has created enough buzz to warrant an average markup of $8,611.

Ford Bronco
Ford Motor Company

Ford Bronco: 20.6% More

Average sticker price: $37,710

This comeback kid is a victim of its own popularity, selling for an average of $7,783 more than its sticker price. “The Ford Bronco has been in high demand since its debut last year, and this demand has exceeded supply as inventory shortages have led to long waitlists,” Brauer says. “Ford has already closed the order books for the Bronco for the remainder of 2022, and market adjustments have become commonplace for dealer inventory.”

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Lexus RX 450h
Lexus of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A

Lexus RX 450h: 21% More

Average sticker price: $49,414

You can at least partially blame high gas prices for the interest in the Lexus RX 450h, a hybrid that gets about 30 mpg combined. Buyers are paying an average $10,365 markup.

Ford Maverick
Ford Motor Company

Ford Maverick: 22.2% More

Average sticker price: $24,211

This is only the first version of the enormously popular Maverick to make the list. “The Maverick compact pickup has been in high demand since its debut, which forced dealers to stop taking orders for both versions at the end of January and not resume until summer,” Brauer points out. That leaves buyers paying an average of $5,638 above sticker. 

Jeep Gladiator
Jeep of FCA US LLC
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: 22.9% More

Average sticker price: $41,637

“The Jeep Wrangler and the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited are among the cars that hold their value best due to their ruggedness and enthusiastic fan base, which likely contributes to car buyers paying a premium for them amid their scarcity on new car lots," Brauer says. Buyers are paying an average of $9,534 above sticker. 

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Porsche Macan
Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

Porsche Macan: 23.3% More

Average sticker price: $56,863

When you have the money for a Porsche, what's an extra $13,254? “The Macan compact SUV is Porsche’s most popular model, and dealers are charging over MSRP as demand exceeds supply,” Brauer says. “Moreover, the Macan is one of the most expensive vehicles in its class, and the buyers it attracts are likely willing to pay above its sticker price.”  

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Ford Maverick (Hybrid)
Ford Motor Company

Ford Maverick (Hybrid): 25% More

Average sticker price: $22,414

For Ford fans, the only thing better than a Maverick is a Maverick hybrid. “Heightened gas prices have boosted demand for this already hot seller, with both the hybrid and gasoline versions returning excellent gas mileage, and even these marked-up pickups remain attainable for buyers given their starting prices of around $20,000," Brauer says. That shakes out to buyers paying about $5,601 more than MSRP.

Jeep Wrangler vehicles on a parking

Jeep Wrangler: 26.7% More

Average sticker price: $33,482

Jeep fans, we're not sure if it's congratulations or apologies that are in order, but the iconic Wrangler is the car going for most over MSRP right now, according to iSeeCars data. That means buyers are paying about $8,925 more than sticker. 

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