11 Ways to Get Exercise While Just Going About Your Day

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riding bike black man

Make it Easy

Forget the gym — you can stay in shape without committing large blocks of time (or large amounts of money) to the battle of the bulge by trying some creative multitasking. Add an exercise component to everyday activities, and improving fitness becomes a breeze.

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Brushing Your Teeth

Don't stare at yourself in the mirror while brushing your teeth. Instead, try holding a deep squat (with hip joints bent at knee level and knees directly above the ankles) to strengthen core and glute muscles without adding time to morning prep. 

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Using good posture when seated is a free and effective way to get into shape. Sitting up straight helps strengthen the spine and supporting muscles. Use time spent in the car to focus on posture, then choose a distant parking spot to add some cardio. 

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Choosing the Stairs

Don't take the elevator! Instead, walking up to the fifth floor is a cardio challenge that can even save time, depending on the length of the wait for the elevator. For those who live in a multi-story home, using the bathroom on the floor above or below is another way to painlessly add exercise to the day.

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Try standing up for a few lunges while rethinking the wording of your next email. To exercise without standing, do some toe raises or lift light hand weights (starting at about $15 on Amazon). Put a pair of dumbbells in the car to do some quick curls when stuck in traffic, too. 

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Ask co-workers or associates to meet while walking around the block. It's a practice advocated by Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill, and some U.S. presidents to free the mind. Consider walking during phone calls lasting more than a few minutes. It burns calories and offers a creativity boost, too.

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While waiting for a pot to boil or stove to preheat, try some standing pushups against the kitchen counter. Push in and out against the counter to tone arms and shoulders while keeping an eye on the stovetop. Mixing and grating ingredients by hand instead of relying on the food processor will burn a few calories, too. 

Cleaning home


Whether scrubbing the tub or tending the garden, turn on some favorite music, put on stretchy clothing, and start dancing. Feel the rhythm while dusting, vacuuming, washing, and picking up clutter. An hour of mopping is worth 170 calories for a 150-pound person, according to Calorie Lab, and vigorously tackling several cleaning tasks for the same period eats up 204 calories. 

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Watching TV

The average American spends more than five hours a day watching TV, according to Nielsen. Get in shape by walking (or jogging) in place or doing lunges while watching the news. Run around the house during commercial breaks and stow a set of weights for doing reps during shows.