Free Birthday Perks

50 Freebies and Discounts You Can Get on Your Birthday

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Free Birthday Perks


While an incredible number of birthday perks revolve around free food, there are plenty of companies out there that will actually give you discounts and gifts on practically everything else on your special day. Company loyalty programs often offer celebratory perks to their members or their children, and in return, require them to at least sign up for a card, club, or newsletter to earn those benefits. Here are 50 ways you can get some birthday freebies for you and your loved ones, from car washes, to beauty samples, and rounds of golf.

Barnes & Noble
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Free cupcake
How to get it: Sign up for Kids' Club
While there are no birthday freebies at Barnes & Noble for adults, children who are signed up for its Kids' Club can get a free cupcake from the book store's cafe.



Free gift
How to get it: Add kids to your loyalty account
The children's clothing retailer will toss you a free gift as part of its rewards program. The catch? You have to add your kids to your customer loyalty account.

Express by Mike Mozart (CC BY)


Free surprise gift
How to get it: Sign up for the retailer's credit card
Express' bricks-and-mortar stores may be gone, but both their clothes and loyalty benefits still live online. If you sign up for the retailer's Express/Next credit card, a free and undisclosed birthday gift awaits.

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Free gift
How to get it: Sign up for rewards program
Beauty brands just love giving away birthday gifts, and Clinique is no exception. To receive a birthday gift, you have to sign up for Clinique Smart Rewards, provide your birth date in your profile, receive an offer code in the mail, make a purchase during your birth month, and apply the offer code to your purchase.

Aveda by Joanne Wan (CC BY-NC-ND)


Free birthday gift to members and points toward purchase
How to get it: Sign up for reward program
This beauty and spa brand lets its Pure Privilege members rack up points toward products, treatments, and three-day resort stays. For their birthdays, members can receive one birthday gift valued at $23, redeemable in-store or online, and they receive a certificate for double points on their next Aveda product purchase.

Old Navy


Free gift and discount
How to get it: Sign up for email list and birthday club
This apparel chain wants to put you on its email list and will give you 20 percent off your first purchase for doing so. It'll also give you a birthday gift if you provide your birth month.



Free gift
How to get it: Join Beauty Insiders club
Joining Sephora's Beauty Insiders club gets particularly fun around your birth month, when the beauty chain gives away a different gift each year. This year, it's a set of miniature samples from Bite Beauty, Glamglow, or Bumble and Bumble.

Toys "R" Us


Free toy, card and more for kids
How to get it: Sign up for Geoffrey's birthday club
We don't know how much longer this chain of toy stores will be around after declaring bankruptcy and closing certain locations, but Geoffrey's Birthday Club offers some of the most unique rewards out there. If you sign up your kid as a club member, they'll get a card and gift every year until they turn 10, a phone call from chain mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe, and a free LEGO toy. Your child's big day will also be celebrated in the store, with goodies like a crown, a Geoffrey balloon, and an announcement throughout the shop.

Brows, Bubbly and Beauty Elite Event @ Benefit
Brows, Bubbly and Beauty Elite Event @ Benefit by Yelp Inc. (CC BY-NC-ND)


Free brow arch
How to get it: Bring valid photo ID
There are three great words that make any birthday freebie better: No purchase necessary. Benefit Beauty Brow Bar beauty lounge will give you a free brow arch on your birthday with no purchase required. Just bring valid government issued photo identification to prove it's your birthday.

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Free gift for pet
How to get it: Sign up for loyalty program
Do you think your pet doesn't notice when you miss its birthday? Petco knows better. Last year, it gave members of its loyalty program 10 percent off on all purchases made on their pet's birthday. This year, it promises a free gift.

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Free gift
How to get it: Join rewards program and spend $75 or more
As we've said, beauty brands just love handing out birthday gifts. SmashBox's SmashCash members have to earn it, though. Unless you spend a minimum of $75 with SmashBox within a year, you won't get a birthday gift. If you spend $250 or more, you'll get an even bigger present.



