The Egg Float Test Myth, and Other Egg Lies Cracked Open

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Eggscellent Egg Myths

Fact: Eggs are 70% more expensive in 2023 than they were the previous year, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Another fact: the prices don't appear to be dropping anytime soon. Yes, the current egg situation is certainly groan-worthy, but let's face it: Eggs are still a staple. Do you know as much about them as you think you do? We cracked open some common egg lies — including the egg float test myth — and the truth may surprise you.

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If the Egg Floats in Water, Don't Eat It

You've probably heard of the egg float test myth: A bad egg floats to the top of a bowl of water and should be tossed. But really, it just means that the egg is a bit older. To truly tell if the egg is old or new, crack it open. The cloudier the egg white, the fresher the raw egg. The cloudiness is due to carbon dioxide that hasn’t had time to escape through the shell because the egg is so new. New or old, an egg is edible unless there's a bad smell when it's cracked open.

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Most Store Eggs Are From Chickens That Roam Free

Though many egg cartons have labels such as "cage free," "free range," and "pasture raised," a majority of hens are kept in cages. Only around 29% of eggs in stores are organic or cage-free.

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Avian Flu Has Created a Chicken Egg Shortage

Despite bird flu and rising prices, there are still plenty of chicken eggs for everyone. There are more than 300 million egg-laying chickens, according to stats by the American Egg Board, which equates to a chicken for every American.

Free Range Organic Eggs Arranged By Color

Brown Eggs Are Healthier Than White

One egg myth is that the color of the eggshell indicates the nutritional value and the egg’s flavor. In reality, the shell color just relates to the breed of hen, according to Farmer's Almanac.

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Chickens Lay Eggs Every Day

Chickens lay around 300 eggs per year, but their patterns can constantly change. They typically produce fewer eggs in winter months.

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Eggs Raise Your Cholesterol Levels

This egg lie won’t die. Numerous studies have now shown that eating eggs, even every day, won’t increase blood cholesterol levels. Saturated fat is really the culprit that affects cholesterol levels — eggs have under two grams of it, and zero grams of trans fat.