The Craziest Pizzas in Every State

Sushi Pizza

Michelle C./Yelp

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Sushi Pizza
Michelle C./Yelp

Pizza Peculiarity

Sure, you can go with the usual pepperoni or even get even more purist with your pizza by ordering straight-up cheese, but for the culinarily adventurous, there are plenty of pizza parlors across America that are willing to go there with some truly unusual, and — in a lot of cases — delicious pie offerings. From fruit pizzas to sandwich-inspired pies to a pizza featuring ramen noodles, here are the nation's oddest slices.

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Alabama: The Reuben
Joy C./Yelp
Alaska: Beer Cheese Pizza

Alaska: Beer Cheese Pizza

Fat Ptarmigan
The Fat Ptarmigan has a few interesting pizzas on its menu, but we really wanna try this quintessentially Alaska-seeming version, which is topped with a beer cheese sauce, reindeer sausage, roasted red peppers, applewood smoked bacon, mozzarella and provolone, and fresh green onions.

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Arizona: Sweet Potato Pizza
Rick T./Yelp

Arizona: Sweet Potato Pizza

Federal Pizza
It's not every day you see sweet potato as a pizza topping. This simple but tasty-sounding Valley of the Sun version comes paired with sage and ricotta. Wrote one Yelp reviewer: "We were a little nervous because it sounded odd, but it was amazing!"

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Arkansas: Loaded Baked Potato Pizza

Arkansas: Loaded Baked Potato Pizza

Nima's Pizza
If you dig a baked potato piled high with fixings, you'll probably love this north Arkansas take on a pizza. Ingredients include olive oil, potato, sweet red onion, tomatoes, bacon, and — of course — "lots of cheese."

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Herb and Wood Iberico 'Nduja
Herb & Wood/Yelp

California: Iberico 'Nduja

Herb and Wood
San Diego
No surprise that this Southern California eatery would serve an adventurous pizza — it was once featured on the Food Network for its bone marrow pizza. This version seems a little more tame, although we don't know of any other pie topped with Calabrian chili. Other toppings include burrata cheese and broccolini.


Colorado: Pickle Bacon Ranch Pizza

All Star Pizzas
In addition to pickles and ranch, this pizza — which hails from a town just south of Colorado Springs — includes onions, bacon, and ground beef. "Sounds disgusting," wrote one Google reviewer, "but it's amazing."

Connecticut: Skippy's Dare Pizza
Delaware: "The Venny" Mexican Pizza
Twist'd Tomato/Yelp

Delaware: "The Venny" Mexican Pizza

Twist'd Tomato
This no-sauce pizza comes piled with chorizo, beans, jalapeños, onions, and mozzarella cheese. While most of Twist'd's other offerings are pretty traditional, it also has a cheeseburger and cheesesteak pizza on the menu.

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Washington, D.C.: Pesky Mario
John B./Yelp

District of Columbia: Pesky Mario

Sonny's Pizza
This packed pizza is loaded up with veggies, including some most wouldn't think to add to a pie like rapini and spicy Calabrian chilis, which are added to tomato, mushrooms, and mozzarella.

Florida: Scachatta
Anna M./Yelp

Florida: Scachatta

Alessi Bakeries
Did you know there's a type of pizza you can only find in Florida? It's called scachatta, and, according to the website Florida Travel + Life, it's distinguished by a meat-based sauce and soft, eggy dough. It's simple and rustic, yes, but if you come across it, definitely sounds like it's worth a slice. 

BLT sandwich

Georgia: BLT Pizza

Steve B's Pizza Buffet
Multiple locations
If you can't resist a BLT sandwich, we think you'll be hard-pressed to resist this pizza, which starts with a garlic-butter brushed crust and piles on hot bacon, tomatoes, mayo, iceberg lettuce, and — the one area where it doesn't divert from tradition — mozzarella cheese.

