Little Things People Do That Save Serious Money

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Clever Hacks To Save Money

It is remarkable and daunting when you allow yourself to slow down and take note of all the unconscious ways you've been spending unnecessary amounts of your money due to simply not knowing better and/or being raised to think that that's just the way one navigates the world. 

Fortunately, this Reddit thread inspired the majority of folks to share the ingenious ways they've gone about saving the very money they were wasting back. 


It Really Does All Add Up.

You wouldn't think that those seemingly innocent and cheap bags you fork over the extra bit of change for would add up like they do over time, but in fact, they do. 


Yes, Always A Good Call To Take Stock Of What One Already Has.

Seriously, don't let those extra fruits and veggies go to waste before they've belted out their last song. Not only will the extra veggies add beneficial nutrients to your next meal, but they can enhance the overall flavor profile of whatever you're eating that much more. Cheap budget mush can achieve its final form at last. 

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You'd Think This Would Be Common Sense, But Here We Are.

It's unreasonably hard to remember this when you're out grocery shopping. It's like we're programmed to not take advantage of this life hack. 


This Person Is Clearly Tapped In.

One mere money-saving tip was not at all enough for this frugal savior. 

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Got To Save That Sweat Equity.

Not only are you never supposed to eat those silica packets, but you're also ill-advised to toss them out because they could apparently save you a ton in precious sweat equity. 


Plus, Yard Sales Are Fun.

When the money is tight enough to the point that you've succumbed to living in a reality where you simply refuse to check your bank account, yet you still pay for a service like Wi-Fi, maybe consider trying your local library for that very Wi-Fi that continues to drain your bank account. 


It's Like They Never Thought We'd Figure This Out.

In all fairness, this is one of those hacks that you'd think many of us would've figured out by now, but due to widespread brain programming, maybe we've conveniently overlooked this money hack. Until now. 


And Saving Time On Those Crucial Visits To The Doc.

This one just covers all the bases. 


Because Who Doesn't Love A New Overcoat During July.

While this particular money-saving hack does require patience on your end, in terms of when you'll be able to wear your new out of season article of clothing, it certainly pays off in the long run. Look at it as a logically sound investment in your future self's happiness. 


The Cost Of Face Masks Certainly Isn't Going Down.

Beauty products clearly don't plan on getting cheaper any time soon, so this quick list of impactful money-saving tips for beauty products is quite clutch. 


We Have A Genius Of Frugality On Our Hands, Folks.

Okay, this person peered behind the veil of reality itself and seemingly cracked open the Grand Book of Wisdom to tear off the page involving what might be one of the more genius money-saving hacks we've seen in a long time. 

(For the record, we're also big fans of using fast-food receipts to score free food.)


Healthier And More Affordable For The Win.

You know you're cruising down the right lane of life when you're able to eat healthier and save your money in the process. Usually, this can be quite difficult. 


Yes, Always Opt For The Sale Soda.

If you're going to cave for the guilty pleasure that is soda, you might as well save some money back in the process. 


Those At-Home Haircuts Are The Way To Go.

Haircuts have grown to be so expensive it's become worth it on a certain level to just let that flow go. Well, if you have the right roommate or partner, or you're feeling adventuresome with teaching yourself how to cut hair, you could stand to save a lot of money in the long run.