Which States Care the Most About Its Lawn Care? The Answer Might Surprise You

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Lawn Care? Try Lawn Love

Spring is springing, and that means a lot of people are getting outdoors and, in some cases, tending to a lawn. But not everyone in every state is willing to do battle with weeds and bugs and fertilizer. Business-building website Craftjack analyzed more than 6,300 Google search terms related to yard work and lawn care and surveyed more than 800 homeowners to learn which states love their lawns the most.

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But There Are Lawn Afficionados Around the Country

Meanwhile, Oregon represents the West Coast in the sixth spot. The top ten is rounded out with North Carolina, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado.

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Some Places Hate Lawns, To Be Honest

The states who cared the least about their lawns were California, Arizona, Mississippi, Nevada, and Alaska. Given that drought makes tending a lawn a dreary (and expensive) proposition in at least three of these states, the results aren't a big surprise.

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Mowing Isn't Always a Chore

So, what are people doing the most (as lawn care means a lot of different, and sometimes arduous, things)? Nine states, including West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Missouri, and Indiana are into lawn mowing most of all. No word on how many homeowners are doing the deed drinking beer on a riding mower. but we're guessing a few.

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It Isn't Just About the Lawn, Though

But even in states that love lawns, mowing isn't always the favorite activity. In Delaware, for example, landscaping is the favorite yard work activity, and in Maine the top choice is gardening. New Hampshire residents, however, like hitting the garden center best.

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Bugs Be Gone

Well, shopping at a garden center sounds fun but some people are more interested in bugs, or rather, getting rid of them. Montana, South Carolina, and Georgia are looking for ways to make bugs be gone. That's no surprise in the South, where fire ants can ruin any outdoor activity. 

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Landscaping Is Important, Too

Not surprisingly, the residents of the often drought-stricken West and Southwest prefer landscaping to other lawn care activities. Nevada, Utah, and Arizona residents all put landscaping first.

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Shop (Plants) 'Til You Drop

New Hampshire isn't the only state where residents prefer shopping to mowing. Three other states — Wisconsin, Maryland, and Colorado are also down with hitting the garden center. Residents of New York, Vermont, Illinois, and Michigan all prefer planting flowers to shopping for them.