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Sushi Pizza
Michelle C./Yelp

Hawaii: Sushi Pizza

Shokudo Japanese
On Shokudo's appetizers — or "pupus" — menu, this unique pizza features toppings of scallops, salmon, crabmeat, and onion on a crust of baked sushi rice, all garnished with pickled jalapeño.

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Idaho: Coned Pizza
Josh B./Yelp

Idaho: Coned Pizza

Coned Pizza
Meridian & Boise
It's not so much the flavors that impress us at this Gem State pizza joint; it's how they serve their pies — rolled into cone form. No matter what shape your pizza comes in, reviewers say that this place serves tasty pies, with an average rating of 4.7 stars.

Banh mi sandwich. Classic Japanese Vietnamese or Thai cuisine favorite. Variety of sandwiches made w/ beef broths, rice noodles, pork, chicken, tofu, scallions, mushrooms, cilantro, peanuts, bean sprouts, eggs, peanut & chili pepper sauce.

Illinois: Bahn Mi Baby One More Time

Dimo's Pizza
This delicious-looking and -sounding pizza features all the good stuff you'd find in a traditional Vietnamese sandwich — just in pizza form. There's char siu-style bacon, pickled vegetables, cilantro, and mint, plus sesame aioli, sesame seeds, mozzarella and a pâté cream base for good measure. There are lots of fun pizzas at this restaurant, or at lease pizzas with fun names. The Book of Boba Feta is the latest addition. 

Indiana: Hangover Pizza
Chelsea S./Yelp

Indiana: Hangover Pizza

Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza
Jockamo's serves this pizza on Saturdays and Sundays — we think you can guess why — and it comes in two different varieties. The Denver is a pizza topped with chorizo sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, ham, red onion, green pepper, and cheddar; and the Farmhouse features the same gravy, eggs, and cheese but with chicken and bacon, too.

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Fried Wontons/Crab Rangoons on plate

Iowa: Crab Rangoon Pizza

Fong's Pizza
Multiple locations
Crab rangoon in pizza form may seem odd, but it's on the menu (along with a number of other Asian-flavored pizzas) at Fong's. This has a crab rangoon base, with surimi, green onion, mozzarella, and asiago cheese. It's all topped with crispy wontons and sweet chili sauce. Still not sure? Apparently it's an addictive flavor combo. There are recipes for crab rangoon pizza online, and Fong's Pizza crows that the pizza was praised on the Food Network show "The Best Thing I Ever Ate."

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Kansas: Santa Fe Shuttle
Pizza Shuttle/Yelp

Kansas: Santa Fe Shuttle

Pizza Shuttle
Lawrence and Overland Park
It's the cream cheese that makes this pizza not like the others — an ingredient that is apparently served in a number of other Midwest establishments. After that, Pizza Shuttle layers in picante sauce, mozzarella cheese, seasoned chicken, and black olives. We gotta admit, it doesn't sound horrible. 

Kentucky: Cuban Pizza
Donald R./Yelp

Kentucky: Cuban Pizza

Dewey's Pizza
Crestview Hills
Another pizza taking inspiration from a classic sandwich, this one has a mustard base and is topped with Canadian bacon, pulled pork, dill pickles, swiss and mozzarella cheese, and "mojo" sauce (a popular Cuban sauce typically made with garlic and sour oranges).

Louisiana: Cajun Samurai
Deano's Pizza/Yelp

Louisiana: Cajun Samurai

Deano's Pizza
Deano's creates a "pizza of the month" every few weeks, and this Asian-inspired version debuted in January. It features an olive oil crust topped with fried shrimp and a "zesty yum-yum sauce," then garnished with green onions, crunchy chow mein noodles, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Maine: Butternut Squash, Ricotta & Cranberry
Sooz A./Yelp

Maine: Butternut Squash, Ricotta & Cranberry

Otto Pizza
Otto's does try to get fancy or cute with its pizza names — not that there's anything wrong with that — it just lists the ingredients in the name. One Google reviewer noted that this is her favorite slice on Otto's menu, though "if you are into more traditional toppings they have that dialed in, too," she noted.

