15 Spring Maintenance Must-Haves From Costco


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Spring cleaning can be time consuming, but for in-store Costco shoppers, it doesn't have to be expensive. The warehouse store has low prices on supplies such as sponges and vacuums to tackle grime, as well as shelves, bins, and other organizational tools to tame clutter. Here are 15 Costco deals to help spruce up as spring comes, but remember that prices and availability may change by location.

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Go after that dirt and grime with Scotch Brite Heavy Duty Sponges, sold by Costco in a pack of 21 for $9.79, or 47 cents per sponge. Home Depot, the next cheapest seller, wants $7.97 for nine sponges, or 89 cents each. If you prefer gentler sponges for dishes or other fragile items, Costco has Scotch Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges for the same price.
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It's time for some TLC for that overworked toilet. Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Tabs are $7 for a pack of six at Costco, or $1.17 per tab. The next cheapest competitor, Walmart, sells them in a four-pack for $9.48, or $2.37 per tab. For a traditional toilet cleaner, Costco has liquid Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner in a four-pack of 32-ounce bottles for just $5.49, or 4 cents an ounce. Walmart's three packs of 24-ounce bottles are $4.97, or 7 cents an ounce.
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Time to blow the dust out of those nooks and crannies: Costco sells a pack of 24 Swiffer dusters and a dusting handle for $14.69, or 61 cents a duster. At Home Depot, a pack of 16 is $11.47, slightly pricier at 72 cents a duster and with no handle included. For old-school dusting -- Pledge and a soft cloth -- Costco sells a pack of three 14.2-ounce cans of Pledge (two multi-surface, one lemon) for $11.49, or 27 cents an ounce. At Walmart, three 9.7-ounce cans cost $11.34, or 39 cents an ounce.
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All but brand loyalists should go with Costco's Kirkland Signature paper towels, on sale in a pack of a dozen 160-sheet rolls for $15.69. Costco's other main paper-towel option, Bounty Advanced, is pricier at $16 for a dozen 117-sheet rolls. That's a slightly better deal than Walmart, which has a dozen smaller 105-sheet Bounty rolls for $16.
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Again, Costco's Kirkland brand is the best value. There are 200-count boxes of Kirkland Flex-Tech 13-gallon kitchen trash bags for $13.49, or 7 cents a bag. For name-brand purists, Costco also has 140 Glad 13-gallon kitchen bags with Febreze Odor Shield for $12, or 9 cents a bag. That puts it on par with its closest competitor, Amazon, which has 110 of the Glad bags for $9.42, also about 9 cents a bag. The catch? They might show up as an Amazon add-on item, which must be lumped in with a larger order.
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Got a Swiffer? Costco has 80 dry refills for $15, or 19 cents per refill; at Amazon, they're $14.24 for 64, or 22 cents each. Costco's price for wet refills is $15 for 60, or 25 cents each; compare that with $11.47 for 36 at Walmart, or 32 cents per refill. For traditionalists who prefers a good old-fashioned mop, Costco has the O-Cedar Easy Wring Mop, bucket, and two refill mop heads for $34. Home Depot has the kit for $30 but doesn't throw in the refills, which are $7 to $8 each.
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If the floors need a more intense cleaning, the Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop is $80 at Costco -- that's $19 less than Walmart and Jet. The heavy-duty Bissell Crosswave Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner is $230 at Costco, $18 cheaper than Walmart. And for anyone dealing with pet hair, the Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner is $150 at Costco, beating Walmart by $19.
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For a stick vacuum for quick touch-ups, Costco has the cordless Hoover Linx for just $90 -- a $25 savings over Amazon and $30 less than Best Buy. The corded Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Ultra Light is $170, which is $8 less than Walmart. Finally, the more powerful Dyson V6 Motorhead + Cordless Rechargeable Stick Vac is $270 at Costco, $30 cheaper than Target and Best Buy.
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For households with a lot of carpet, a full-size upright vacuum is a must. Costco's selection includes the Hoover Air Lite Corded Bagless Vacuum for $80, just slightly cheaper than Amazon. The midrange Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away Upright is $120 at Costco and $156 on Amazon, while the higher-end Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away is $250 at Costco and $259 at Walmart.
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Cleaning damp spaces? A wet/dry vac is essential. For small jobs, Costco has a 4-gallon Porter Cable Wet/Dry Vac for $25 -- that's a $19 savings over the $44 price at Jet. A more powerful 12-gallon Kubota Wet/Dry Vac is $54 at Costco, while a Shop Vac with the same peak horsepower and capacity is $109 at Lowe's.
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If the deck or siding is looking dingy, Costco might be the spot to score a pressure washer. It has a 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer with a Subaru engine for $300; it costs $399 on Amazon.
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Tame the patio clutter before summertime with a 120-gallon Keter Resin Deck Box, on sale at Costco for $90. That's a hefty $25 savings over Home Depot, the next cheapest competitor. Not enough space? Costco also had a more spacious resin Keter shed that could fit four family bikes or two 96-gallon trash cans for $300.
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Whip that disorganized closet back into shape. Costco has Nautica Jumbo Hampers for $15, compared with more than $18 when available on Jet. It sells a pack of 34 flocked nonslip hangers for $10, or 29 cents a hanger, while Walmart's best price is $7.47 for 18, or 42 cents each. And for long-term clothing storage, Costco sells a 14-pack of Ziploc Space Bags for $15; buying the same amount on Amazon could cost up to $60.
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Some durable shelving can transform a disorganized garage, workshop, or basement. Buyers without a lot to spend can get durable Keter five-tier resin storage shelves for $30 at Costco, while Home Depot has a same-size HDX set for $40. Upgrade to a six-tier zinc-plated commercial grade set at Costco for $89; Home Depot sells a similar set for $100, with a lower capacity and no casters. Finally, Costco has a four-tier Whalen Industrial Rack that can hold a whopping 2,000 pounds per shelf for $160; Home Depot's similar Husky shelves are $179.
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Tame clutter just about anywhere with versatile plastic storage bins. Costco has stackable, commercial-grade 27-gallon storage bins for $8.48 each, while the same bins are $9.97 at Home Depot. A six-pack of 12.9-quart latchable Iris storage boxes is $16 at Costco, but $21 at Boxed.com. And a collapsible 12-gallon bin by Instacrate costs only $8, while Amazon sells similar CleverCrates for $24.