Discount during birthday month
How to get it: Rewards club members must have shopped in past 2 years
Members of this women's clothing retailer's rewards program get one day of discounts during their birthday month. It's 10 percent off for Classic Awards Loyalty members, but 15 percent off for Talbots credit card holders. You can't use other discounts or gift cards with your purchases, and in order to activate the birthday perk, rewards-club members need to have shopped at least once at Talbots within the last 24 months.



Discounts and "birthday surprise"
How to get it: Sign up for membership program and spend
Typically, collectible crystal isn't for the casual buyer, which is why the Be Swarovski program offers a whole lot of discounts and vouchers to those who spend a specific amount within a calendar year. No matter what you spend, however, you'll get a "birthday surprise" just for signing up.

Columbia Sportswear
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Discount coupon
How to get it: Sign up for rewards club
Want a sweet down vest or fleece jacket for your birthday? Columbia won't hand you one, but they will give you a 20-percent-off birthday coupon if you join its rewards club.



Discount coupon
How to get it: Sign up for ExtraCare Beauty Club
Members of the health and beauty chain's ExtraCare Beauty Club get a special birthday offer on their birthdays. While they don't divulge on their website what they give out, members have typically received $3 coupons for their birthdays.

American Eagle Outfitters


How to get it: Sign up for loyalty program or AEO credit card
The AEO Connected program is American Eagle's stab at a loyalty program, and it offers members 15 percent off a single total purchase within their birthday month. However, if you sign up for an AEO Credit Card or AEO Visa Card, that birthday discount increases to 20 percent.

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Surprise offer
How to get it: Sign up for rewards program
Clothing retailer Bebe plays it coy with its Club Bebe rewards program. But even if you join the free tier of its loyalty program, you'll receive a surprise "birthday offer."



Special offer
How to get it: Sign up for free rewards program
This hangar-sized shoe chain has sent members of its free rewards program $5 gift certificates in the past. But, like many companies on this list, it says it'll give "birthday offers" as its pitch to members, leaving options open.

Famous Footwear
Famous Footwear by Mike Mozart (CC BY)


How to get it: Spend $200
If you scratch Famous Footwear's back, it'll scratch yours. The shoe chain has a loyalty program, but the birthday perks don't kick in until you spend $200 within a year. For that free spending, newly minted gold members get $10 off any purchase made on their birthday.

J. Crew Outlet Store
J. Crew Outlet Store by Michael Daddino (CC BY)


Discount and free shipping
How to get it: Join email list
Getting a discount on your new outfit is a welcomed birthday perk. If you join J. Crew's email list, you'll not only get 15 percent off your first purchase, but 20 percent off any purchase and free shipping on your birthday.

Redbox by Thomas Hawk (CC BY-NC)


Free rental
How to get it: Sign up for rewards program and rent 10 discs
Redbox is not only sticking with its program of renting out DVDs and Blu-rays, but rewarding those who haven't given in and switched to streaming. If you sign up for their rewards program, you'll not only get a free DVD rental just for doing so, but you'll get a free one-day rental on your birthday after renting as few as 10 discs in a year.

Ulta Beauty
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Free gift and double points
How to get it: Sign up for rewards program
Ulta has birthday goodies to give out, but hands them out in tiers. Everyone in its Ultamate Rewards program gets a birthday gift and double points on their birthday. However, if you spend more than $450 a year, you also get a $10 birthday coupon and points that never expire.

World Market
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Free gift
How to get it: Join loyalty program
Known to most simply as World Market, this specialty and import chain from San Francisco that's now owned by Bed Bath & Beyond has a loyalty program based around rewards, coupons, and member pricing. It also offers an annual birthday gift, but won't say what it is; it's a "surprise."

Ace Hardware
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Discount coupon
How to get it: Join rewards program
This cooperative of independent hardware stores fashioned itself a rewards program that offers cash back through points. In previous years, it has given members coupons for discounts off of specific purchase amounts. Judging from online feedback, $5 off a $20 purchase seems to be the most common birthday perk.

