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The Container Store

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After a years-long tailspin, Bed Bath & Beyond finally filed for bankruptcy this week, leaving a legacy of those big blue 20% off coupons behind. As of April 26, 2023, they're all useless — unless you happen to live near a location of The Container Store.

Executives at the pricey chain for organization nerds must have felt your pain at losing that stack of coupons because they decided to honor them in BB&B's stead. Through May 31, you can bring a blue Bed Bath & Beyond coupon into any Container Store and you'll get 20% off one item.

Granted, even with a discount you'll probably not be able to afford most (admittedly cool) stuff at The Container Store. For instance, here's a $200 garbage can, an $80 Marie Kondo kit to organize one linen drawer, and a $25 doohickey to hold your eggs when the paper carton they come in just isn't good enough. 

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But if you want your closet to look as sleek as the ones you see on Instagram or want to become an annoying pantry restocking TikTok influencer, then your leftover 20% off coupons are certainly going to help get there a little bit cheaper. After May 31, your best bet for cheap housewares is to hit up Bed Bath & Beyond's liquidation sales.

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