'It's Just More Fun!': Frugal Habits People Would Keep Even If They Became Rich


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Frugal Habits Die Hard.

Anyone who has, is going through, or will go through a financially tight period of time in this life can all at once understand the game of sorts that evolves when it comes to saving as much money as possible. 

If you do indeed dig yourself out of a hole and gradually tread an apprehensive step toward that crazy dream called "financial independence", you'll probably take some of your frugal habits with you. Just because something might be labeled as an act of frugality doesn't mean that it's also not totally logically sound and an easy way to better your daily lifestyle. 

You know, like PB&J sandwiches for lunch. Where my JIF people at? Anyways, this thread from Reddit has folks sharing various habits they've maintained or would maintain regardless of whether or not the rest of the world deemed said habits as being "frugal."


Some Juices Are Really Too Sweet.

Okay, so not only are certain juices right up in your face with the aggressive sweetness, but all that sugar isn't good for you anyways. The watered down juice hack could be a good move for many of us to take with us. 


Nothing Like A Home-Cooked Meal.

Not only will a home-cooked meal on a regular basis help save you money, but homemade food in general can end up tasting a lot better, and also can be healthier. 


Might As Well Put Those Old Clothes To Use.

Assuming your old clothes have surpassed the point of passing a thrift store inspection, then you might as well get that last bit of value out of them by using them as cleaning rags. 

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Food's Far Too Pricey To Be Wasting These Days.

You've seen the pricing at most every grocery store nowadays. You know what we're dealing with out there. Might as well compost some of that food that you somehow couldn't muster up the willpower eat before it went bad. 


Assuming That Your Tap Water's Still Safe, Might As Well Give It A Go.

Some of those bottled and/or glass bottles of water that you can buy at stores now are truly wildin' out. Like, the audacity. 

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Could Be Onto Something Big Here.

The necessary trips to and fro the laundry room can stack up after awhile. Might as well (assuming this is applicable based on your living surroundings) see what there is to this. 

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We Cannot Sleep On Kraft Dinners.

Okay, let's just make sure we're on the same page that mac and cheese meals are always going to be there as a comfort food staple in our time of need. 


The Perfect Trifecta.

Not only are they effortlessly tasty, and quite easy to spice up, but all the protein from beans and eggs won't leave you clamoring with an all-possessing hunger for whatever might be lurking in your starving pantry. 


That's Certainly One Way To Get It Done.

That last bit about plastic hit especially hard.