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With Costco’s long list of benefits, it’s easy to forget about the membership’s little-known perks. Costco Travel is one valuable but ultimately overlooked service, which offers great deals on travel packages — all backed by the company’s excellent customer service. But don’t take our word for it.

Costco members on Reddit recently shared their Costco travel package experiences, and nearly all the comments were positive at time of publication. If there’s a common theme among travelers’ anecdotes, it’s that Costco’s in-house travel agency boasts excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

Stellar Customer Service

One Redditor writes that they felt comfortable booking with the retailer since they could reach out to customer service if anything went wrong. "I have been to Hawaii with Costco 3 times, all have been phenomenal experiences," they wrote.

Other members echoed their comment, with one Redditor commending Costco Travel’s “generous cancelation policy” during the worst of the pandemic.

“We did NY last summer primarily because we could cancel and get a full refund 1 month before the actual trip which was useful to ensure the whole travelling (sic) party was fully vaccinated,” they commented.

Given Costco’s unparalleled return policy, it’s no wonder that its travel service is flexible when it comes to cancellations. That said, Costco Travel’s terms and conditions page reveals that refunds, cancellations, and other modifications won’t always be painless, as some changes lead to fees, deposit losses, and other penalties.

Five-Star Prices

Fans also praise Costco Travel packages for the prices, which most Redditors describe as competitive but not cheap.

“Definitely price out individually booking, sometimes they're not much cheaper going all in on a package. But the option to cancel and get refunded through Costco may be worth it,” one comment reads.

Costco’s travel team secures lower prices by negotiating rates with travel vendors. Because Costco’s buying team doesn't earn a commission, they’re incentivized to offer members the best possible deals, according to the Washington Post.

However, Redditors say shoppers can expect to pay thousands for all-inclusive trips, as many of Costco’s packages include four- and five-star hotel bookings. For the best deals, check out Kirkland Signature vacations.

Costco Travel Options

Although its website is far from intuitive, Costco Travel offers an impressive variety of discounted goods and services, from car rentals and cruises to international packages and theme park trips.

Executive members reap additional benefits, including 2% cash back on the trip and freebies like breakfast and room upgrades.

The Verdict

Is Costco travel a good deal? Yes, but only if you’re looking for a pricey, high-end travel experience with excellent customer service. Booking a vacation on a shoestring budget? You’ll want to look elsewhere.

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