The Best Online Thrift Stores for Buying Secondhand Clothes

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Thrifting for Clothing

Thrift 2.0

Not only is thrifting cheaper than shopping at traditional stores, it can be a great way to support your community and promote sustainability by reducing demand for new products. Thrifting offers an opportunity to find vintage and one-of-a-kind items that can add character to a home or wardrobe — and the same deals can be found online. Whether you're trying to snag a luxury handbag for cheap or looking for a new outfit to wear to dinner, here are some of the best online thrift stores for secondhand deals in clothes, accessories, and more.

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One of the most popular platforms for buying and selling used clothes, Poshmark centers around a more elevated, social shopping experience than other online thrift stores. Sellers create profiles and share their personal collection, allowing buyers to browse and shop for items as if they were looking through a friend's closet. In addition, Poshmark takes care of the payment and shipping process, making it easy and convenient for users to buy and sell secondhand items. 

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Depop is a mobile-based store that allows users to buy and sell lightly used clothing and accessories. Depop has a focus on youth culture and streetwear, with a large portion of its sellers being small, independent brands. Depop also incorporates a social media element by allowing users to follow and interact with each other to create a unique and visually engaging space for its shoppers. 

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The RealReal

Marketed as a luxury resale website specializing in pre-owned designer fashion and home goods, The RealReal sells only authentic, high-end items — it has a rigorous authentication process to ensure quality — and has a consignment service that can get individuals up to 85% of the total selling price.

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GoodFair has a strong focus on affordability, and offers secondhand clothing and accessories at steep discounts. The company also prioritizes sustainability by using eco-friendly packaging and supporting organizations that work to fight pollution and climate change. It's a solid option for budget- and environmentally conscious shoppers.

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Facebook Marketplace

Don't sleep on Facebook Marketplace just because it can seem kind of sketchy. Some of the most valuable hidden gems can be found here from users holding move-out sales and trying to get rid of stuff. (I've pretty much furnished my living room for free — or super cheap — thanks to Facebook Marketplace.) The only downside is that since the platform works by connecting sellers to buyers, there is no customer support team. If there are issues with a purchase, well, you're [bleep] outta luck. 

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Launched in October, GoodwillFinds serves as a curated, online extension of the secondhand chain's physical stores. The website allows shoppers to browse by category, such as clothing, home decor, electronics, jewelry, and toys and collectibles. You may find that some items on Goodwill's online store pricier compared with its bricks-and-mortar stores, and you'll have to pay more for shipping.

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Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is another online marketplace focused on pre-owned luxury fashion items. In addition to having a strict authentication process to ensure items sold on the site are genuine and in good condition, Vestiaire features a "premium shopping experience" with free shipping and returns and a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. 

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An offshoot of Vestiaire Collective, Tradesy sets itself apart by providing a unique pricing algorithm that helps shoppers determine the value of designer items. This system ensures that sellers get fair prices and buyers find deals. As with other sites, Tradesy offers a full-service experience, handling authentication, shipping, and customer support, making the purchase of designer items feel convenient and safe. 

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Menswear Market

We haven't forgotten you, dudes! Menswear Market caters to men's need for clothing and accessories with deep discounts of 50% to 70%. It features a wide selection of secondhand and vintage pieces that are well-made and tailored, placing a greater emphasis on quality control and style than some sites. Go ahead and snag that suit — it may last you a lifetime.