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After struggling to stay in business, it finally happened: Bed Bath & Beyond filed for bankruptcy on Sunday, April 23. 

The writing has been on the wall for years now with plummeting sales and waves of hundreds of store closings. All of the housewares chain's remaining 120 BuyBuy Baby and 360 Bed Bath & Beyond stores will close and the company will disappear completely — except for the memories of buying a panini press off your cousin's wedding registry that one time in 2005. 

Also disappearing: those ubiquitous 20% off blue coupons you'd constantly get in the mail. If you still have a stash of them somewhere, you only have through Tuesday, April 25 to use them all up. After that, Bed Bath & Beyond will no longer accept coupons.

But really, who cares about those coupons when there's liquidation sales on the horizon? They're the absolute best part of retail bankruptcies for shoppers. Those store closing sales will start on Wednesday, April 26, and you can expect that discounts will increase over time as the chain tries to sell off as much inventory as possible. 

If you've got a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card languishing in your wallet, you'll need to use it up by May 8 — which means you can take advantage of the liquidation sale. Merchandise credits can be redeemed through May 15. Any purchases made before April 26 can still be returned or exchanged through May 24.

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While Bed Bath & Beyond's bankruptcy certainly marks the end of an era, it's nice to know that they won't be killing any more trees with those big blue coupons we rarely ever used. They should have ditched those a long time ago and saved some money on postage.

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