25 Discontinued Candies Trick-or-Treaters Won't See This Halloween

Discontinued Candy Cover

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Discontinued Candy Cover
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Candies of Halloween's Past

Head to any doorstep on October 31 and say "Trick-or-treat" and your bucket will be filled with the likes of Snickers, Reese's peanut butter cups, Skittles, and M&M's. But if you'd have stepped on those same stoops decades ago, you'd have been met with an assortment of other candy varieties kids today will never know about. 

Here are 25 candies you can't get anymore that will hit you right in the nostalgic part of your brain.

Choco'Lite Candy Bar
Nestlé / CollectingCandy.com

1. Nestle Choco'Lite Bar

Introduced: 1972

Discontinued: Around 1982

Not to be confused or compared to Aero, Nestle's Choco'Lite was an aerated chocolate bar that was both flaky and crispy. Marketed as a "mouthful of chocolate," Choco'Lite contained air pockets that made it less dense than the average chocolate. If only the candy market as a whole were less dense, this chocolate bar might still be around. 

Butterfinger BB's
Nestlé / eBay

2. Butterfinger BB's

Introduced: 1992

Discontinued: 2006

These things ruled the 90s. They were sort of like a malted milk ball but with Butterfinger on the inside instead. As popular as these were and as pined over as they remain, we're holding out hope for an eventual comeback.

Marathon bar
Mars, Inc. / u/horrortheateryt via Reddit

3. Marathon Bar

Introduced: 1973

Discontinued: 1981

The Mars Candy Company's Marathon Bar was a staple during the 70s. The 8-inch chocolate bar was a long braid of caramel-filled goodness that got its name based on the notion that it would take consumers a long time to eat it.

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pb max
Mars, Inc. / Wikipedia
Summit cookie bar
Mars, Inc. / Pinterest
Powerhouse candy

6. PowerHouse Candy Bar

Introduced: Sometime in the 70s

Discontinued: Sometime in the 80s

PowerHouse bars were high-protein candy bars that were quite honestly ahead of their time. In today's market, high-protein snacks are all the rage, and PowerHouse might have had some staying power. Alas, it didn't make it through the 80s.

space dust candy
u/Otherwise_Basis_6328 via Reddit

7. Space Dust

Introduced: 1978

Discontinued: 1983

Some say Space Dust was a Pop Rocks knock-off, but this candy was its own thing entirely. Pop Rocks were small crystal-like pieces of candy that fizzled on your tongue, while Space Dust was a powder ... that fizzled on your tongue. Okay, so they definitely emulated Pop Rocks, but in a Pixie Sticks kind of way, and the packaging was stellar.

Hershey Alpine White candy bar
Nestlé / eBay

8. Nestle Alpine White with Almonds

Introduced: 1986

Discontinued: 1994

Nestle's Alpine White with almonds was exactly what you'd assume it was by looking at the wrapper and reading the name: a white chocolate candy bar with almonds. 

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seven up candy bar
Snack History

9. Seven Up Bar

Introduced: Sometime in the 1930s

Discontinued: 1979

Not to be confused with the fizzy lemon-lime soda 7 Up, the Seven Up candy bar was like a box of Valentine's chocolates all within one chocolate bar. The candy was divided into seven different sections, each with their own fillings, including mint, nougat, butterscotch, fudge, coconut, buttercream, and caramel. Don't ask us why this candy isn't still around because it sounds like one of the best inventions that's ever hit the chocolate market if you ask us.

milkshake candy bar
Candy Retailer

10. Milkshake Bar

Introduced: Sometime in the 1920s

Discontinued: 1996

Although this chocolate bar transcended 70 years, you won't see the Milkshake bar (made with malted milk, nougat, caramel, and chocolate) on grocery store shelves today.

altoids sours
u/captcraigaroo via Reddit
shock tarts

12. Shockers/Shock Tarts

Introduced: 1962

Discontinued: Sometime in the mid-2000s

Apparently, Shock Tarts (also called Shockers) were made with the same recipe that Pixie Sticks and Fun Dip were concocted with. That explains the sweet and sour harmony! These were basically like Sprees and Sweet Tarts got together and had a sour lovechild. 

hershey gold bar

13. Hershey's Gold

Introduced: 2017

Discontinued: 2020

This Hershey bar feels like a fever dream since it was only available for a short time, and it was the first new flavored Hershey bar to hit the market in 20 years. Instead of a typical chocolate base, Hershey Gold was a caramelized creme bar with pretzels and peanuts inside of it. 

