How to Live on $500 a Month at Costco

Live on $500 a Month at Costco

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Live on $500 a Month at Costco
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The Costco Diet

There's little doubt that food shopping at Costco saves money, and it's convenient for stocking up in a single trip. But can a budget-conscious family eat for an entire month without shopping anywhere else? We drew up a Costco meal plan with four weeks' worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for a family of four, including two young children. The total cost came to about $520 (prices may vary by store). That's about 8% less than the "thrifty" grocery budget of $566.60 prescribed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (for a two-parent household with two preschool-age children, based on food costs in July 2019). Because ingredients are sold in bulk, the total was calculated based on unit prices for the food used during the month. Many items are frozen or non-perishable, so any excess provides a foundation for next month.

Raechel Conover also contributed to this story.

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The following four breakfast options provide variety for the morning routine. Choices include quick weekday breakfasts, along with a larger meal for weekends when there's plenty of time to fire up the stove. This meal plan requires only one package of most of the products mentioned, but check the serving sizes against your family's appetite to be sure.

Breakfast 1: Bacon And Eggs
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Breakfast 1: Bacon and Eggs

Leisurely Saturday and Sunday mornings call for eggs ($7.79 for 5 dozen cage-free eggs sold under Costco's Kirkland Signature label) cooked any way you like; bacon ($13.99 for four 1-pound packages); fresh bananas ($1.39 for 3 pounds; consider doubling up) or black seedless grapes ($7.99 for 4 pounds); and, of course, coffee ($15.69 for 3 pounds of Colombian coffee sold under Costco's Kirkland Signature label).

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Breakfast 2: Oatmeal

Quaker Instant Oatmeal, sold in bulk at Costco for $9.79, makes a hearty breakfast, and 52 packets go a long way. Make or serve the oatmeal with milk ($1.85 for a gallon of the Kirkland Signature brand — around four gallons should suffice for the month) and enjoy a cup of coffee.

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Breakfast Cereal

Breakfast 3: Cereal

Cold cereal is a staple in many households, and for good reason: It's inexpensive, quick, and easy. We priced out two favorites, Kellogg's Mini-Wheats ($8.29 for 70 ounces) and Frosted Flakes ($7.59 for 61.9 ounces), but Costco also carries other varieties in the same price range. Again, milk and coffee figure into the total.

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Yogurt and Banana

Breakfast 4: On the Go

If you're in a rush, head out the door with yogurt and a banana. Bulk tubs of Kirkland Signature-brand Greek yogurt ($5.59 for 3 pounds) are more economical than individual cups, so fill a to-go container with one serving and you're ready to start the day.

Making Sandwiches
Tuna Salad Sandwich

Lunch 1: Tuna Salad

Albacore tuna comes in eight 7-ounce cans for $14.99 at Costco. Mix in some Hellman's mayonnaise ($6.99 for 64 ounces), add a few cut-up grapes if on hand, and sandwich between two slices of Sunbeam bread ($3.29 for two 24-ounce loaves). Pair the tuna salad sandwich with Snyder's pretzels ($5.99 for 50 ounces) and fruit.

Chicken Salad

Lunch 2: Chicken Salad

This option is intended as an occasional riff on the ubiquitous tuna salad sandwich, using Kirkland Signature canned chicken breast ($9.89 for six 12.5-ounce cans). Add a spot of mayonnaise and fresh grapes (if available) to make chicken salad. Accompany the sandwich with Kirkland Kettle Brand crinkle-cut chips ($4.59 for a 32-ounce bag) and organic Mott's applesauce ($12.99 for 36 3.9-ounce cups).

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Lunch 3: Ham Sandwich

Lunch 3: Ham Sandwich

Canned meats and fish are a cheap way to get some midday protein, but Costco also sells affordable lunch meat in bulk. Pick up some Kirkland Signature extra-lean sliced ham ($8.99 for two 24-ounce packages) and fashion a simple sandwich once or twice a week with the addition of some mayonnaise. Round out this lunch with chips and fresh fruit.

Lunch 4: PB&J
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Lunch 4: PB&J

No budget grocery list would be complete without ingredients for classic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Costco sells 48-ounce jars of Jif creamy peanut butter in packages of two ($8.99) and 42-ounce jars of store-brand strawberry jelly ($6.99). Bonus: The jelly is organic. Pretzels or chips and Kirkland jarred peaches ($9.99 for four 24-ounce jars) complete another lunchtime standby.

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Optional Lunch: Free Samples

To reduce the monthly grocery bill even more, try shopping Costco on a Saturday, when store employees hand out the most samples. Go during lunch and fill up on bites of prepared meals, meats, fresh-cut fruit and breads, and packaged snacks. If someone in the family is still hungry by the time you wind your way through the store, make a brief stop at the food court. A quarter-pound all-beef hot dog and a drink costs $1.50 and a slice of pizza is $1.99, regardless of topping.



Many people, especially kids, need a snack between lunch and dinner. The snacks included in this meal plan (one a day for each person) are Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, pretzels, and string cheese (60 Frigo Cheese Heads sticks for $10.69).

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Cooking Dinner


With 14 dinner menus, families can repeat each meal just once over the course of four weeks. There are also potential variations on a theme. For example, swap out cheese pizza for pepperoni or dress it up with leftover veggies. Again, the menus assume adults drink water and kids drink milk.