Maryland: Pistachio Pizza
Barathi S./Yelp

Maryland: Pistachio Pizza

Iggie's Pizza
Yeah, pistachios on a pizza seems a little strange, even if the name is great alliterative fun to say. Still, with the addition of mozzarella, parmigiana, rosemary oil, and roasted red peppers, we gotta say — it sounds pretty tasty.

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Massachusetts: Crispy Calamari Pizza
Veronica C./Yelp

Massachusetts: Crispy Calamari Pizza

Figs by Todd English
It stands to reason that Boston would have some seafood-inspired pies in its pizza realm, and it does. This is just one, but with ingredients like calamari, tomato sauce, hot cherry peppers, arugula, and lemon aioli, it's one we wouldn't mind having for dinner.

Michigan: Ghost Pizza
Tracy F./Yelp

Michigan: Ghost Pizza

Amar Pizza
Hamtramck and Troy
That's ghost pizza as in ghost pepper — this pie comes with chicken, red onions, cilantro, ghost sauce, and a disclaimer: "Extreme heat. Eat at own risk." If you're not inclined to set your mouth on fire, Amar's has some other interesting pies on the menu, including tandoori pizza and dry fish pizza.

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Minnesota: Bacon Cheeseburger

Minnesota: Bacon Cheeseburger

The Italian Pie Shoppe
Multiple locations
Why bother with an actual bacon cheeseburger when you can just throw all the ingredients — ground beef, onions, dill pickles, mozzarella and cheddar, and bacon — on a pie and call it good?

Mississippi: Gumbo Pizza
Jana J./Yelp

Mississippi: Gumbo Pizza

Tony's Brick Oven Pizzeria
Tony's gumbo pie starts with a spicy roux sauce and then piles on the toppings, including shrimp, crab meat, andouille sausage, tomatoes, okra, and a four-cheese blend followed by parmesan. No spoon necessary.

Egg-Ceptional Breakfast Pizza Imo's Pizza'
Imo's Pizza

Missouri: Egg-Ceptional Breakfast Pizza

Imo's Pizza
Multiple locations
This pizza is topped with the usual breakfast offerings — eggs, sausage, and full strips of bacon — plus Italian dressing and Provel cheese, a combination of cheddar, Swiss, and provolone.

Montana: Henry "J" Pizza
Patti A./Yelp

Montana: Henry "J" Pizza

Eugene's Pizza
No hint in the name as to what makes this pie unusual, but we won't prolong the suspense. It's sauerkraut. It also features Canadian bacon, and the menu suggests adding pineapple or black olives.

Tasty butter chicken curry dish from Indian cuisine.
Wail Aldukhairy/istockphoto

Nebraska: Taj Mah-Hot Butter Chicken

Loop Brewing Company
Loop Brewing skips the question of red or white sauce and slathers butter chicken sauce on this Indian-flavored pie instead. It also has shredded chicken, white onion, bell peppers, mozzarella cheese, and is topped with cilantro and a mint chutney drizzle for good measure.

Nevada: Pizza Pere E Jalapeno
Khoa N./Yelp

Nevada: Pizza Pere E Jalapeno

Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana
Las Vegas and Henderson
Yep, two marmalade pizzas in a row — this one serves up a pear and jalapeño marmalade with calabrese, red onion, basil, and mozzarella. We're starting to think these pizza joints might be onto something here …

New Hampshire: Blueberry Pizza
Kyle S./Yelp

New Hampshire: Blueberry Pizza

The Burg
In addition to the eponymous ingredient, this pie includes smoked bacon, smoked mozzarella, and smoked maple syrup. It is, according to The Burg's menu, also an award winner, having earned the title of "Best of NH Pizza" a few years running. 

