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Made in America and Made to Last

Before Ikea took over the world with its cheap assemble-at-home furniture, you used to be able to buy a sturdy American-made chair that would last a lifetime. From the mahogany desks of the Chippendale era to the Eames’ iconic midcentury modern chairs, Americans produced some well-made, functional works of art. But furnishing fanatics and interior decorators can rest assured that not all hope is lost. We’ve found 10 excellent furniture brands that are (mostly) made in America.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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ArtifoxPhoto credit: ©A R T I F O X


Price of a sofa: No sofas here! But desks are $1,500 to $2,190.

Where it’s made: St. Louis

Style: Modern, minimalist

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If your idea of a “standing desk” is a couple of Amazon boxes stacked atop a thrifted table — of course, we’ve never done anything like this — then it might be time for an upgrade. Luckily, Artifox has you covered, especially if you like minimalist furniture. They’ve got standing desks, side tables, shelves, and pretty much anything else you might need in an office. And it’s all made in America.

Maiden HomePhoto credit: Maiden Home

Maiden Home

Price of a sofa: $2,025 to $5,000

Where it's made: North Carolina

Style: Modern, minimalist 

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Maiden Home is a direct-to-consumer furniture company that designs its pieces in New York before handcrafting them in North Carolina. While that process is more expensive than producing overseas, Maiden Home’s lack of retail stores keeps prices relatively low. And while its designs are reserved and minimalist, its pieces exude elegance and class.

Roger + ChrisPhoto credit: Roger + Chris

Roger + Chris

Price of a sofa: $1,409 to $4,898

Where it's made: North Carolina

Style: Eclectic

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If Maiden Home’s designs are too staid — or just out of your price range — Roger + Chris’ American-made pieces are full of zest and pep. Since its furniture is built to order, you can choose among 1,367 fabrics or leathers and pick the perfect color and texture for your home.

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Simplicity SofasPhoto credit: monkeybusinessimages/istockphoto

Simplicity Sofas

Price of a sofa: $1,649 to $2,598

Where it's made: High Point, North Carolina

Style: Traditional

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Simplicity Sofas is yet another direct-to-consumer furniture company that manufactures in — what a surprise — North Carolina. But this award-winning company stands out thanks to its transparency. According to Simplicity Sofas’ website, 50% of fabrics are made in North Carolina, and 90% of the other components are made within 25 miles of the factory. Its designs are also the most straightforward of the bunch, hence the name.

ModernicaPhoto credit: Modernica


Price of a sofa: $1,949 to $4,675

Where it's made: Los Angeles

Style: Modern

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Midcentury modern devotees will either be appalled or enthralled by Modernica’s furniture line, as it shamelessly copies classic designs like Herman Miller’s Eames Molded Fiberglass chairs. If the idea of a knockoff doesn’t bother you, then you’ll love Modernica’s selection. And if you have any doubt that its products are made in Los Angeles, it's conveniently provided videos of its production process.

StickleyPhoto credit: Stickley


Price of a sofa: $1,819 to $3,831

Where it’s made: New York and North Carolina

Style: Mission

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No, Stickley's furniture isn’t made of sticks and twigs. The name refers to Gustav Stickley, a renowned American designer who developed what came to be known as the Mission style in the 1900s. Today, more than 80 years after the craftsman’s passing, his furniture lives on as part of the American-made Stickley brand, known for its quality and construction.

Vermont Woods StudiosPhoto credit: Vermont Woods Studios

Vermont Woods Studios

Price of a sofa: $1,179

Where it's made: Vermont

Style: Traditional, Shaker

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There’s no doubt that Vermont Woods Studios takes furniture seriously, which is why it’s surprising to learn that the company was founded in 2005 and not 1905. But if you look past its traditional style and commitment to the finely crafted furniture of yore, you’ll find a progressive company concerned about sustainability, conservation, and community involvement.

Vaughan-BassettPhoto credit: Vaughan-Bassett


Price of a sofa: Ask your local dealer.

Where it's made: Galax, Virginia, and Elkin, North Carolina

Style: Traditional

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Vaughan-Bassett manufactures 100% of its furniture in the U.S., and over 99% of its lumber comes from within 500 miles of its factories. So if you're a made-in-America purist who wants sturdy, traditional furniture that’ll outlast you and your children, check and see if your local furniture store carries Vaughan-Bassett.

BenchMade ModernPhoto credit: BenchMade Modern

BenchMade Modern

Price of a sofa: $2,820 to $4,518

Where it's made: Dallas and Los Angeles

Style: Modern, minimalist

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BenchMade Modern says its designs are defined by “Rebellious Luxury.” While we don’t have the slightest idea what that means, we can confirm that BenchMade Modern produces top-of-the-line customizable furniture. The company’s fantastic customer service — from a 100-day trial period to a lifetime warranty — also sets BenchMade Modern apart from other brands.

Furniture of AmericaPhoto credit: Furniture of America

Furniture of America

Price of a sofa: $1,159 to $2,819

Where it's made: Oregon

Style: Eclectic

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Given that not all of Furniture of America’s pieces are produced domestically, the name is a bit misleading. That said, it does have a large selection of American-made furniture — look for the flag on its website — much of which is affordable and available at big-box stores like Home Depot or on Amazon

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