Grilled Chicken Breasts

Dinner 1: Chicken and Vegetables

For a low-cost dinner, grill frozen chicken breasts (Perdue brand, sold in 10-pound bags for $22.49) and heat up a side of frozen vegetables ($6.79 for a 5.5-pound bag of Kirkland Signature Normandy-Style Vegetable Blend). Season both with spices already on hand. A fruit smoothie made with Greek yogurt, milk, and frozen berries (Kirkland Signature Nature's Three Berries, sold in a 4-pound bag for $8.99) is a nutritious after-dinner treat.

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Dinner 2: Spaghetti

Dinner 2: Spaghetti

Spaghetti is a budget dinner staple. Noodles and sauce are cheap to begin with, but buying in bulk (eight 1.1-pound bags of Garofalo organic spaghetti for $9.99 and four 24-ounce jars of Ravarino sauce for $6.49) brings the per-serving cost lower still. Serve the pasta with a side of frozen Flav-r-pac organic green beans ($6.49 for 5 pounds). For a healthy finish, stick some fresh grapes in the freezer. This concentrates their sweetness, making them taste almost like candy.

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Fish and Chips

Dinner 3: Fish and Chips

In addition to meats such as chicken and beef, Costco stocks a variety of wild-caught seafood. This appealing meal comes entirely from the freezer: Hook 2 pounds of Alaskan cod ($16.49) and match it with Alexia sweet potato fries ($6.99 for 4 pounds) and frozen vegetables. Serve frozen grapes as dessert.

Cheese Tortellini

Dinner 4: Cheese Tortelloni

Leftover sauce from earlier in the week dresses up Kirkland Signature five-cheese tortelloni ($9.99), sold in two 24-ounce packages. One should be sufficient for a family of four with two young children, and the second can be used at a later date. Accompany the main dish with frozen vegetables.

Chicken Pot Pie

Dinner 5: Chicken Pot Pie

Costco carries ready-made frozen meals that are tasty, nutritious, and quite affordable when bought in bulk. We've incorporated different varieties into the dinner rotation to take some pressure off meal preparation. First up is Marie Callender's chicken pot pie, sold in packs of eight for $10.69. For a family of four, this meal easily repeats later in the month. Supplement the pies with frozen green beans and finish off with a smoothie.

Dinner 6: Pizza
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Dinner 6: Pizza

Pizza is always a hit, and prices on Costco's house-brand Kirkland Signature pizzas are tantalizingly low. Basic cheese costs $8.99; pepperoni and vegetable pies also are available. The pizza comes in a four-pack of 1-pound pies, so make two now and reserve two for a future dinner. Sticking to the low-maintenance theme, dish out a side of peaches.

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Dinner 7: Hot Dogs
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Dinner 7: Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a favorite partly for the low cost ($12.99 for three 1.5-pound packs of Kirkland Signature beef dogs) and partly because they appeal to kids. Add necessary calories with S. Rosen's buns (16 for $2.79) and add nutrition with some frozen vegetables and fresh grapes. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (sold in an 18-box pack for $13.99) also goes well with hot dogs and makes another kid-friendly meal in a pinch.

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Dinner 8: Lasagna

The second week of dinner rotations starts out with hearty frozen lasagna for $12.99. Try the Kirkland Signature beef and sausage variety, which comes in two 3-pound boxes. The portion size seems like so much food that you may not need a side dish. If you decide otherwise, offer fresh fruit.


Dinner 9: Salmon

Fish for dinner again — this time, frozen Morey's marinated wild-caught Alaskan salmon (2.25 pounds for $17.99). Complement this main dish with frozen vegetables, seasoned with spices already in the spice rack. Add a fruit smoothie for a sweet end.

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Dinner 10: Burritos

This quick and inexpensive dinner, courtesy of Costco, will please any Mexican-food lovers at the table. The frozen entree of choice is a box of Red's Organic Chicken Burritos ($13.89 for 10), rounded out with a side of peaches.

Orange Chicken

Dinner 11: Orange Chicken

A big pack of frozen Crazy Cuizine orange chicken ($13.99 for 4 pounds) adds a popular Asian favorite to the menu. Pair it with frozen vegetables and offer an after-dinner fruit smoothie.

Greek Pasta Salad

Dinner 12: Pasta Salad

This easy meal takes advantage of Costco's wide selection of inexpensive fresh vegetables. This dish calls for Garofalo tri-color pasta (which comes in six 1-pound boxes for $9.69), broccoli florets ($6.49 for 3 pounds), bell peppers (six for $5.99), grape tomatoes ($5.99 for 2 pounds), and Olive Garden Italian salad dressing (2 28-ounce bottles for $7.49). Top it off with shredded Parmigiano-Reggiano ($12.99 for 16 ounces of the store brand). A side of chips accompanies this meal.

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Dinner 13: Hamburgers

To ensure a couple more nights of grilling (weather permitting), the grocery list includes frozen ground beef ($16.99 for 5 pounds) and S. Rosen's buns ($2.79 for 16). Serve with leftover pasta salad — the budget allows for a double batch. Fresh grapes are a clean finale.

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Dinner 14: Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Dinner 14: Pulled Pork Sandwiches

For the final dinner in the two-week rotation, pile some Kirkland Signature pulled pork (32 ounces for $10.99) from the refrigerated section at Costco onto the remaining hamburger buns. On the side, serve sweet potato fries and broccoli.

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