Thanks, Reddit: Users Share 10 Costco ‘Life Hacks’ That They Swear By


Costco by Mike Mozart (CC BY)

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Costco by Mike Mozart (CC BY)

Costco 101

There are just certain unwritten rules that you only pick up at Costco after wandering the unmarked, wall-to-wall aisles for years. But we can put you on the fast-track to Costco mastery with these 10 money- and time-saving life hacks, all of which come from warehouse veterans on Reddit.

Costco customer in parking lot
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Park Close to a Cart Return

The Costco parking lot is a nightmare, especially if you’re trying to nab a coveted spot near the entrance. It’s easier, one Redditor argues, to abandon that strategy entirely. “It’s all about parking as close to a cart return as I can for me,” they explain.

IKEA's shopping bags.

Bring Ikea Bags

Those giant blue and yellow Ikea bags are perfect for bulk Costco hauls. Arrange them in the back of your trunk, and then load ‘em up directly from your cart.

Costco cafe pizza
Rotisserie Chicken Costco

Use Costco for Pit Stops

Forget sketchy gas stations and rest stops. If you’re road-tripping, plan to stop at Costcos along the way. “I know they'll have the least expensive gas, a cheap meal, and usually a decent restroom,” a commenter writes.

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Costco Business Center paper towels
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Costco Travel
Costco Travel
Rootbeer float

Make Your Own Root Beer Float

For a little over two dollars, you can assemble your own root beer float at the Costco food court. Unfortunately, however, some Redditors report that not all locations offer root beer.

Casket in a Hearse
Costco Business Center food court
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