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If you have an unused gift card sitting in your wallet, you're not alone. Almost two-thirds of U.S. consumers have an unused gift card, and at least half of them are likely to lose that card before they use it, according Credit Summit, a provider of financial advice and services. 

And those unspent cards don't add up to just pocket change. The report estimates more than $21 billion is going unspent.

Not using your gift cards has consequences other than an unkempt wallet. Some Visa, Mastercard, and American Express gift cards incur penalties if not used by a specified time, but there are limits. Federal law dictates that a gift card can't expire for five years after its activation date and imposes limits on fees.

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If you're sure you won't use that gift card, you can sell it and at least get some cash (admittedly, for less than its face value) for it. Sites like CardCash, ClipKard, and GiftCash are just a few gift-card resale sites to consider to get back your share of that $21 billion.

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