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If you're tossing and turning on an uncomfortable mattress, take heart: Upgrading doesn't have to empty your wallet. has rounded up the best cheap mattresses for frugal consumers looking to sleep peacefully without paying a premium. All of our inexpensive mattresses earn high marks for comfort and durability -- whether you want memory foam or innerspring, soft and cloud-like or firm and supportive – and our top picks all come in at less than $500. For potential buyers who can stretch their budget a little more, we also include relatively affordable specialty options and mattresses from some more familiar name brands. There's even an adjustable air model ideal for bedmates warring over firmness. Smart shoppers can take advantage of holiday weekend sales for even bigger savings.

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort, 10"
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Good Innerspring Mattress Under $500
Price: $239 | Buy it on Amazon


  • Owners report satisfaction comparable to that of much pricier, name-brand innerspring models.
  • Pillow top mattress with 2.5 inches of comfort foam layering offers more cushioning than innersprings without foam.
  • Does not retain as much heat as memory foam mattresses.
  • Individually wrapped coils provide more even support and help reduce motion transfer compared with other innersprings.


  • Lower satisfaction and longevity compared with company's foam models; some owners report sagging after longer-term use.
  • Offers only average comfort regardless of preferred sleeping position, according to experts.
  • 30-day return window.

Takeaway: Reviews of the medium-firm Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort are on par with more recognizable names, but the price tag is a lot more budget-friendly. This could be a good pick for anyone who is not a fan of memory foam mattresses and likes a cooler, more traditional innerspring feeling. Can't get it on Amazon? Buy direct from Zinus for a little bit more (starting around $290).

Classic Brands Mercer Hybrid, 12"
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Best Innerspring Mattress Under $500
Price: $376 | Buy it on Amazon


  • "Hybrid" pillow top mattress that pairs innerspring base with memory foam layer is ideal for side sleepers and those who like contoured support and feeling a bit cradled.
  • Gel-infused memory foam layer helps promote cooling airflow and additional comfort foam layers aid in pressure point relief.
  • Individually wrapped coils provide more even support and help reduce motion transfer compared with other innersprings.
  • High marks in experts' simulated durability testing.


  • May not provide enough support for most back sleepers, especially those who are larger and heavier.
  • 30-day return window.

Takeaway: For a traditional innerspring that offers a softer feel, the Classic Brands Mercer hybrid mattress with memory foam gives shoppers terrific value, with the added bonus of sleeping cool and keeping a lid on too much motion transfer.

Sealy Posturepedic Cooper Mountain IV Plush Pillow Top, 14"
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Best Cheap Name-Brand Innerspring Mattress
Price: $730 | Buy it from


  • Softer mattress ideal for side sleepers or those who like contoured support or a cradled feeling.
  • Innerspring base with included layers of gel memory foam, air foam, and extra soft cushioning foam, to add comfort while promoting cooling airflow.
  • Individually wrapped coils provide more even support and help reduce motion transfer compared with other innersprings.
  • 100-day trial through


  • Posturepedics have lower owner satisfaction, less durability/longevity than other inexpensive mattresses, experts report.
  • Might not provide enough support for larger, heavier users or couples.

Takeaway: The Cooper Mountain Plush Pillow Top, now in its fourth iteration, is among the more popular Sealy Posturepedic models available online. This innerspring mattress is definitely on the softer side -- better for side sleepers -- and some compare it to sleeping on a cloud. The price continues to hover above the Cheapism zone, but recent improvements in the mattresses' covering and support structure suggest the additional cost will continue to be worth it for many.

Zinus 12" Cloud
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Good Memory Foam Mattress Under $500
Price: $234 | Buy it on Amazon


  • Medium firmness stands greater chance of satisfying a larger range of sleepers; mattress earns above-average marks from experts for comfort for all but heaviest users.
  • Memory foam limits motion transfer.
  • Very inexpensive compared with many similar memory foam mattresses.


  • Mixed reviews for heat retention.
  • Some users complain of chemical smell; experts report more off-gassing with Zinus-brand foam mattresses.
  • 30-day return window.

Takeaway: Despite the soft-sounding name, the 12-inch Zinus is a solid pick for buyers who want middle-of-the-road firmness at a great price and relief from a partner's motion transfer. Four layers of foam provide solid support for most sleepers, and praise isn't limited to guest-room or occasional use.

Sleep Innovations Shiloh, 12"
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Price: $323 | Buy it on Amazon


  • Top layer of memory foam helps promote airflow; relatively few reviewer complaints about too much heat retention.
  • Memory foam limits motion transfer.
  • Receives relatively high marks for owner satisfaction.
  • Comes with 20-year warranty.


