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From classic pepperoni pizza to sausage or bacon, egg, and cheese-stuffed breakfast iterations and the new Deliwich sandwiches, Nestle's Hot Pockets has become a household name when it comes to convenient handheld food. But the company's latest product isn't typical Hot Pockets fare, and this foray isn't a frozen one — Nestle is rolling out a pair of cargo shorts with a literal hot pocket for storing a Hot Pocket.

Of course, if you're a Hot Pockets superfan, these shorts are a given, but the garment is particularly ideal if you're someone who considers shorts winter wear, the company says. The insulated pocket serves as the perfect place to keep your Hot Pocket heated up and as an added bonus, the pocket simultaneously warms your thigh and keeps those goosebumps on your shins at bay. Pants are overrated, apparently.

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As if an insulated space for your toasty treat isn't enticing enough, the Hot Pockets shorts come with a matching hoodie and won't cost you a dime. Nestle is giving away the limited lineup of shorts and hoodies sets for free. 

If you're aching to add these cargos to your wardrobe, they're available online starting Dec. 12, while supplies last, in men's sizes small to extra-large. Of course, along with your hot pants, err, shorts, you also get a coupon for one free Hot Pockets sandwich so you can test things out yourself.

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