AMF Bowling
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How to get it: Sign up for loyalty club
This chain of bowling alleys and its well-named Pinsiders Club offers $5 off bowling per person for a group of up to four just for signing up, but also fills your inbox with lots of other offers. In previous years, they've included offers for children's birthdays if you signed up your kids as well.

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Free gift
How to get it: Sign up for loyalty program
Members of this beauty chain's Fab loyalty program get a free birthday gift just for signing up. No purchases, no legwork. However, you will be added to bareMinerals' email list and get other reward codes in your inbox.



Discount and other perks
How to get it: Sign up for rewards program
This card giant's Crown Rewards program offers $5 off your next purchase just for joining, but comes with some interesting birthday perks. While its website doesn't specifically say what it offers for birthdays, Hallmark has previously offered members a free card for their special day as well as 20 percent off their next purchase.

Helzberg Diamonds
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Free gift and discount
How to get it: Subscribe to newsletter
This jewelry shop really doesn't skimp on the gifts. When you subscribe to its newsletter, it offers a roughly 25 percent discount on a $100 purchase, but it also alludes to a free birthday gift. A few years back, that gift was a set of pearl earrings.

Medieval Times
Medieval Times by niXerKG (CC BY-NC)


Free admission
How to get it: Sign up for birthday email
It's dinner theater with horses, but it gives away the theater part for free on your birthday. While you'll still have to pay for the finger-food meal, the cost of admission is waived when you join its Birthday Fellowship and mailing list.



Free points towards gift card
How to get it: Sign up through email
This online surveys and video company doles out rewards for the amount of time you're willing to waste on any of those distractions. On your birthday, however, you get 55 "Swagbucks" just for signing up.

Victoria's Secret


Free gift
How to get it: Sign up for rewards program
The ubiquitous lingerie shop makes an effort to get every shoppers' return business. While its Angel Card rewards program has different tiers of membership, everyone gets a birthday gift just for signing up.

Anthropologie by Dave Pinter (CC BY-NC-ND)


How to get it: Sign up for loyalty program
Anthropologie's most die-hard adherents consider this clothing and home store a lifestyle. The company offers a bevy of perks if you sign up for its loyalty program, but also doles out a discount for each AnthroPerks member's birthday.

Beach Bum Tanning
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$20 credit
How to get it: Show valid ID during birthday month
Depending on when you were born, this perk is either great or useless. Beach Bum, a tanning salon and spa, has a promotion that will knock $20 off of a package or membership during your birthday month. For those born in the lead-up to summer, this will come in handy for laying down a base. For those born in midsummer or during the weeks heading into the holidays, maybe a gift of one of Beach Bum's massages will do instead.

The Body Shop


$10 credit
How to get it: Sign up for members club
The Love Your Body Club is a rewards promotion like most others, but it's a little more generous when it comes time to celebrating members' birthdays. The $10 it doles out for birthdays doesn't sound like much, but club members typically have to spend $100 just to get it.

The Children's Place
The Children's Place by Mike Mozart (CC BY)


How to get it: Sign up for loyalty club
This children's clothing retailer doesn't give loyalty club members rewards for their own birthdays, but they get a 20 percent discount for their kid's big day. Even better, they get that discount on the birthday of every child they have, up to four.



Free popcorn, coupon and gift
How to get it: Join email list and sign up for membership program
Joining Cinemark's weekly email list will score you a free popcorn and coupon on your birthday. Also, if you sign up for the movie theater chain's Cinemark Connections membership program, you'll receive an undisclosed gift on your birthday.

Cobblestone Auto Spa
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Free car wash
How to get it: Sign up for rewards club
It's simple: You join the rewards club for free and get a free car wash on your birthday (or the day before or after) each year. If only all birthday perks were this straightforward.

Harkins Theaters
Harkins Theaters by rkrichardson (CC BY)


$5 credit towards concessions
How to get it: Sign up for rewards program
Just about no movie theater is going to give you a free movie on your birthday. However, Harkins' rewards program gives members $5 toward concessions on their birthday no matter how many points they earn during the year.

