Best Deals to Score at Family Dollar Stores Before They Close

Family Dollar Closing

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Family Dollar Closing
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Last week, Family Dollar announced it would close nearly 400 of its 8,000-plus U.S. stores in 2019. The company hasn't said exactly how soon, but the writing is on the wall for Family Dollar and other national chains, and this is sad news for many fans of Family Dollar's deals. So, we took a look at this month's savings circular and found deals in 14 categories that you can still score at Family Dollar. If you live near a store that's closing, also be sure to look for clearance sales in these categories and throughout the store.

Note: Products may vary by location.

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Bella Air Fryer
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You can find plenty of deals on cooking gear at Family Dollar, whether you’re cooking up a feast in the kitchen or grilling outdoors. Cook up a whole meal in Bella’s 6-quart pressure cooker or 2.6-quart air fryer for only $50 each. Or, pick up a grill for almost half that. Just throw some of that Royal Oak charcoal in there for $8 a bag. Light it up with $3 lighter fluid. Steaks and wings not included. Why stand at the grill when you can sit in outdoor chairs for only $8?

Stainless Steel Frying Pan


Time to replace your pots and pans or know a soon-to-be college grad who’s moving to a new place? Family Dollar has you covered at bargain prices. Any seven-piece set of cookware is a deal at $22, even more so when it’s stainless steel. If you don’t need all seven pieces, you could also go for the single frying pan for just 10 bucks, and $2 Betty Crocker cooking utensils will help you scoop, stir fry, mash, or peel your ingredients. Clean up after with assorted towels and dishcloths for $3 to $5.

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Libbey Glassware
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You can entertain up to 16 guests after you buy the glassware and dinnerware sets currently on sale at Family Dollar. The Libbey glassware is just $10 and the plates are $15. That’s just over a dollar a guest. Set the table on a new $8 tablecloth and for leftovers, you can also pick up 10- or 14- piece food storage sets for only $6.

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House Cleaning
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Wipe away germs for less. A $3 savings on Lysol disinfecting wipes at $4.75 for a 110-sheet container makes the name brand competitive with Homeline wipes at $3.50 for 75 sheets. Get Dawn dish liquid for only a dollar after Smart Coupons and save a buck on all Clorox products too. Mr. Clean and Pine Sol products are also competitive, and Family Dollar can satisfy your various mop needs, too.

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Let’s face it, you can’t clean every day, so you may need something to keep the air fresh in between. Smart Coupons make Febreze sprays two for $3, effectively half off drug store prices. You can also get a dollar off pricier Glade plug-ins, but Bright Air odor eliminators are only $2.25.

Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent
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For $9.95, shoppers can buy 69 ounces of Tide Ultra Oxi that will clean 44 laundry loads. The same price will also buy 75 ounces of Tide Fresh Coral Blast. size. Arm and Hammer Laundry detergent will take care of 75 loads for even less, only $8. Assorted hampers and laundry baskets are $5-$8 too, in lovely pastel colors to help you color code loads.



Family Dollar has disposable necessities like nail files and hair scrunchies for $1 each and $2 eye makeup. That includes eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. You’ll also find some leftover Christmas beauty gift sets for half off, like Beauty Book makeup or lipstick variety packs.

Nivea Cream


Name brands for skin care are on sale at Family Dollar. Nivea lotion is half off at $3.50, and Dial hand soap is only a dollar. Old Spice body wash is a deal at $4, but Daxton brand is $1.50 less. Take $1 off shaving, trimming and deodorant supplies and $2 off Olay body wash or six packs of bars, as well as Suave, Vaseline, and Noxema skin creams.

Suave Professionals Black Raspberry and White Tea Nourishing Shampoo
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Smart Coupons are going to shave $4 off any two Suave Professionals Natural Hair care products, reducing most $5 tubes by 40 percent. That goes for shea butter and coconut oil shampoos, conditioners, gels and creams. Suave and Dove’s dollar-off deals can also get you men’s shampoo/conditioners, and Family Dollar also stocks Cantu products.

Clothing Essentials


With summer coming up, you may want to stock up on shorts and T-shirts for kids and adults, men and women, all for under $10. Girls and women’s T-shirts come in lattice, V-neck, or colorblock with or without designs. Boys and men can choose shorts and T-shirts in solid red, blue and black, or with cool pictures. Long capris or jegging pants are also on special.

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If you’re loading up on deals before Family Dollar closes, you’ll need somewhere to put it all. They’ve got you covered too with a 56-quart storage bin at a competitive $14 price. A set of three drawers for $12 really amounts to four bucks a drawer. Or use your new storage to put some old stuff away and make room for your new items.

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Buying pillows for $8 is a steal, especially the Copper Tech ones. Copper-infused pillows usually start at five times that. While you’re shopping for the bedroom, a $40 five-piece comforter set is a good buy, too. To complete your bedroom set, you can also get queen-size sheets for $25, mattress pads from $18-$25, and a 40-by-60-inch rug for $20.

Bathroom Supplies
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Shoppers using Smart Coupons can take a dollar off any two Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom-cleaning products. Family Dollar also has shower curtains and bathroom mats to spruce up the bathroom.

ZzzQuil Gummies
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Family Dollar may not have a full service pharmacy, but you can still pick up some of your over-the-counter necessities. This month, specials on MiraLAX liquid and ZzzQuil gummies are competitive with drug store prices. They also regularly stock common products like Advil, Aleve, and Tylenol.

Oral B Toothbrushes
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Nothing was really more expensive at Family Dollar, but some of their deals were only comparable to the name brands. A $7 two-pack of toothbrushes is a bit high even for name-brand Oral B, but you won’t have buyer’s remorse on most of Family Dollar’s household products.