These States Have All of the Most Expensive ZIP Codes in the Nation

Overhead Mansions in Beverly Hills Aerial View


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Overhead Mansions in Beverly Hills Aerial View

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It’s no secret that wealth is concentrated in small pockets of the United States, and ZIP codes tell the tale. RealtyHop analyzed median list prices to determine the nation’s 100 most expensive ZIP codes, which are found in just 11 states. Even more interestingly, a single state — California — lays claim to nearly two-thirds of the list. Here’s a peek at which states are home to the wealthiest of the wealthy. 

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Texas: 1 ZIP Code

Texas’ sole entry in the nation’s top 100 most expensive ZIP codes, 78746, represents West Lake Hills, a compact, close-in suburb of Austin. It ranks 78th in America with a median list price of $2.05 million in 2021, a jump of almost 8% from 2020.

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Tahoe Living

Nevada: 1 ZIP Code

The scenic shores of Lake Tahoe are home to Nevada’s most expensive ZIP code, 89402, Crystal Bay. It’s home to a handful of casinos and, of course, resort-style residences that propel it to No. 68 on the nation’s top 100 list. The median list price in 2021: A cool $2.198 million.

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Hyannis Harbor on Cape Cod

Massachusetts: 1 ZIP Code

Massachusetts isn’t known for cheap real estate, but it only has one ZIP code among the nation’s 100 most expensive: 02647, a small part of Barnstable that’s better known as Hyannis Port — home to the Kennedy family’s Cape Cod compound. It ranks 62nd on the list, with a median list price of $2.25 million.

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Luxury Arizona Southwest Home in Desert of North Scottsdale

Arizona: 1 ZIP Code

We’re sure the residents of 85253, in the tony Phoenix suburb of Paradise Valley, feel like they have a little slice of a scenic desert utopia, indeed. This ZIP code lands at No. 46 on the top 100 list, with a median list price of $2.595 million.

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Hilton Head Island, SC
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South Carolina: 1 ZIP Code

South Carolina has prominent resort communities like Hilton Head and Kiawah, but it’s actually Sullivan’s Island, 29482, that cracks the top 100 list with its pricey beach real estate just outside Charleston. The median list price is $3,497,500, propelling it to an impressive No. 19 ranking.

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Aerial view of Seattle
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Washington: 2 ZIP Codes

Look no further than the notoriously expensive Seattle area to find two of the nation’s wealthiest ZIP codes: 98039, Medina, and nearby 98040, Mercer Island. Medina, a community of uber-pricey homes on the shores of Lake Washington, ranks 16th out of 100, with a median list price of $3.595 million.

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Florida: 2 ZIP Codes

Florida also has two entrants in the top 100: 34102, which is part of Naples, and 33109, Fisher Island. The latter, a tiny barrier island south of Miami, is especially notable because of its exclusivity: It’s accessible only by boat, helicopter, or ferry. It’s also the second-most-expensive ZIP code in the nation, with a median list price of a staggering $6.4 million. 

Waterfront estate, Greenwich, Connecticut

Connecticut: 3 ZIP Codes

Connecticut’s leafy ’burbs earn it three spots in the top 100, though some might find it surprising that the priciest of the trio — 06830, Greenwich — still ranks only 54th. That ZIP code’s median list price for 2021: $2.4 million, down almost 4% from 2020. The other two ZIP codes on the list: 06878, Riverside, and 06880, Westport. 

Traditional houses in Cape May New Jersey USA

New Jersey: 5 ZIP Codes

Jersey is many things, and one of them happens to be home to extremely expensive real estate. It has five ZIP codes among the nation’s 100 most expensive. The two priciest of the bunch rank 27th (07931, Peapack and Gladstone) and 28th (07620, Alpine). Median list prices in those spots for 2021: $3.099 million and $3.073 million, respectively.

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Long Island, NY: Hamptons
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New York: 20 ZIP Codes

And now we’re in the big leagues. The Empire State has one-fifth of the nation’s 100 most expensive ZIP codes, most of them either in New York City itself or on Long Island. The latter is the case for the state’s two most expensive ZIPs: 11962, Sagaponack, and 11976, Watermill, both of which are posh Hamptons hideaways. They rank third and fifth among the nation’s top 100 with median list prices of $5.995 million and $4.75 million, respectively.  

Overhead Mansions in Beverly Hills Aerial View

California: 63 ZIP Codes

That’s right: The Golden State has a whopping 63 of the nation’s 100 most expensive ZIP codes — something that might not shock anyone familiar with California real-estate prices. In fact, California has seven of the nation’s 10 priciest ZIP codes. Coming in at No. 1 in California and the entire nation: 94027, Atherton, where many of the wealthiest of Silicon Valley’s tech moguls have made their homes. The next-priciest ZIP code in California is one you’ve probably heard of: Beverly Hills, 90210, which ranks fourth in the nation.

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