Brooks Brothers


Discount and $20 reward
How to get it: Apply for company credit card
If you successfully apply for either the Brooks Brothers Credit Card or the Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard, you'll get 15 percent off of your first Brooks Brothers purchase and a $20 reward on your birthday. Mastercard holders will get another $20 reward for any purchase they make outside of Brooks Brothers. For those who doubt the value of $20 at Brooks Brothers, that can buy you either three pairs of crew socks, two pairs of wool socks, a pair of boxers, a silk tie, or a polo shirt at sale prices.



Airline points
How to get it: Sign up for loyalty plan
Signing up for JetBlue's loyalty plan makes the airline's passengers eligible to earn online badges and their accompanying bonuses. The birthday badge, for example, is worth up to 500 points. That's enough for a year's subscription to Health, Sunset, or Essence magazine.

IHG Hotels
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Redeemable points
How to get it: Join rewards program
While IHG doesn't explicitly describe its perks for joining its rewards program, folks who keep an eye on loyalty programs have confirmed that IHG offers 1,000 points to rewards club members on their birthday with no stay required.



Free reward
How to get it: Join membership program, add birth date to profile
Marriott sometimes gives away a free night at its hotels to select rewards-club members on their birthdays, according to its customers, but promotions shift from year to year. If you sign up for the program and add your birthday to your profile page, you might just be one of the lucky ones that receive a reward on your special day.



Free benefits
How to get it: Sign up for rewards plan
This is not the sort of thing Lufthansa advertises, but its previous birthday benefits for Miles & More members have included a free upgrade or complimentary breakfast for an entire stay at Swissôtel locations. Even better, those gifts were valid for a full year. While Lufthansa keeps those birthday benefits a well-guarded secret, they don't seem out of line with the other perks of the airline's rewards plan.

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Free round of golf
How to get it: Sign up for mailing list
There's a lot of free or discounted birthday golf specials out there, but the folks at GreensKeeper keep all that info on one tidy page. The Oakmont Golf Club in Santa Rosa, Calif., for example, offers a free round of golf on your birthday with ID. The LPGA International Hills Course in Daytona Beach, Fla., also offers a free birthday round, though you have to sign up for its mailing list first.

Chuck E. Cheese's


Free gift
How to get it: Join email list
Chuck E Cheese's has always been a birthday factory, even if its animatronic characters are kind of creepy. To keep that birthday business coming, the namesake mouse and friends offer kids a special surprise treat for their birthday if parents join the pizza chain's E-Club.



How to get it: Sign up for rewards program and spend
Online clothing retailer ShopBop is another company with a merit-based birthday rewards system. While those in its bronze spending level don't receive any benefits, the ones who've spent enough to earn silver, gold, or platinum statuses get a 10 percent, 15 percent, or 20 percent birthday discount, respectively.

Hard Rock Hotels, Cafes and Rock Shops


Free perks
How to get it: Join benefits program
Hard Rock benefits programs are all tied together, but its rewards club members get an annual birthday offer as part of their plan. Other perks include late checkout priority at hotels, welcome amenities at hotels, and priority seating at restaurants.

Arabian Nights Elite Event At Savory Spice Shop
Arabian Nights Elite Event At Savory Spice Shop by Yelp Inc. (CC BY-NC-ND)


Free gift
How to get it: Sign up for rewards program
Spices are not cheap, and this spice-shop chain knows it. As part of its rewards program, Savory will not only let you rack up points toward free spices, but will send you a small spice-blend bottle for your birthday.

Orchard Supply Hardware
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Free gift
How to get it: Join rewards program
Just about every hardware chain has its own credit card program. This Sears-owned chain, however, is one of the few that actually gives away freebies on members' birthdays. Orchard Supply Hardware and its Club Orchard rewards group give away a free gift to each member on their birthday, with no purchase required.

Men's Wearhouse
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How to get it: Sign up for rewards program
The $30 off tuxedo rentals alone is a great perk for the Perfect Fit rewards program, but the special birthday offers are a big plus. Even a little discount can go a long way if you know what to shop for.