9 Discontinued Frozen Foods That Still Feel Like a Punch to the Gut

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discontinued frozen foods cover photo
Reddit / Cheapism

Iced Out Frozen Foods

Walk through any frozen food aisle at any grocery store and you'll get lost in a sea of options. Yet, even with so many TV dinners and ice cream treats to choose from, there are a handful of frozen foods that we can no longer find. It's a harsh reality — we're still mourning the loss of Choco Tacos, to be honest. Here are the frozen goodies we miss the most. 


1. Klondike Choco Tacos

Mark our words: If we ever run into a Klondike bigwig who was in the room when they decided to axe the most beloved ice cream treat of our time, we will show them exactly what we'd do for a Klondike fool who chose to keep Klondike Cones over Choco Tacos. Lunatics. 


2. Lean Pockets

At a time when Lean Cuisines and Healthy Choice frozen dinners were king, Hot Pockets unveiled its Lean Pockets line, which was touted as a "healthier" version of the O.G. frozen pockets. Lean Pockets gave us some tasty flavors, including the garlic chicken white pizza version — which was the most brilliant of the bunch if you ask us. Parent company Nestle discontinued the line in 2020.

Eggo Waf-Fulls

3. Eggo Waf-Fulls

We'll never leggo of Eggo's Waf-Fulls. These little guys didn't even need syrup since they were stuffed with fruity filling. They were the perfect portable breakfast, and we're not sure we will ever understand why they didn't go the distance.

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4. Boston Cream Pillsbury Toaster Strudels

You know that frustrating feeling you get when TV shows go and kill off your favorite character? That's basically what Toaster Strudel did to us when they chose to cut the Boston cream flavor from their roster. Someone get Gretchen Weiners' dad on the phone so we can ask him to bring this cream-filled, chocolate drizzled frozen pastry pocket back to life.

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Jell-O Pudding Pops, Chocolate & Vanilla
1970s libbyland frozen meals

6. Libbyland Frozen Dinners

Libbyland frozen dinners dominated the 1970s. Geared toward children, the themed TV dinners were as fun as they were tasty, and we miss the novelty and nostalgia of them more than anything. 

Flinstones Push Ups

7. Flinstones Push Ups

You can still find versions of pushable sherbet frozen treats at the grocery store, but they simply don't taste the same without Fred, Dino, and the gang involved. The Flinstones fam made those ice cream treats iconic, and we miss them the way they were intended to be. 

itzakadoozie popsicle

8. Itzakadoozie Popsicles

All the wonkiest treats have fun and funky names, and these twisted, multi-colored, multi-flavored popsicles were no exception. We used to love grabbing these from the gas station when Mom said we could have a treat; they were the tallest popsicle in the freezer section, so we got the most bang out of Mom's buck.


9. Hot Pockets Cheesy Jalapeño Stuffed Pretzels

With a salty pretzel crust and a cheesy filling complete with bits of bacon and jalapeño, these Hot Pockets creations were next-level when we dipped them in a little bit of ranch dressing. They made total sense to us, but apparently not to the decision-makers at Hot Pockets HQ.