New Jersey: K-Pop Mic Drop Pizza
Vin B./Yelp

New Jersey: K-Pop Mic Drop Pizza

Tony Boloney's
Multiple locations
Named after the South Korean genre of music popularized by such bands as BTS and Blackpink, this pie starts with a black sesame crust and then piles on the toppings like the cheesy and spicy gojuchang buldak fried chicken (vegetarians and vegans can sub in fried cauliflower) and sliced scallions. 

New Mexico: Roasted Chicken and Pinion Nuts

New Mexico: Santa Fe Chicken

Rooftop Pizzeria
Santa Fe
This "house specialty" pizza contains the aforementioned chicken, plus green chile — it is New Mexico, after all — cotija and asadero cheeses, and Alfredo sauce. Rooftop has a couple of other interesting pies on the menu, with ingredients like butternut and zucchini squash, plus some more traditional offerings.

New York: The FCW
Brandon H./Yelp
Roasted red and yellow peppers in baking tray.
Nataliia Sirobaba/istockphoto

North Carolina: The Barry White

Pompieri Pizza
Some weird pizzas make you scratch your head, and some make your mouth water. We think this one falls into the latter category — especially if you're dining with a vegan. It's loaded up with vegan white cashew and garlic sauce, roasted red peppers, chopped spinach, vegan mozzarella, and drizzled with basil oil.

Lunch 4: PB&J
Brent Hofacker/shutterstock

North Dakota: PB&J Pizza

Bruno's Pizza
This one is as simple as they come, with peanut butter and grape jelly topped with mozzarella. Also offered in calzone form, it hit the spot for one Yelp reviewer, who wrote: "It was incredible. No regrets. Embrace your inner kid and just order it."

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Kumana Wana Laya Mikey's Late Night Slice
James F./Yelp

Ohio: Kumana Wana Laya

Mikey's Late Night Slice
Multiple locations
This pizza joint takes what has become pretty much a classic at this point — albeit a hotly debated one — and adds something extra to the ham and pineapple toppings: cinnamon. We're guessing it amps up the sweetness, and as unapologetic fans of this particular pizza, we're not mad at it. 


Oklahoma: The Hamburglar

Empire Slice House
Oklahoma City
Who could resist this nod to McDonald's iconic Hamburglar? In addition to the usual mozzarella and roma tomatoes, this pizza sports cheeseburger-specific ingredients like cheddar, ground beef, dill pickles, white onion, and spicy brown mustard. Unexpected? Yes. But does it sound tasty? Also yes.

Oregon: Alligator Pie

Oregon: Alligator Pie

Pizza Schmizza
Multiple locations
We didn't expect this one coming out of the Pacific Northwest, but there you have it. It's unique enough with just the alligator sausage, but that topping gets combined with peppers, onions, and tomatoes "on a bed of noodles" with cilantro, feta, and crushed red peppers.

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american cheese

Pennsylvania: Altoona's Favorite

Joe's Pizza and 6 Pack
If you counted up how many times mozzarella is used in this crazy pizza roundup, you'd probably land in the double digits. Translation? While toppings might get weird, the cheese choice is usually pretty standard. Not so with this pie, which is sometimes referred to as Altoona Hotel Pizza. It's got a standard Sicilian crust, marinara, salami, and green peppers ... all topped by slices of American cheese. It doesn't sound like the most appetizing pizza, but fans say it's delicious.

Rhode Island: Sicilian Clam
J R/Yelp

Rhode Island: Sicilian Clam

Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza
Providence and Warren
Little Rhody is known for its quahog clams, so it's no surprise that some pizza parlors might get the idea to thrown some on a pie. This one does just that, and also throws in some Italian oregano spice, basil, olive oil, and mozzarella cheese.

South Carolina: Thai Chicken Pizza
Leala V./Yelp

South Carolina: Thai Chicken Pizza

This veggie-heavy pizza starts with a base of Thai peanut sauce and chicken and then loads on the plant-based goodness. It's so stacked with green onions, carrots, red peppers, cucumber, and cilantro, in fact, that you can almost feel good about eating a few slices of it.

