10 Chocolate Halloween Candies Ranked From Worst to Best


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For most kids (and parents), Halloween means candy. The National Confectioners Association is projecting $2.7 billion in candy sales in 2016. Candy corn may be the holiday's most iconic treat, but nearly 7 out of 10 survey respondents told the NCA that chocolate is their favorite. What kind of chocolate? Cheapism.com aggregated online rankings of chocolate Halloween candy, reflecting U.S. sales and consumer preferences, to come up with this definitive (and unscientific) top 10 list. Bags of these favorites are often specially priced for the holiday, and big enough that grown-ups can look forward to leftovers once the trick-or-treaters have left the premises.


These sibling bars are among the few mass-produced chocolate candies that contain coconut, a polarizing flavor that sometimes relegates them to the reject pile. The snack-size Almond Joy designed for trick-or-treat bags comprises one almond atop a mound of coconut enrobed in milk chocolate. A Mounds bar contains no nuts, only coconut and dark chocolate.


This simple favorite features milk chocolate interspersed with crisped rice. Nestlé markets a "fun size" for Halloween. For variety, look for bags that include other Nestlé brands such as Butterfinger and Baby Ruth in addition to Crunch bars.


This candy bar, made of chocolate-malt-flavored nougat covered in caramel and wrapped in milk chocolate, has been around for nearly 100 years. Yet it's not quite as popular as other Mars chocolate brands on this list. Milky Way Midnight bars, with vanilla-flavored nougat and dark chocolate, make an atmospheric choice for Halloween.


This candy bar has light-as-air whipped chocolate on the inside and milk chocolate on the outside. A fun-size bar for trick-or-treating -- or portion control -- is included in variety bags alongside Milky Way and Dove bars. 


An oldie but goodie, Hershey's milk chocolate bar has been around since 1900. Its continued popularity proves that chocolate doesn't have to be jammed full of stuff to make a beloved candy bar. Hershey bars come in a snack size for Halloween. The company is also offering skull-shaped Hershey’s Cookies 'n' Creme bars this year.



This candy originated in the U.K. but immigrated to the U.S. to great acclaim. The original version, a cookie topped with caramel and covered in milk chocolate, has spawned line extensions including ghost shapes for Halloween. While Twix traditionally comes in a package of two bars, the "fun size" is only one smaller bar.


These crunchy, chocolate-covered wafers can be snapped apart and shared -- if trick-or-treaters are so inclined. Among the varieties are orange white-chocolate Kit Kats for Halloween. This year Kit Kat has the endorsement of Chance the Rapper, who updated the brand's jingle and appears in a Halloween-themed TV ad.


Snickers built a billion-dollar brand on a foundation of peanuts, nougat, caramel, and chocolate. A new Snickers Crisper variety leaves out the nougat in favor of crisped rice in a "fun size" bar for Halloween. Regular fun-size Snickers are a staple of Mars' Halloween variety packs.

2. M&M'S

This is the top-selling candy from the chocolate giant Mars, which has retail stores devoted exclusively to M&M's. In addition to the simple milk chocolate with candy coating, crispy M&M's come in smaller fun-size pouches for Halloween. This year the milk chocolate M&M's are packaged to be handed out at a costume party, as prizes for "Scariest Costume," "Funniest Costume," and "Most Creative," as well as trick-or-treating.


When the trick-or-treating is finished, the bags are emptied, and the candy is sorted, Reese's peanut butter cups almost invariably go into the "jackpot" pile. They come in pumpkin-shaped versions and festively wrapped miniatures. This year for Halloween, parent company Hershey is also making snack-size white peanut butter ghosts.