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butterfinger peanut butter cups

14. Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups

Introduced: 2014

Discontinued: 2020

Maybe it's the onset of the pandemic, but we don't even remember these bad boys being available up until 2020. They felt like more of an earlier 2000s candy, looped in with Butterfinger BB's, but nevertheless, they were delicious and honestly better than actual Butterfinger bars (BB's were better than the real thing, too). 

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wonka bar

15. Wonka Bars

Introduced: 1975

Discontinued: 2010

The history of Wonka Bars is a little bit muddy, and that's because the candy was based on a fictional candy bar. These were around a lot during the release of the two different movie renditions of Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," but have since faded back to fiction.

bug city candy tarts
u/wilmal88 via Reddit

16. Bug City Candy Tarts

Introduced: Sometime in the 1980s

Discontinued: Unknown

These were basically bug-shaped Sweet Tarts, so an obvious hit among children. You can't find them nowadays, although it's unclear when they went off the market for good since the candy is incredibly niche. 

Starburst fruit twists
u/cbp7192 via Reddit

17. Starburst Fruit Twists

Introduced: Sometime in the 1990's

Discontinued: Sometime in the early 2000's

Think: Twizzlers meets Starbursts, and you wind up with Starbursts Fruit Twists. They were softer in texture than traditional Twizzlers (and softer than Starburst to boot) but they were stretched a bit too far to earn a permanent spot in the candy aisle.

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butter nut candy bar

18. Butter-Nut Candy Bar

Introduced: 1916

Discontinued: Unknown

Originally introduced in 1916, the Butter-Nut candy bar highlighted a unique blend of butterscotch and roasted peanuts and was a favorite during the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

caravelle candy bar
Peter Paul / Pinterest

19. Caravelle Candy Bar

Introduced: 1966

Discontinued: 1988

Peter Paul's Caravelle was a milk chocolate candy bar filled with caramel and crisped rice, making it a chewy-meets-crispy chocolate bar that consumers loved ... just not enough for it to make it past another decade.

wonka donutz
u/nate0113 via Reddit

20. Wonka Donutz

Introduced: 2005

Discontinued: 2013

Ahead of the release of the 2005 movie starring Johnny Depp, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," Wonka Donutz were released as a promotional and fun candy that looked like a chocolate donut with sprinkles and had a truffle-like filling. 

bonkers candy
u/bobbyreill via Reddit

21. Bonkers

Introduced: Sometime in the 1980s

Discontinued: Sometime in the 1990s

Bonkers were a small rectangular candy with a chewy and fruity outside akin to a Starburst. On the inside, they contained a fruity, tangy filling. They came in a variety of flavors and were huge in the '80s. 

hershey kissables
u/MargaretThatchersV-- via Reddit

22. Hershey's Kissables

Introduced: 2005

Discontinued: 2009

Although they only lasted a short four years, Hershey's Kissables were an innovative marvel. The biggest pain point of consuming Hershey's Kisses is that you have to unwrap them, and it gets quite tedious (and messy) after a handful. Hershey's Kissables were not only unwrapped Kisses, they were coated in a shell similar to M&M's. Genius.

hershey smores candy bar

23. Hershey's S'mores Bar

Introduced: 2003

Discontinued: 2012

As beloved as s'mores are, this candy bar made perfect sense. It was a chocolate bar with marshmallow and graham filling. It had all of the makings of a long-lasting candy, yet somehow didn't last long at all. Womp womp.

Wonka Dweebs

24. Wonka Dweebs

Introduced: Sometime in the early 1990s

Discontinued: Sometime later in the 90s

Everyone loves Wonka's Nerds, so naturally, Dweebs were released as a companion. They were bigger and chewier than their nerdy counterparts and unfortunately didn't make it out of the 90s alive.

chicken dinner candy
u/ScabieBaby via Reddit

25. Chicken Dinner Candy Bar

Introduced: 1923

Discontinued: 1962

No, this candy didn't taste like chicken and potatoes. It was your standard chocolate candy bar with nuts inside and more than likely its demise happened because it got steam-rolled by shiny new candies as the years went on.