South Dakota: Gyro Pizza

South Dakota: Gyro Pizza

Pizza Mill
Inspired by the popular Greek dish, this pizza comes with thin-sliced gyro meat and cheese on a base of tzatziki sauce. Throw in some fresh lettuce, tomatoes, anc cucumbers, and you've got yourself a meal.

Tennessee: Be-Hive Pep
Alexis B./Yelp

Tennessee: Be-Hive Pep

Nicky's Coal Fired
Here's one for all the plant-based eaters out there. This pie is pretty straight-forward in that it's just cheese and pepperoni, but that cheese is a vegan coconut mozzarella, and that pepperoni is plant-based. But is it good? One Yelp reviewer wrote: "The vegan pizza was actually good - not yucky plasticky vegan cheese at this restaurant! We really enjoyed our meal."

East Side Pies
Zach H./Yelp

Texas: The Chimi Hendrix

East Side Pies
Yes, East Side has got plenty of traditional-style pizzas on the menu, but you can also find pizzas here with black bean sauce and chimichurri sauce. The Chimi Hendrix, of course, includes the latter, plus some jerk chicken, red bell peppers, and Gorgonzola cheese.

Utah: Paneer Pizzas
Ruby W./Yelp

Utah: Paneer Pizzas

Cool Bro's Pizza
Salt Lake City
Cool Bro's offers not one, but three paneer pizzas, featuring the soft, uncured Indian cheese: a paneer tandoori, paneer curry, and paneer tikka masala. They're largely the same in their veggie toppings — mushroom, bell pepper, tomato, and cilantro — but differ in the pastes added to the sauce. There's also a tandoori chicken pizza for those who cannot imagine a pizza without meat.

Vermont: Bangkok Disco
Megan Z./Yelp

Vermont: Bangkok Disco

The Parker Pie Co.
West Glover
This creatively named pie starts with a specialty oil and then adds layers of flavor in the form of crushed plum tomatoes, red onions, barbecue chicken, and cheddar and blue cheeses. It's then finished off with a dusting of curry powder.

Virginia: Rockefeller
Sue Z./Yelp

Virginia: Rockafeller

Bottoms Up
Never had smoked oysters on a pizza? You can remedy that in Virginia at Bottoms Up, which serves its version with bacon, spinach, and shredded parmesan.

Washington: The Kiernan
Edith R./Yelp

Washington: The Kiernan

The Flying Goat
The Flying Goat isn't afraid of flavor and fat, that's for sure — this pie is loaded up with heavy cream and a house cheese blend and then piled with Italian sausage and truffle-oil-tossed arugula. The finishing touch? An over-medium egg.

West Virginia: The Cordon Bleu

West Virginia: The Cordon Bleu

The Pizza Station
St. Marys
The Pizza Station starts this pie off with a honey mustard sauce and then layers on traditional Cordon Bleu fixings, including mozzarella and provolone cheese, grilled chicken breast, ham, and red onion. Parmesan is sprinkled over the top for one more burst of flavor. It's temporarily unavailable, but check in later.

Wisconsin: Mac n' Cheese Pizza
Jordan F./Yelp

Wisconsin: Mac n' Cheese Pizza

Ian's Pizza
Multiple locations
Did you expect anything else of the U.S. state known for its love of cheese? While this pizza parlor has other unique offerings like a crab rangoon and macho nacho pie — the Mac n' Cheese comes with a cream base, noodles, and lots and lots of cheesy goodness.

Wyoming: Return of the G
Pinky G./Yelp

Wyoming: Guy's Pie

Pinky G's Pizzeria
Jackson Hole
This funky establishment in the state's hippest town is known for piling lots and lots of ingredients onto its pies. This one, for instance, layers on the ricotta cheese, blue cheese crumbles, mozzarella, roasted chicken, shredded pepperoni, and Frank's hot sauce, and then tops the whole thing off with blue cheese dressing and more hot sauce.