  • May be too firm for side sleepers, those who prefer softer feel, and those who are smaller.
  • 30-day return window.

Takeaway: One of the most popular mattresses sold on Amazon, the Sleep Innovations Shiloh is a good bet for buyers who don't want to spend a mint on a pricier name brand. Reviewers say it's definitely on the firmer side, but they appreciate the support and motion isolation that memory foam provides. The plush quilted cover that's been added to the latest version may be a real improvement in comfort level for many.

Lucid 10" Latex Foam
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Best Latex/Foam Mattress Under $500
Price: $389 | Buy it on Amazon


  • Top layer of natural latex provides a springier, more responsive feel than memory foam.
  • Reviewers report less sinkage, say it's easier to move around on than memory foam.
  • 25-year warranty among the longest in the industry.


  • Not as durable as mattresses made entirely of latex; some reviewers report issues with sagging/indentations.
  • Some reviewers complain of excessively strong smell.
  • 30-day return window.

Takeaway: While all-latex mattresses fall outside the Cheapism price range, this 10-inch Lucid Latex Foam mattress includes a thick layer of bouncy natural latex on top of a foam base. It could be a good compromise for buyers who don't want an innerspring mattress but dislike the feeling of sinking into memory foam.

Lucid Plush, 16"
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Good Memory Foam Mattress Under $700
Price: $620 | Buy it on Amazon


  • Softer mattress appeals to side sleepers, anyone who likes feeling cradled, or desires contoured support.
  • Top layer of bamboo charcoal memory foam and breathable wood-pulp-based cover help promote cooler feel, especially for a soft memory foam mattress.
  • 25-year warranty is among the longest in the industry.


  • May not provide adequate cooling or support for heavier users and stomach sleepers.
  • Several reviewers complain mattress is very heavy and hard to move without a partner; 16-inch thickness requires deep-pocket sheets.
  • 30-day return window.

Takeaway: If softness is the No. 1 priority, the Lucid Plush is among the best memory-foam choices online. Four layers of foam, including natural latex, work together to cradle the body, and a 25-year warranty should help inspire buyer confidence.

Novaform Comfort Grande, 14"
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Best Memory Foam Mattress Under $700
Price: $600 | Buy it from Costco


  • A 3-inch layer of gel memory foam coupled with another thick layer of air-channel foam set atop the 10-inch support base promote more effective air flow than other memory foam mattresses.
  • Higher degree of firmness than many budget mattresses.
  • Memory foam limits motion transfer.
  • 20-year warranty; buying through Costco means lifetime satisfaction guarantee.


  • May be too firm for smaller users, side sleepers, and those who prefer softer feel.
  • Some reports about mattress failing to fully regain original shape after compression inside delivery box.

Takeaway: For shoppers looking for a firmer, thicker memory foam mattress with enough top-layer cushioning, the Novaform Comfort Grande is an excellent value, owners and experts say. It's well-suited to buyers who "sleep hot," are disturbed by a partner's motion transfer, and are large in body. This mattress also benefits from a long warranty and Costco's liberal return policy.

Tuft & Needle, 10"
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Best Cheap Name-Brand Bed-in-a-Box
Price: $750 | Buy it direct from Tuft & Needle or on Amazon


  • Owners report relatively high levels of satisfaction; average and heavier users report highest comfort levels.
  • Proprietary foam, with gel and graphite infused, and breathable fabric allow bed to stay cooler than many competing memory foam mattresses.
  • Customer service gets especially high marks.
  • 100-day free trial; returns donated to charity.


  • Offers less edge support than other models, experts say.

Takeaway: Tuft & Needle is among the most recognizable online mattress companies, and its one-model offering helps keep costs down. The lack of memory foam means it stays cooler than similar mattresses, and the 100-day trial might make buying this mattress online a little less scary for risk-averse shoppers.

Sleep Number c2 Classic Series, 8"
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Best Cheap Adjustable Air Mattress
Price: $900 | Buy it from Sleep Number


  • Owners give this adjustable air mattress high marks for sleep quality, minimizing pain, and little heat retention.
  • Independently controlled firmness on both sides.
  • Mechanical components can be repaired.


  • Expensive compared with other types of mattresses.
  • 25-year warranty is prorated.
  • Unlike other Sleep Number beds, lacks a top comfort layer of foam.

Takeaway: The adjustable-air c2 is the least expensive mattress that Sleep Number offers, and while it's more of an investment than many foam and innerspring models, it may be worth the splurge for buyers who suffer from chronic pain or couples who want vastly different levels of firmness. participates in affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission if you choose to purchase a product through a link on our site. This helps support our work and does not influence editorial content.